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1831849 tn?1383228392 // There is a limited schedule of screenings. I hope it's available on dvd or via netflix soon. http://wheniwalk.
Avatar f tn No, I actully got up and fed the baby clothed the baby! Feeling better today so far so good. It is beautiful in Houston,Tx today so I will get the stroller out and go for a walk. Oh! thanks for the advice on vitamins.
82861 tn?1333453911 Clay Road Animal Clinic, Dr. Smith DVM. 16618 Clay Road, Houston, TX 77084, 281-550-2552 You may have to wait a while late in the afternoons or Saturday mornings because Dr. Smith is very thorough in examining every pet. He is very patient with the animals and also about fully explaining any treatment and answering questions, in addition to charging the most affordable fees I've ever found here. Great vet for any pet except birds. He's skeert!
Avatar f tn Ladies if any of you mommas live in Houston contact me, I'm 20 with a two year old boy and 5 months pregnant with another little boy. I need some mommy friends!!
Avatar f tn Hello i live in houston...
Avatar n tn As blood was extracted they were accidentally pricked with the needle of a patient who has the aids virus. PEP was used minutes after and the friend has confided in me. I dont know what to say as they are so loving and caring to patients now they are fearful. I dont work in that field and dont know what to say while they await results. I can see the fear in my friends eyes, please help me walk them through this as we remain hopeful.
Avatar f tn 33 weeks today. Some may know that I left my fiancé a month ago. I had to come back because I didn't have no other way to work (i walk from the apartment to my job across the street). And I simply just hate being here. I am totally thinking about going to a shelter once I leave work on may 10th to get ready for my baby. I just need a way out!
4654011 tn?1357643122 So I'm taking a road trip with my mom and little sister at the end of June and I will be 32 weeks when we leave. Going to California from Houston Texas so it's a three day drive. Should I take any extra precautions? I know to take it easy, but any special things I should do? I wanna enjoy my trip with not much worry.
Avatar n tn t concerned about the reasons behind the swollen tonsils or neck, and discharged us to walk across the street to see an ENT about the surgery. He has continued to have occasional swollen lymph nodes and has started having severe sinus infections every four months again. His pediatrician wasn't concerned about the second positive active EBV in six months (yes, it showed the past infection too) and the low IgG. I asked for a referral to an Immunologist.....she didn't want to do it.
1467525 tn?1286414315 This all came from me demanding an MRI due to her dizziness, headaches, balance issues, feeding issues and eyes crossing at times. I have seen two pedi neuro doctors in Houston. One I just couldn’t communicate with and one (who happens to be the chief neurosurgeon at TCH) who seems to know nothing about Chiari. She has headaches, vertigo, issues swallowing solid food and sensitivity to light at least 20/30 days.
7474740 tn?1391112694 I don't have no friend in this app:/ but either way u from Houston or not just want to talk to moms to be !! Thanks .