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Avatar m tn Last December I got the warts removed by laser. I thought I saw two new ones pop up so I used the generic Aldara brand to get rid of them. Thankfully it looks like it did the job. I've inspected my penile area and can't see any signs of warts. It's been two months since I have applied the cream. Is it ok to start having sex again? I currently live in South Korea, so I had my relatives ship over two more prescriptions of Aldara. I was thinking about reapplying it just to be safe.
Avatar f tn Zovirax was one of the first antivirals used for the treatment of genital warts, and proved effective. Now that it is generic, it has been superseded by other, more profitable, and allegedly "more effective" treatment creams, such as concentrated green tea catechins (for which a patent has been obtained by a big pharma company which charges a fortune for the cream), interferon alpha, aldara, etc.
Avatar m tn yes that s vit d and 55ng/ml is normal/optimum range 2years is very very unlikly, once you reach hbsag less than 100iu/ml (the lower the better) you may stop intf and continue to clear normal intf, not peg, costs less and vietnam has both versions generic and very cheap, also imiquimod may be able to keep intf but we have to wait my tests results
Avatar n tn she told me to not have intercourse for 5 days use cortisone off brand 2x daily wash with fingers tips(which I do) with celaphil and use Virgin Olive Oil for lube. Still have the itch 5 days later with my period. She told me to call her back if it doesn't go away, but sounds like everyone has been trying doctors and they don't know. My husband suggested bathing in Iodine. I am going to try it tonight. I CAN"T TAKE IT!
Avatar m tn the doctor gave me two prescriptions today - one for generic valtrex (twice a day for a week), and an antibiotic called azithromycin that he said was used for some urinary infections and chlamydia (even though i tested negative for chlamydia two weeks ago). i took the antibiotic, but i'm holding off on taking the antiviral just yet since i'm not actually broken out.
Avatar f tn unfortunately many have hbv reactivation after interferon too but it requires some years and has no resistance another try is to start nitazoxanide, generic nizonide500 or nitarid and after 6 months stop entecavir and keep only nitazoxanide.this drug is free of sides, cheap, and leads to hbsag seroconversion in the highest percenatege compared to other has no reistance hbsag quantity is made by abbott architet with diluition for hbsag higher than 250iu/ml.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, the neuro-transmitter nerve fiber oral medication is extremely expensive, because I take Sertaline (for US thats generic brand of Zoloft) the 1st line treatment has side affects and drug interactions with the antidepressantst. I honestly dont know what to do. I cant say if sex is painful because i cant even imagine it in this pain, but the last time I had it was november 2009 (3 months ago?) and I had to stop-mid way because of rediculous pain, reddness, burning.
Avatar n tn Hello, I also wanted to add that although Pro-Biotics are beneficial it is imperative that you find a reliable brand. Our secretary was an avid Pro-Biotic user and when she had a stool test they told her she had extremely low levels of acidophillis in her stool. The supplements she was using were a sham.