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Avatar n tn said it was contagious and could spread to other parts of her body or to someone else. She prescribed Aldara 5% Cream. It comes in 24 small application tubes at a cost of $639.00. Can anyone tell me the name of this condition? Thanks!
2206935 tn?1373642205 In your scenario “that towels and contact with any object” would transfer this virus goes completely against the skin to skin contact that is generally the accepted method of contact for this virus. If this were true more children would be infected by parents that had HPV, the general population would get it from toilet seats, and HPV would be rampant at all universities and most sports locker rooms and to my knowledge this is not correct.
Avatar m tn for immune system daily multivitamin and folic acid are advisable..also Vitamin A supplement and and L-lysene tablets. I have read them on other web pages.. maybe they work..
Avatar n tn The other treatments like use of liquid nitrogen, phenol and diathermy can be painful, and are not usually done on children. It is not known whether imiquimod (aldara) is safe to use during pregnancy or on children younger than 12. Also results of treatment of molluscum contagiousum with aldara are not that satisfactory. I would suggest that you discuss with your doctor, regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using aldara. Best.
Avatar f tn and I have already known that i have genital warts and am treating for it! It is a topical med called aldara that i began using january of 2009. my gyno had mention that the medicine will cause itching and burning so being in the 3rd month of using it my vagina started to itch.... then i began to notice 3 red blotches all vertically in a row near my vagina that itched.... (keep in mind it is not wear the warts are located.
Avatar n tn The doctor wants him to use Aldara. Is this safe for a young infant? On the product it is talking about use by older children or adults. Also, how contagious is he? Can he be around other children or adults at all? Can we take him to our church nursery? Does he need to be completely covered or does it matter? How long will it take to go away with treatment? Are there any other options to Aldara for a child so young?
Avatar f tn took about 6 months to completely clear my first break out through freezing and Aldara. About 4 months after they had cleared I got a single wart, used Aldara and had it cleared and now a few more have showed up.. I will be using Aldara again. I have recently met someone and although we are taking it slow I am very upset, how would I be able to explain this to them? I am also so terrified to go to the doctor incase I hear anymore bad news. Is this going to last forever... seems like it..
Avatar n tn The warts did return but only a few returned and I have been using Aldara for eleven weeks now. I also started using tea tree oil the days that I am not using Aldara,(aldare used three times a week) Basically, I still have visiably warts in the groin, they are smaller and red, no itching ever, even when they were bad and they have never hurt me at all, just have been in the groin area.
Avatar n tn i'm hoping that within four years my body will have taken control of the virus and I'll be able to take all possible precatutions in not spreading this to my future children, but i would like to know what the precautions and chances still are. right now my main concern isn't with having children, it's with the aldara cream. I'd like to know if the benefits outweigh the risks.
Avatar m tn We've discussed cryotherapy, Aldara, and a few other potential treatment options. What are the best options for the quickest and least painful results. I recognize after doing some online homework that this could be a long term malady. I just wanted to get some answers from other doctors.
Avatar m tn I am sad and depressed because my ob made me feel like a **** and didn't really say anything except that I shouldn't have slept around and that I shouldn't have sex ever again. She subscribed aldara .5% cream and in have been using this med for a week now. I have severe itching and more warts have showed up on my labia and around the lips of my vagina. I don't know how long it takes for this cream to work. I just want the warts gone.
Avatar m tn who has 3 months to wait for aldara to work, if it's going to work at all? how long have you been with your current partner? also if you are planning to start a family soon, have you and your partner had herpes igg blood testing too to know who has what?
Avatar n tn But if your doct thinks the lesions were likely herpes, you should be tested for herpes simplex virus (HSV) by culture of the ulcers, if they are still fresh, and/or by blood testing for HSV-2 antibody. To date the research in imiquimod for MC is almost entirely limited to children.
Avatar m tn take a look he told me that it was HPV and prescribed aldara. I have not yet started the Aldara because I have read a lot of scary reports about sideeffects and other problems and as this is a family Dr. who treats mostly children I am going to get a second opinion. However he did not state what strain of HPV this could be from. From reading, most visible warts do not come from the high risk strains 16 and 18, but then I've read that 16 can present some visible symptoms.
Avatar m tn He actually prescribed aldara (which was embarassing for me to get b/c he told me it was prescribed for vaginal warts!). It worked great, it dries them up over a few applications to where it is almost "scabby" and flakes off. Can be a little uncomfortable because of the drying effects so maybe work on a few spots at a time. He also told me it was contagious but I touched them on my daughter and never caught them. Basically they come from an internal type virus.
Avatar n tn I have had molluscum for almost 14 weeks now and it shows no signs of slowing or going away. Most people have 5-10 pustules but I have approx. 30 in my groin area. They are small in size but I am at wits end with this virus. Would it be worth getting them all frozen off? It just seems very tedious and I do not know if it is necessary. I have already been given Aldara with no results. I have also "waited it out" like my doctor has told me. I just want to be rid of it.
Avatar n tn These are the same ones he has had for years, no new ones.. what is your opinion? He even gave my husband a script for aldara (think that is it) and told him to tell me to get the same, my doc said he wont waste my time or money.
Avatar n tn I wonder if I would have still had them if I had them removed instead of wasting months with the Aldara. I still needed to see my doctor after the Aldara didn't work on several. I am still being treated 9 months later. I'm not sure how I got them. I wish you luck.
Avatar m tn If you are in your 20s or younger and don't have HIV....Aldara will probably cure the virus within a few months (whether it's HPV or molluscum contagiousum) I doubt you have a skin tag on your penis. HPV is very common just use the meds and get rid of it while you still stand a chance. HPV turns into carcinoma (cancer). Yep. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just use the meds.
Avatar f tn She also has eczema, which I know can make it worse. We went to the pediatrician and she prescribed Aldara to apply 3 times a week, only on the bumps. She also told me to continue using the Cortizone 10 every day, along with lotion to help with itching. Now...I'm wondering if this is really going to work, since I'll I've heard is that we have to "wait it out"....but it's just getting worse. It's painful for her, because of the eczema and really unsightly.
Avatar f tn Also, HPV typing is available to determine whether you have types of the virus that are high risk for causing cancer. Finally, there is a nice medication called Aldara that can be applied topically to the wart to shrink it. Good luck! I hope this helps!
Avatar m tn The last visit (14 weeks ago), condom was broken at the end of the intercourse ( 4 mins). (9 weeks ago), I went to GP for STIs check, he noticed group of bumps around the base of my penis and 2 singles in the public hear. they were small skin color. Actually, they were there for more than 3 months but i thought they are just normal skin issues. anyway, the doctor diagnosed these bumps as genital wart, he froze them, gave me aldara cream.
Avatar m tn However, resolution can be speeded up by treatment, usually by a dermatologist just scraping away the lesions (less painful than it sounds) or freezing them. Imiquimod (Aldara), used for genital warts, also appears to be effective but it is slow.
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone I have lived in Thailand for 5 years and have a Thai wife and a 2 year old son. Seven months ago I went to Pattaya(notorious for it's nightlife and hookers)for a weekend with the boys. Got very drunk and ended up having sex with a hooker and the condom broke. Had anal and vaginal sex, unprotected for about 10 mins.
Avatar f tn I agree the itching is prob from healing. I went away for a few days so sorry, I am just now responding. How did it go for you over the weekend?
Avatar m tn no strain of VPH . So once again I paid visit to the same physician and asked him what the results meant and he told me "You see you have nothing to worry about you are healthy!!". Man, his first impression is that I have VPH and then he says "you are healthy". Then he took another look at the affected area and told me to stop taking aldara for 15 days and then resume what was left of the treatment.
Avatar n tn MCV (molluscum) can be contagious, but many times it is not, For instance, we see many children who have MCV all over and no one else around them has any. We see adults with MCV in the groin whose partners don't have it, or who have no partners. Where it comes from is not known much of the time, any more than you always know where you catch a cold from. Since MCV does not in any case lead to any complications in women, once you've treated it, I see no reason for you to avoid sex now.
Avatar n tn If you are really concerned about outbreaks, ask your doctor about a topical cream medication called Aldara, (Imiquimod). It is exceedingly expensive and can cause a lot of discomfort, but it has been suggested that regular application can help keep the virus dormant and help you to stop spreading the disease to others. HPV is very common. Most people carry the virus, even without visible signs. Be grateful that it is only warts and not herpes.
Avatar n tn I have written down a few questions and I hope that you can help me with them. Before we begin, I want to thank you in advance for your time. 1) Is there a treatment for M.C. lesions on the lips? 2) Can I spread M.C. to a partner through kissing? (having lesions on my lips) 3) I have had M.C. for over two years, will my body eventually mount a response and rid itself of the virus?
Avatar n tn Scraping the lesions away (less painful than it sounds), freezing, and sometimes a prescription for imiquimod (Aldara) are standard treatments. If you have ready access to a dermatologist, you can be sure of expert care. Or visit your local health department STD clinic.