How does advair diskus work

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Avatar n tn does taking advair make mucus that you cough up and mucus from from your nose turn white?
Avatar f tn ) Prednisone should be a last resort anymore. Leukotriene inhibitors such as montelukast (Singulair), and Advair (diskus or HFA inhaler) are better choices for controller medications. There's other options, too, I'm just mentioning the two I use. Keep a rescue inhaler (albuterol or levalbuterol) with you when exercising, too. For me, and what my doctor suggested is swimming. It's good for learning breath control, and tends to not trigger asthma attacks caused by exercise.
1574314 tn?1296204882 Wow, They really have you on a lot of meds before my illness took over I was respiratory therapist for 15yrs but I can't work because of the avascular necrosis.Why can't they at least up your Advair to 500/50 2puffs bid. Have you been checked for GERD or allergy tested.Just be careful about the amount of prednisone you are taking. I was in the same situation and thought there was no hope until I my lung collapsed and I went to a different hospital and new pulmo's.
Avatar n tn Hi there - being new to the board and recently tested up I would encourage the same - get the work up and go from there. Let us know how it goes.
Avatar f tn and he put me on Advair Diskus 500/50 for 2 weeks, then will have a PFT to see if there is any permanent lung damage, as I was a smoker for over 30 years, but did successfully quit over 5 months ago.Have almost finished the Advair,and see no improvement in these symptoms.Getting very frustrated due to the fact this is interfering with my life everyday.Any suggestions?? One specialist I saw saqid that if the PFT tests come back inconclusive he will send me to an Eye,Nose, and Throat specialist.
Avatar n tn hi i have had a cough that causes my airway to close and makes it very difficult to breathe, they were like coughing spasms , i've had this cough for like 2 months, i've been to the doctor and they told me it has a chest infection and i was probably developing adult on set asthma,( they put me on binozyt for the infection which didnt work then augmentin which helped,)i'm 22 and never really was affect by this coughing problem till now, i was started on asthma meds (seretide diskus, and singulai
746512 tn?1388811180 So as always my results are never cut and dry. So we are trying advair 250 diskus since I'm waking myself up 3-4 times a night coughing my head off. So if anyone has an tips let me know.
Avatar n tn All your energy goes into coughing and it really fatigues you especially with the loss of appetite. So he gave me an inhaler called ADVAIR DISKUS 100/50 (inhalation powder). 2 times a day you inhale it very little side effects, stomach ache, dizzy but nothing as terrible as all those antibiotics that I had to take.
Avatar n tn he leapt on this idea as though it was his own, and prescribed a seretide diskus, known as Advair in the USA, even though I've no other indications of asthma. He did't seem to think there are any other tests worth carrying out and said I should try this medicine on a trial and error basis. I've been taking the medicine, but I'm not really happy with my doctor's advice. However, I've no idea what else to start looking for. Any ideas would be appreciated. Many thanks.
Avatar m tn I had a stomach sonogram and upper GI and they did see reflux and a hiatus hernia. Through all of this I am currently taking Advair diskus 250/50, singulair, Nexium, Nasacort AQ and was actually told by my ENT to take nexium in the morning and Zegerid 2 hours before bed as he saw some inflammation at the beginning of my esophagus. I do believe that GERD is playing a big role in all of my symptoms but have not yet confirmed this therefore I’ve been experiencing some anxiety over all of this.
180749 tn?1443598832 My breathing got so worse about 6 months ago, at the time I found I had a tapeworm. After a course of a/b my breathing got even worse. Then I had teeth work done, again a doze of a/bs. The way I looked could be described as "failure to thrive". It took me a while to realize I had malabsorbtion. I started taking probiotic complex with Acidophillus 2 months ago.
Avatar n tn Albuterol inhaler as needed and Advair Diskus (steroid inhaler) every 12 hours. Very little coughing but some symptoms come and go .... weather, exertion, talking for long periods. Hope you get some answers soon .... I'm not completely satisfied but hope to adjust to this chronic condition eventually.
436516 tn?1382388265 I was prescribed Ventolin (for emergency cant breathe situations!) and Advair. I found the advair diskus was no good, but the inhaled advair seemed to help a bit. If its related to lung infections, I've got tons of those to pick from so cant really narrow it down. Right now it feels like I've got a web of spider silk or cat hair in the back of my throat and its just not clearing. Did anyone else find a solution that works?
Avatar n tn There is a website from someone named Michael White where he sells a CD to help with breathing exercises. It does seem to help somewhat. It shows the importance of breathing and how to do it properly. I also tried your exercise HAVA and it seemed to help also. Either way it seems to have to do with eating (stomach) and anxiety. That's all I can put my finger on. I just keep trying to be as healthy as possible and hope to GOD it goes away agin. It truly is a horrible feeling.