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Avatar f tn I am 46 now. I am taking Alendronate 25 mg since March last year; once a week. My doctor actually wanted me to get the injection for the bone but because the insurance did not cover it we had to go with the oral Alendronate. I will go back to see my doctor in March this year. Does anyone have experience with taking Alendronate? Any improvement to your bone density? Please advise. I'm new to all this.
Avatar f tn Can you take once weekly alendronate 70mg tablet if you have Crohn's Disease? I have osteoporosis and was originally taking once monthly Boniva but recently switched to alendronate because it was a lot cheaper. However, I took the first dose on Monday and two days later I still feel crampy and am either constipated or have diarrhea. I felt fine before taking this.
Avatar f tn Very concerned about taking Arimidex and consequent bone problems without the steroid factor. Taking Alendronate and folic acid. I have every faith in my gastro - he is young, committed to IBD, but I wonder that the UK is so far behind the US in its' treatment of Crohn's and you may have some thoughts to offer me. Sorry this is so long, but thought you needed a full precis of my condition before giving an opinion. Liz.
Avatar f tn Biphosphonates are phosphate derivatives that bind to the surface of the bone, thereby blocking bone removal and decreasing bone loss. Currently, there are three biphosphonates - alendronate [Fosamax], etidronate [Didronal]) and risedronate [Actonel], that have been approved by the FDA for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. These medications have been shown to increase bone mass, prevent bone loss, and to decrease the incidence of bone fractures.
Avatar n tn As you can see from my above post, I have been on methotrexate for 7 yrs now (steroids 30 yrs, which have also played havoc with my bones, so on a weekly bisphosphonate, alendronate, and Calcichew/Vit.D3 twice daily). I was on 25 mg tablets of mtx once weekly for 5 yrs, but my symptoms got gradually worse so my gastro changed me to 12.5 mg injections weekly the last 2 years.