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Avatar m tn A ‘tinny’, ‘metallic’ or ‘ammonia’, or unusual smell or taste Aerophagia (swallowing too much air, stomach distention, belching) Burning mouth, feeling like the inside of your mouth is burning, or tingling, or like pins and needles, or all of these together or at different times Burning tongue, feeling like your tongue is burning, or tingling, or like pins and needles, or all of these, or all of these together or at different times Choking Constant craving for sugar or sweets Constipation Diar
Avatar f tn I have heard of this and it isn't safe at all nor remotely accurate. Urine has ammonia in it and when ammonia and bleach mix it releases a very toxic gas, and almost always when urine hits bleach it will fiz or foam that's what creates the gas. I had a friend who tried this once in high school, (just for fun, she wasn't pregnant nor did she want to be) and she ended up in the hospital from the gas it created. Sorry didn't mean to scare you just stating the facts.
4043517 tn?1374010173 First get my bowels working and my ammonia down. I'm out for a few weeks right before Xmas, that figures.
8806346 tn?1415492620 The only reason I say that is because I imagine it will take a while and its a salon!
Avatar n tn I didnt like the fact that he wasnt LISTENING to me, and acted like hes heard it all before, and diagnosed me before he even knew the facts, so I never went back to him. Anyway. So, this last week I havent really had any symptoms until I went out and had a few drinks, and the very next morning I had a REALLY STRONG AMMONIA smell in my urine. Urine was cloudy, but VERY light in color. No real burning WHEN I urinate, but right after I have horrible pain in my UT.
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me a pamphlet at my first visit and it had myths and facts about pregnancy... dying your hair will not harm you or the baby...the only thing that could go wrong would be the color not turn out right...i dye and highlight my hair..
29837 tn?1414538248 Was thinking the other day how nice it would be to visit your city. Maybe after tx when I have the requiste energy. Don't know much, have read little, about ammonia levels. But if you read the post in a thread started by Pluggin Away yesterday he makes reference to ammonia levels, brain scatter (great term) and lactuose. Just a few threads down. Take care.
Avatar n tn I so sorry to hear this... The facts: Is he cooperating with the Dr's! If not there really is no way of knowing the time frames. But you said he called and told you he has alcoholic hepatitis. So I assume he must at least be seeing someone. Do you know how much damage there already is to his Liver. Has he had a Liver Biopsy? Do you know his Liver panel numbers. This would be from blood work. Does he eat healthy and take good care of himself.
Avatar n tn Ammonia is the most common of these, although other substances can also build up. Ammonia is toxic to the brain and central nervous system, and too much ammonia in the blood can lead to impaired brain function, including changes in behavior and consciousness. There are successful treatments for HE, so anyone with these symptoms needs to be under medical care.
Avatar m tn i was just told i have portal hypertension varicis and hep c with high ammonia levels this may be a stupid question but i am in the trucking industry can i still drive for a living
Avatar n tn And can anyone tell me how ammonia that goes to the brain can be pooped out with a bowel movement?? I feel like my life is all about peeing and pooping ( just had a UTI also). There's got to be more to life than this. Also, two of my (quote) good friends(unquote) have been distant with me. Maybe tired of hearing the same old litany... new pains, old pains, every day in pain somewhere, tired, tired, always tired, just shoot me now...
Avatar m tn mentioned Hepatic Encephalopathy. His ammonia was elevated. But they said he would not be shaking that much. He shakes like a Parkinson disease. They released him and now he is home. He kept leaving the hospital and we found him outside! So they felt he do better home. His speech is slurred, drooling and shaking of hands have worsen. He cannot swallow food but can drink ensure. He cannot take care of his basic needs. Including feeding himself and his bathroom needs.
1475202 tn?1536274577 I dont mind any of the questions at all. That is my main reason for posting these results so that others might learn and have a better understanding of their own Lab Results. It is very critical to understand them. Especially if your not going to listen to your doctors advice and warnings. Low Platelets when having cirrhosis is very common. The group of veins that feed the liver are called portal veins.
873823 tn?1240076548 You are either a doctor or have your facts together because that was the perfect answer. Tell me more about low protein prepared meals.
Avatar f tn ran out again and grabbed another machine (pulseox), more frantic rushing out to grab more ammonia pellets, then ran out to call an ambulance. I can recall smelling ammonia and not caring and then finally moving toward consciousness and waking up. They told my husband I had a "mild case of syncope" and sent me home. I was exhausted afterward and it took me a few days to recover. My husband is also concerned about a colpo etc. based on what he saw/heard.
Avatar f tn It must be hard to accept considering he lived a healthy life. The stark facts are that we are all going to die of one or more organs failing one day. Your father's condition unfortunately is very advanced from what you have revealed. There is no cure for this kind of damage.Only a transplant will save him. Pain relief with Cirrhosis can be very difficult because the Liver processes any drugs you take. There are doctors who specialise in pain relief, has he been referred to one?
Avatar m tn I have been declining in mental capacity over the last 9 years. I have brought it up with my doctors but they all say it is not HCV related and I am no where near Cirrhotic Encephalopathy often related to HCV. Now I read that researcher HAVE found that HCV can cause brain damage and maybe 13% of HCV patients suffer from this. OK I want to know a few things. First off, most importantly, we need a treatment for this.
Avatar f tn You and your family should not hesitate to pursue whatever needs to be said or done to get him to stop drinking and face the facts... otherwise the prognosis for him will be very poor. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Avatar f tn Evan’s also had consistently negative/normal ammonia levels, lactic acid, pyruvic acid, LFT’s, immunology studies (IgG, IgA, etc.) and ANA (although positive once when sick, but normal since) and also high CRP when sick. MECP2 negative and negative N-glycosylation studies (CDG). Normal karyotype. Abnormal TSH which has normalized. He also had a lot of low levels of organic acids in his urine on one occasion, but was thought to be of no clinical significance.
Avatar f tn When pressed they bled, or produced a clear, watery liquid that smelled chemical-y -- like ... ammonia? I went nuts popping these things that night. The liquid dissolved my fingernails almost immediately, made my fingertips numb and the skin there peeled off by morning. Yikes. I'd been using meth a bit recently and thought that must be it. My skin must be trying to rid my body of toxins. Over the next couple of months it got better, then worse, then better, almost well.
1932256 tn?1327949940 First you need to get the facts of your son's illness. Then you will know how serious it is and what you can do to help him if anything. In order to answer your questions we need more facts and details about your son's condition. Without knowing exactly how damaged your son's liver is, there is no way to tell if the liver will be able to repair itself. * What symptoms or complications of Alcoholic Hepatitis was he hospitalized for? * How long has he been in the hospital?
Avatar m tn I guess you know this, but just in case- Bleeds always make ammonia sskyrocket... high ammonia can cause coma But a bleed (even a bad one) can happen to people with high OR LOW ctps or melds people with LOW ctps or melds have a pretty good chance of standing tx without it causing fast decomp... people with high ctp or melds have a pretty good chance of tx actually CAUSING rapid decomp.
Avatar f tn His memory loss (most likely to do an increase of ammonia in his brain *google Hepatic Encephalopathy*) will continue to get worse. Eventually as the ammonia builds he will begin to sleep more and more and may eventually not wake up, that is the way it goes when it is left untreated. He could take a medication called Lactulose to help eliminate the ammonia.
3060903 tn?1398568723 If so hopefully your serum Ammonia might be on them. If not be sure to ask your doctor to run a more comprehensive labs - probably sooner than later. Here is a link that mentions the causes and symptoms of Hepatic Encephalopathy: You are on the right track by having the biopsy & FibroSure as you will have many solid answers soon enough.
Avatar f tn He should be having his ammonia levels tested more often then usual now that he is on treatment. Treatment can affect the liver so you don't want it to make things worse. Just to make sure that his HE is still being managed by his lactulose. As long as he has 3-4 bowel movements a day he should be fine. Remember ammonia levels do not always correspond to the degree of HE. So it is really his behavior that you should continue to keep an eye on.
144210 tn?1273092382 Is this really that dumb of a question?
Avatar f tn I want a straight answer because it's too easy to speculate on worst-case scenarios and torture myself with anxiety when I don't have all the facts. Is there any way you can see your doctor privately so you can have a frank discussion? After all it's YOUR physical health, mental health and life at stake here. Nobody else, no matter how well-intentioned, should interfere with your treatment. Hang in there and see what rpoo has to say. I think you'll feel better for talking with him.
Avatar m tn The fluid can have an enticing fragrance, smell yucky, like yeast, beer, fish, urine, ammonia, sour, something horrid, or a dead mouse. Each cell in your body has a job to do and produces waste. Each has a protective coating to let the good things it needs in to it (osmosis), and keep baddies at bay. But when you're sick, or not eating well over a period of time, or consuming harmful things, your cells are compromised and can't function quite like they should.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, thousands die every year waiting for a donor organ that never comes. YOU have the power to change that. LEARN THE FACTS These facts may help you better understand organ, eye, and tissue donation: FACT: Anyone, regardless of age or medical history, can sign up to be a donor. FACT: Most major religions in the United States support organ donation and consider donation as the final act of love and generosity toward others.
Avatar f tn twice a day to 2T once a day, in hopes of decreasing the # of BM's from 6-7 a day to 2-4 a day. He wants to see where hubby's ammonia level is w/ the decrease in Lactulose. So he gave us a prescription to have the following blood work done: Chem 7, CBC, PT-INR/PTT/Platelets, Alpha Feto Protein, NH3 (ammonia). Hubby's platlets count has been very low for quite some time. Six months ago it was 58. His last blood work in July showed it had come up to 89.