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Avatar f tn it's a treatment for genital warts and molluscum. Aldara is very irritating to the genital skin. It's very common for the symptoms you've described to occur. ruling out herpes is never a bad idea but odds are it's due to the aldara. I'd get a 2nd opinion on the area you were using the aldara on and not continue using it until you get a better diagnosis than what you were evidently given the first time.
Avatar m tn For what it's worth I contracted molluscum thru my partner. He had it on his forearm and legs. Somehow it ended up on my lady parts. He denied ever having it on his man parts. At first I truly thought is was razor burn. In all actuality me shaving led to multiple bumps. They never itched,hurt, or bothered me. I realized they were getting worse than better. I got scared and made an appt right away and right away the dr knew what I had.
Avatar m tn Surgical treatments include cryosurgery, in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and destroy lesions, as well as scraping them off with a curette. Pulsed dye laser therapy for molluscum contagiosum may be the treatment of choice for multiple lesions in a cooperative patient ' You could read more about the condition at the following links - and http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn This is no question but rather a clarification. I have been using aldara for about a month and a half, and judgeing by the topics, several others need some guidence. I caught Molluscum contagium, maybe from the gym, maybe from sex who knows, who cares. I noticed some very small hybrid of pimples and warts in my gentital area. So of course, like most of you, I freaked. I am a healthy 21 year old male who has had a fairly modest sexual life (less than 10 partners, no one night stands).
Avatar n tn She told me that they aren't genital warts because of the way they looked and told me that it looks like Molluscum Contagiosum virus. She even perscribed me a topical ointment called Aldara to use every other day on the spots. It's been a little over a month and there is no improvement. I am so self conscious about these bumps and they're now spreading down my upper thighs. I'm going to the bahamas in December and I want to be able to wear a swim suit on the beach.
Avatar f tn I have molluscum on my genitals and received cryotherapy and aldara cream... where the cryotherapy took place it looks like the white head is coming out of the skin like its being pushed upward to fall out... it looks like i can take the white head out with tweezers... is this a good idea or really dumb?
Avatar m tn I was given an antibiotic and when it didn't help I was diagnosed for Molluscum which was about a month ago. By that time I had already around 15 bumps. The doc froze them and after that we found 3 or 4 new ones and this time used a curette to remove them. I’m very worried about this and I’ve been seeing a couple of dermatologist as some spots were popping up and my regular dermatologist is usually available not more then once a week.
Avatar m tn However, resolution can be speeded up by treatment, usually by a dermatologist just scraping away the lesions (less painful than it sounds) or freezing them. Imiquimod (Aldara), used for genital warts, also appears to be effective but it is slow.
Avatar f tn Recently (5/28) diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum and besides from cryotherapy for treatment i also received Aldara cream 5%. (the derm did not get every lump/wart with the liquid nitrogen) Questions I have about this is; How effective is it to be used? Should I apply it with a finger or would a Q-Tip be better or should it be something else? How exactly does it work?
Avatar m tn I have decided to stop using it for this reason even though the warts are not completely gone (i hate aldara now). Just wondering if there was any chance of these white blotchy spots getting any color back or if there was anything i could do about it (reasonably speaking)? Im really hoping its not serious hypopigmentation scarring.
Avatar f tn i have received cryotherapy and aldara cream for treatment of molluscum contagiosum a week ago to the date... the scabs have fallen off but there is still a lot of redness on the open skin and can still see the white bumps inside the open scab... does this mean i will have to undergo another cryotherapy again? how long does it usually take for cryotherapy to heal and is there anyway of speeding up the healing process?
Avatar n tn Thanks doc and mtbb for your uselful replies. I will get a Herpes blood test just for peace of mind. I put hydrocortizone on it last night and this morning and the itching and burning are now completely gone. So I guess one disease will be enough for me. As for why it is being used, well, my guess is that I have a disease and Aldara helps me get rid of it, it's as simple as that. It just seems to accelerate threefold the healing of the lesions.
Avatar f tn I used aldara cream on my son for 2 weeks and he developed open sores. If I remeber well I applied the cream once or twice on the weakened skin. I have read all the horror stories about the cream and will like to know if there is a posssibility of damage to his immune system due to the use of this cream. he has mollocum contagiosum. He did not have any other side effects.
Avatar n tn I also took blood test for HIV however I am waiting for my result. I have mostly near pubic hair and some about 5 or 6 in genital area. They are about white, pointy, 2 to 6 mm in diameter. First time I saw those when I decided to shave my pubic hair in first week of jan. I went to see my Primary Care after a week he told me it is folliculitis. I waited a month but no resolution or going away so I decided to see a dermatologist and he diagnose the MC.
Avatar n tn ) Is it normal for molluscum to reoccur after such a long period of being asymptomatic and can I expect this pattern to repeat? Is it possible this is really something else? Also, am I contagious during these long periods when I have no symptoms? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hello, For molluscum, aldara can be used but The most popular treatments are scraping of the lesions (called curettage) or removal using heat (called cautery) or cold (called cryotherapy, a procedure performed with liquid nitrogen). If Aldara does not benefit you, then you can go in for any of these treatments. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn Hi Doc, I was recently diagnosed with molluscum contagiousum after numerous misdiagnoses that cost me about a month of treatment and allowed for substantial autoinnoculation (yes, I'm one of the unlucky masses who originally thought this was simply a pimple-ish thing I could shave and it would scab, obviously it didn't). I'm now in month four. A few weeks ago I went to the dermatologist, who this time determined that I did, indeed, have MC.
Avatar n tn I guess what I'm trying to ask it possible for the virus to not be around for very long? I'm afraid of having this for up to a year or longer. Has anyone gotten rid of molluscum within just 2-4 months?
Avatar n tn I've been using aldara for about 3-4 months now. It took about 6-7 weeks to start working for me. It cleared up my warts in about 8 weeks but had another outbreak. It has cleared up everything so far. I'm waiting to go on a follow up appt so I guess will find out soon. How long have you been using aldara? I also had a yeast infection when i was diagnosed w/ hpv.
Avatar n tn you might have had both problems, MC for the pimple-like lesions and tinea (ringworm, i.e. jock itch) for the rash. But the persisting bumps of your penis don't sound like either one. You can either go to a dermatologist or return to your own doc; your choice.
Avatar f tn Would buying an over-the-counter wart remover be safe and effective in getting rid of Molluscum or should I just go down and get the Aldara for 75$? I ask these questions because it appears more are forming and I'd like to get rid of them ASAP. Sorry for all the questions, I cannot seem to find the answers anywhere on the internet. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn I used Aldara cream for 2 weeks, and that is what cleared it up. Am I still infectious ? Am I in the clear now ?
Avatar n tn Was your diagnosis from a doctor? As for ridding yourself of molluscum (if that is what you have), the treatments are similar to HPV. They can be cauterized, frozen off, or a chemical such as retin-a or aldara can be used. The can also be lanced but this is a bit less common. If I were you, I'd see a dermatologist, confirm the diagnosis, and obtain a prescription at that time.
Avatar m tn No research has directly compared the various treatment methods for molluscum contagiosum. If there are only a few lesions, I personally favor physical removal -- currettage (scraping by a trained professional) pricking the top and expressing the core. (Brisk bleeding afterward is evidence the entire core has been expressed and that healing can be expected.) With larger numbers, freezing with liquid nitrogen is my second choice, and is often used in my STD clinic.
Avatar m tn Almost certainly this was molluscum contagiosum. Your description is classical for that diagnosis; I could use it to teach medical students and residents about the disease. (In fact, I may bookmark this discussion and use it exactly that way!) This judgment is based on 1) lesion description, 2) location (warts don't commonly appear in the pubic area and thighs), 3) your age (typical in teens and up through age 25), and 4) expression of a hard white core followed by bleeding.
Avatar f tn A couple of months ago I started growing these bumps that I suppose were contracted sexually. Went to the doctor and had them diagnosed as Molluscum. In the process of getting rid of them she put acid on them (2 different sessions) which helped but certainly did not take care of the issue. She prescribed me Aldara, Imiquiod 5%. It is to be used at night and washed off in the morning around 6-10 hours later.
Avatar f tn Recently (5/28) diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum and besides from cryotherapy for treatment i also received Aldara cream 5%. (the derm did not get every lump/wart with the liquid nitrogen) Questions I have about this is; How effective is it to be used? Should I apply it with a finger or would a Q-Tip be better or should it be something else? How exactly does it work?