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Avatar f tn Help...had major toothache 10 days ago..x-ray revealed minor decay. Dentist said it should not have caused major tooth ache but set aug 2 for repair. woke up monday 6/25 with gum below tooth swollen..called dentist. I apparently had told them funny reaction to amoxicillian but could take they ordered augmentin.(I should write 72 memory loss) One Augmentin pill & I threw up for 12 hours finishing at 3 AM this morning! Suppositories Fam Dr called in helped...
Avatar n tn Here's a link indicating there could be an association between asthma inhaler use and tooth decay; washing out the mouth after inhaling is always a good thing to do.,,166593_111111,00.html Is asthma inhaler causing tooth decay? Excerpt: "I have done some research in order to determine if the medications are the cause of your son's cavities. The exact effects of both Beclovent and Albuterol on the teeth are unknown at this time.
Avatar n tn The dentist seems to think this was the cause of the extremity of the tooth decay. Could this be the case? I was even rinsing my mouth out after each use of Asmanex. Could it just be because of the lapse in dental care? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Asthma inhalers and dental decay</a>.
Avatar m tn It was just a very small food particle that had become stuck and then started to decay from the natural bacteria in the mouth, which is actually all a tonsil stone is, but tonsil stones just form easier in the tonsils where the food and bacteria can become conveniently trapped.
Avatar m tn One of the causes of maxillary sinusitis is a tooth abscess that has leaked the infection into the maxillary sinus. The teeth may be X-rayed to find this. • Ethmoid sinuses. If infection occurs, you may get puffy eyes and pain between them. The sides of your nose may get tender to the touch, your nose may get stuffy, and you won’t be able to smell so well. You may also get a splitting headache, felt most intensely in the forehead. • Sphenoid sinuses.