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263988 tn?1281957896 I smelled ammonia which wasn't there and heard bell ringing afterwards. Two hours later I was playing this word game online. Suddenly, my eyes and brain couldn't work together. Normally, I play the game in an automatic mode because I know the words so well I don't need to concentrate on how to make the words. This time I couldn't do it. And ever since then, I can't play the game without the symptoms coming on again. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes and it's happening again.
1391441 tn?1333851561 He presently takes Lactulose, but has been hospitalized in the past to help with the high ammonia levels. A low protein diet sometimes helps with ammonia levels, but not always. The only thing that has recently helped my brother with symptoms is the "Alzheimer's patch." I won't mention the name of the medication or the pharmaceutical company, and no--I'm not a rep for the company. It is being used off-label by my brother's doctor and his quality of life has improved dramatically.
Avatar f tn Try to avoid dye with ammonia. I am going to school for hair and make up and highly recommend you stay away from box dye! It's bad for your hair and even your health if you're going dark, but especially while pregnant. If you go into a salon, you will get better quality, it's safer, and they'll know what to use on you to avoid any sickness or heavy chemicals.
Avatar m tn For yourself, take Milk Thistle and a liver detox. This should help you get over the mold sickness. (Do not mix clorox and ammonia as they cause burned lungs and gas fumes!
Avatar n tn Black mold is best destroyed with ammonia. NEVER EVER mix ammonia with chlorox because the resultant mixing produces deadly gas. The way to get rid of the black mkold is to divide your bathroom into imaginary squares. When you are about to leave the apartment, hold your breath and spray ammonia onto an area about three foot by three foot. Have the window open. IMMEDIATELY leave the apartment on your errands. When you return, the toxic fumes will have dispersed.
Avatar f tn Then had Keflex, seemed to get better but during sickness, voice went froggy and had to really use effort to speak, now very froggy and high pitched. Cannot sing at all. Is it normal to feel better but still have your voice froggy x 4 months? I do have stuffiness and white drainage daily. I am not a smoker. Any answers?
Avatar f tn No soft cheeses, seafood high in mercury, alcohol, left over or cold chicken & undercooked meat (rare steaks) stay away from pork especially but ham & bacon arnt too good either
4093350 tn?1358099754 I am 25wks 4d ftm. I started feeling my baby kick around 16wks drink some cold water and lay on your left side and hold still. Maybe you might feel a little flutter. Thats what I did lol I wanted to feel her kick so bad. So I did that because someone mentioned it and I felt her. Then after that she just kept moving around.
Avatar n tn A. hasn't done an ammonia level test per se... They're just aware that her ammonia level is elevated and the cirrhosis is fairly advanced. Everyone except my wife and I gave up hope about 3 years ago and they didn't expect her to live past about 9 months so we're ahead of the game in that respect. I try to watch her diet but it's so frustrating because she sleeps all day and then gets up when I go to sleep at night and junk-foods out.
Avatar m tn At the same time, they were given cognitive tests, quality of life was measured using the Sickness Impact Profile, venous ammonia levels were measured, and they were graded on the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score. The patients were randomly assigned to get rifaximin (at 550 mg a day) or placebo for 30 days, at the end of which time they returned for adherence testing and were given another 30 days of study drug, Bajaj said.
Avatar f tn For example bananas and certain cereals.They have both triggered my morning sickness and made me vomit and feel sick and dizzy. Does this mean i shouldnt eat them at all? Because i usually eat cereal everyday and love bananas. My second question is about my cat. Ive heard alot of bad things about cats and pregnant women bit have any of you actually experienced anything? I have had him since he was a baby. I love him to death i dont know what i would do if i had to get rid of him!
Avatar n tn I have a strong circle of supportive friends and family, and am well-educated and intelligent. I made a choice to marry him and it was in sickness and in health. Better or worse. Well, here we have it--sickness and worse. But, being an optimist, I must carry on. Now that I look back on it all, my husband was getting sicker and sicker because of the Hepatitis C.
Avatar f tn I feel so terrible because I can not be around him because his body odor increases my morning sickness and makes me gag and vomit. Is there anything you can recommend to help with the odor? I have been isolated to my room and feel so guilty because it is not something he can prevent and I don't want him to feel like I am avoiding him for any other reason.
Avatar n tn You can get several indicators from a liver panel. Also test for ammonia,a high level of ammonia could be why he is feeling so bad; especially if it is associated with dizziness. An ultrasound can not disclose cirrosis; or stage of liver disease; it can reveal fatty liver and some other indicators that the liver could be inflammed. The biopsy is what you need to get to the total truth. I hope all goes well.
Avatar n tn org/wiki/Perchlorate My DH and I are switching to all-natural household products because chemicals, pesticides, and anything with ammonia is thought to be a possible cause of Autism. Even though it isn't proven it certainly won't hurt to switch so we're going to do it. In regard to the natural cleaners my cousin said, "You'll have to put some elbow grease into cleaning with those. Just think of all the weight you'll lose that way!" I said, "Yes, I will have very skinny elbows.
Avatar m tn Sight is worse and things seem darker but at the same time light hurts), motion sickness when I never had it before, smelling spray paint and ammonia even though there is none, buzzing sensation (no sound just sensation), numbness in throat, staring at a computer screen makes it all feel worse, and i think I've been having very subtle hallucinations in my peripheral vision (Thinking a light is on when it's not, seeing something off on a TV picture that isn't off when I look directly at it).
250798 tn?1347938480 Years and years and all the advancement of medical knowledge, yet, my father in law is still deteriorating. The ammonia levels are increasing, he is starting to make less and less sense, i cannot comprehend him anymore. For the most part he sleeps all day...and when he is awake we worry about him falling every minute. He has already fallen several times, and fractured his pelvic bone, broke his ankle and toes...and every morning i fret waking up and discovering him in a puddle of blood.
163305 tn?1333672171 My wire road ( the accent from the Thai doctor who said wire road instead of viral load, anything for a laugh)is 1,125,900 ALT is 123, AST is 168 I have cirrhosis and my ammonia levels are high and white blood cells and platlets are low. I'm waiting on a snafu in paperwork, for Roche to get me going on Pegasys. I found out I have Hep in Sept. 2005 due to my cirrhosis. At first I wanted to treat it with alternative methods.
Avatar n tn Until he can receive a transplant they can prescibe meds that will lessen his symptoms. The Enulose will reduce the ammonia levels in his blood which will help him think more clearly. Alcoholic Hepatitis is different from the Viral Hepatitis we have on this forum. Perhaps you can search for other forums that might answer your questions regarding your husbands disease better. That is if he does not have Viral Hepatitis. Your spouse probably will not do very well in this situation alone.
Avatar f tn // Do this 15 minutes a day After a while.... youll go to a first stage of recovery some people who ounce allergic to you will not get sick anymore... But some not.... but theire coughing will go downgrade from a big cough to a smaller one.... The second stage is.... fully recovered.... I want you take a walk out from your house.... when you notice your at the first stage....
Avatar m tn Sight is worse and things seem darker but at the same time light hurts), motion sickness when I never had it before, smelling spray paint and ammonia even though there is none, buzzing sensation (no sound just sensation), numbness in throat, staring at a computer screen makes it all feel worse, and i think I've been having very subtle hallucinations in my peripheral vision (Thinking a light is on when it's not, seeing something off on a TV picture that isn't off when I look directly at it).
Avatar f tn It's probably best that your father talk with a mental health professional since the rage is uncontrollable. They can council him, prescribe what they think is the appropriate antidepressant ,monitor his progress, change dosage or even change antidepressants until they find one that works effectively.
3211536 tn?1359389169 I do a dear friend of mine had it.In the end was in a coma.Please do me a favor and don't tell me about the sickness again,don't you think about it everyday?I remember my friend. Advovate please accept my apologies!
Avatar n tn It is different from an ammonia- like smell that might result from muscle (protein) breakdown. Ketone bodies are synthesized by the liver whenever fatty acid levels are high in the blood. Under normal conditions there are very few ketone bodies in the blood because they are chewed up as quickly as they are formed. Excess ketone bodies are made by the liver when blood glucose is kept persistently low or when glucose uptake into cells is not working efficiently.
Avatar m tn It's a scary world out there and I am very pro-vaccinations of little children and every thing that we can do to help prevent any sickness or disease. I ALWAYS get the flu shot and pneumonia shot if more people did then less people would get the flu. Yes they don't work on all of them but any help is a good thing.
12773 tn?1328916786 Last time we talked you were cooking up a Thanksgiving storm! I read of the constant ammonia scent you've been smelling as well as the problems you've just now posted. I really don't know if your problems are treatment related or not. It just doesn't seem fair that some thrive after treatment and others do not. You may remember I went through a rather grueling 73 weeks of daily infergen. I'm one who thrived after treatment. I'm so sorry for you Dana. I did do some research.