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5611452 tn?1370974704 I hate lactulose these days and quit taking it 3X a day and my ammonia shot back up to 181. Back to 3X/day. I don't eat much, mainly fruits and vegetables along with some Ensure. So there's still hope he can get it under control. Maybe you need a different doctor, or different advice. I personally start falling down and sleep a lot over 200.
3060903 tn?1398568723 The foods you buy certainly have an enormous impact on your health and the environment, but so do the clothes you buy, wear and wash. According to clothing designer Eileen Fisher, who was honored for her environmental work at the 2015 Riverkeeper's Annual Fishermen's Ball,1,2 "The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world ... second only to oil." Keeping your clothes clean also has a dirty downside.
Avatar f tn Is it safe to dye your hair? Im 27 weeks an 6days aaan im dying to dye my hair I cant stand the color I want it blinde what do you think?
Avatar f tn I think part of the problem is that no one knows where, who to report this info to. Therefore, I don't believe the manufacturers are aware of this growing concern. I have started a bulletin board for people to come share their experiences/support for people with this allergy "PPD in Hair Dye, etc.": I hope we can work together to find alternative products etc.
Avatar m tn So, if a moldy car parks beside another person's car, I think it's safe to say that he or she might feel discomfort due to the musty smell. Check if the place where you park your car(garage or driveway) is moldy or not. Frequent raining or dampness can cause mold to grow on your car and when a moldy person uses a car, the car will be contaminated as well. 3. Another possibility is the work of ions. There are positive and negative ions. Negatives ions are actually good despite the name.
Avatar f tn I color my own hair quite often, every 3 to 5 weeks, and never could have imagined this happening to me. I think I'll just buy swim goggles or something for future use... Looks stupid but definitely beats going blind:)!
Avatar n tn I have had the same type of symptom...itching. Fifth Disease was going around where I work, I went to a local rash clinic, they suggested going to my doctor because of charges. Went to the back door of my doctor in case I was contagious, told me I was allergic to something. Stopped anything new, took a five day dose of a strong steroid and was put on a seven day regimen of Zyrtec. Came back within 2 to 3 weeks. Same thing but was given 30 day regimen of Zyrtec.
Avatar m tn I cant wash this smell off, its like some chemical compound.
Avatar n tn I take my grandkids to Giants games and buy them shirts, bats, hats, etc. My daughter in law snatches them and brings them to my house before they end up in the trash at her house. Poor kids don't know which songs to sing....
Avatar f tn If you are near the transplant center you should still call the nurse to find out if you should go to their ER. By the way HE is not diagnosed by ammonia levels. Not all patients with HE have high ammonia levels. It is diagnosed by observation as it is a Hepatic encephalopathy is defined as a spectrum of neuropsychiatric abnormalities in patients with liver dysfunction, after exclusion of other known brain disease.
Avatar f tn Im also feeling scatter-brained and tired all the time. I'm starting to feel depressed and want to just curl in a ball but I have kids to take care of. I'm tired of not knowing what to eat, what to do or who to talk to. Does this sound like something any of you know about?
Avatar f tn If you don't want to read it, fine with me. You say your mother goes no-where. Won't go outside. SO.......who is buying her cigarettes? She has to be getting them from somewhere. I sincerely hpe you are not!! Is a friend bringing them in for her? Tell that friend she cannot visit your house if she/he is bringing in cigarettes. I know that can be a hard and frustrating thing to do, and you would probably catch he** from your mom.
Avatar m tn any way i cant deal with this tx any more and am about to make the decision to go off. i have too much work to do and cant afford to not be having a full income which is only around 12,000 a year as is. the only good thing is that i have been living in vienna, austria for the past 3 1/2 years and have 100% full med coverage and a pension for 60 a month as an artist/musician..
Avatar n tn I still suffer from anxiety attacks of thought of having to meet new people and i have reconfirmed and have to go through the motions but how i deal with this now is, I know what to expect and i've come to point in my life where i can't let this stop my living. I've also noticed the some people will get over those ill feeling and get acclimate to my presence.
Avatar n tn i see shrink tomarrow and maybe stay off for awhile to see how i do..he is willing to try the ones you suggested 52tele.thanks. and paris47 where are you??
Avatar n tn The symptoms/story you describe is not classic for any particular disorder, and thus your evaluation needs to be taken to the next level to evaluate for less common diseases. It would be uncommon for multiple sclerosis (MS) to present in this way. MS can be tricky to diagnose at times, and some "variants" will have a negative MRI brain, but have positive findings elsewhere (For example: Devic's affects the eyes and the C-spine, not the brain).
Avatar m tn I went to the scope and fibers still there but small and hair less shinny and does not have all the little slimy balls where these fibers eat and grow. So now Im thinking, what is going on. I go to a place that has hundreds of people and is my testing ground and it was GONE. reactions where gone. 100%. THE HAIR COLOR FRIED MY HAIR AND PATM ALONG WITH IT, but fibers still there, yet seems like non developed.
1932256 tn?1327949940 Hi Hector, when I took him to the ER 11 days ago he had been trying to come off methadone for a few weeks and even though he knew he wasn't supposed to drink while taking it, was drinking a lot of vodka. He told me it was to try and sleep. I thought he was going through withdrawals and that's why he was so sick. Vomiting, shaking, hurting all over, etc., but it just kept getting worse and worse.
Avatar m tn In fact, these posters serve a positive purpose because they help educate new people to dangerous treatment approaches in an environment where they will hear the opposing view.
Avatar m tn Bronners peppermint soap, borax and ammonia (I bought ammonia at dollar store also). In order to save money, just buy one bottle of ammonia from dollar store, pour into a plastic or rubber container (big enough to soak you feet) that I also bought from the dollar store. You should find that your itching and crawling sensation calms down immediately. Don't waste a lot of money on stuff people say has helped them.
233616 tn?1312790796 I will try to keep it simple. one thing that happens as we age is we begin to lose our ability to make growth hormone. this hormone is produced in the pituitary and is ESSENTIAL to tissue repair which occurs mostly at night in 3rd and particularly 4th stage sleep. the goal of treatment is not just to kill the virus but to see the liver repair itself. FOR SOME REASON Hepatitis can stop the pituitary from functioning.
29837 tn?1414538248 also said lactulose could help with concentration and more energy as well as helping to lower the ammonia levels. I am anxious to know where or to what this problem leads and am feeling kind of scared about it.
Avatar f tn I read that the reason your sweat/skim emit AMMONIA is due to your diet. Just google how to eat and what to eat correctly to eliminate the production of AMMONIA by your body.
Avatar m tn DETOXIFYING AMMONIA Ammonia toxicityIn part 2 of AMMONIA TOXICITY we are going to find out what we can do to remove ammonia from our body, both by supporting the organs involved in processing and disposing of it, and by taking supplements with an affinity for removing ammonia. We have seen that there are 3 organ systems in the body that produce and/or deal with ammonia: the liver, the kidneys and the intestines.
797873 tn?1265740119 Mine is little different because where ever I am at this smell stays in, my room , at work and in my car.. and the smell changes all the time it depends what I eat. I also get thursty If I dont drink water. I start to get a dry throat and mouth... If i drink anything else that is not water my breath gets worse.. please help!
Avatar f tn Dollar Tree is not close to where I am, so I don't buy everything from there and also we don't go there often. Certain things like cleaning stuff (they have an immitation "swiffter", you get 3 clothes and a stick). But food I normally stay clear of. They normally never have any appealing food to my eye. Sometimes candies are a good things, like the movie boxes you get from the the theater (that cost like $4.00) for only a dollar.
Avatar f tn Thank you ladiess (: & @roflbecca can you die your hair too? I'm 15 weeks & where do you get coconut oil from? Do you got to do that with the hot oil treatment?
4043517 tn?1374010173 Today after progress I lost my balance, grabbed the rail on the front porch to steady myself but kept falling. Went backwards, hit my head on a brick, broke at least one toe, soaked in Epsom salts, bloody and foot swollen, butt and side throbbing, goose egg on my elbow. Confused. **** this hurts. Back to like my bike wreck. I feel so awful right now. **** **** ****. Thought I had this under control. Apparently not. My foot hurts so bad. My head is swollen.
Avatar n tn One fella I knew was at the point where the liver no longer produces whatever it is that holds your blood vessels together, and had large bruises on his arms and legs. Took 30 mg. morph. to get out of bed in the A.M. and go to work to earn the $5,000/mo. it took to buy his IFN and pay for his tests (this was before they started giving it away). Then continued through the day with more morph, oxycodone, and hydrocodone.