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1236243 tn?1277684451 I've heard a lot of bad things about the drug Actos lately, My Doctor still has me on it, is it as bad as I'm hearing?
1273125 tn?1365081126 I am taking 850 mg of Metformin twice a day. My morning blood sugar is around 200. I am close to or over 200 for most of the day as well. I have decided that until I can lose weight and get my numbers in control that way that insulin might be a good choice for me. I am afraid that it constantly being that high is going to cause damage. I have tried other medications such as Actos and Januvia but they did not make that big a difference. I tried the Byetta as well with the same results.
Avatar n tn I experienced this for the first time about 6 years ago. A day or two before it happened, I was burning about 50 copies of a CD, which does cause a slight burning smell in the house, so I wondered if this triggered it. It lasted about 5 days. Since then, it's happened 4 or 5 times, each time lasting for a few days. The latest time was 3 days ago - I was in the car with my husband, there was a bus idling in front of us, and I smelled exhaust.
Avatar f tn I'd guess that anytime in that last riba week would work while you are still under the influence. My opinion is that the value of end of tx treatment PCR is a little misleading if you have been und all through tx. Although you were only tested once, as a Geno 2 (if you were fully med compliant) the EOT PCR is not likely to be real informational for the doc. If the worst happens, relapse, you would not have the same treatment regimen anyway.
Avatar f tn Will losing weight before TX address the metabolic issues? Most of the time losing weight is the only thing necessary to rid oneself of the metabolic syndrom. So many people could go off their Type 2 dibetes drugs, BP & Cholesterol meds if they just lost weight. I recall one study that said losing as little as 10lbs starts to decrease the metabolic syndrom #'s. And they continue to decline towards normal the closer you get to your recommended BMI.
Avatar n tn Experienced a period of time where I was EXTREMELY drowsy, sometimes experienced difficulty in choosing the correct words when speaking..(not sure if related to coming off of Paxil, anxiety, extreme stress ro multi-tasking, Also had a bout with itching on tops of feet and slightly on palms.Thought it was fleas on feet and legs. Extreme exhaustion around time we were to move. Regular spasms of muscles in arms, chest stomach etc..
780153 tn?1287572547 There is increasing evidence that this endocrine abnormality can be reversed by treatment with widely available standard medications which are leading medicines used in this country for the treatment of adult onset diabetes, metformin (Glucophage 500 or 850 mg three times per day or 1000mg twice daily with meals), pioglitazone (Actos 15-30 mg once a day), rosiglitazone (Avandia 4-8 mg once daily) or a combination of these medications.
488724 tn?1253554835 1 so it went down but i know its gone back up because during the last month i've gotten 300-400's and thats with taking 1000mg of metformin twice daily, 45mg actos once daily and taking 12units of Lantus in the Morning and 8 at night. My doctor gave me humalog for fast acting but its not in the pen form like Lantus, and i dont have access to a fridge everytime im gonna eat. so i never do it.
Avatar m tn I saw my doc the other day. He put me on a beta blocker in hopes of halting my developing varices.I also take a diabetic drug called actos because my doc says my liver isn't managing sugar levals right. My doc says he' try a new tx when he thinks there is a good one for me.He is very positive about maintenanceand believes it's the best route for me for the forseeable future I'm waiting for my pcr and expect it to be low compared to my usual pre maintenance 2mil.
Avatar m tn Prior to this episode an apparent healthy male smoker/beer drinker, 1 pack per day. Early Nov. 07 had 2 teeth removed, one was infected. Five days later couldn't breathe and went to ER. Diagnosed with atypical pneumonia and also diabetes. Prescribed antibiotics for pneumonia and actos/metformin for diabetes Day after Christmas re-entered ER. Gained 30 lbs, water retention, and still had trouble breathing. Taking steroids relieved breathing problem. Stopped actos.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed about 8 months ago I have been prescribed Actos. One pill a day. All this is new to me and please help me to understand what is going on with me.
Avatar n tn If you're insulin resistant, you're going to be resistant no matter what time of day it is. I consume ALA too. It helps promote the growth of healthy liver cells and recirculation of vit C & E. I also consume NAC (N-Acytel Cysteine) for liver health. I do this because I am a liver transplant survivor. If your buddy is your Internist, why are you doubting him?
Avatar m tn I strongly believe it to be a factor in my relapse. IR is a PREDICTOR of SVR. This is very important to me and may very well be the reason I failed Hep C treatment... HCV slowly damages the mitochondria through a process of oxidative stress. Aerobic exercise helps produce more mitochondria and a high-protein diet boosts the benefit of exercise, which decreases insulin resistance.
728243 tn?1258387056 I got Wii Fit and am too tired to get on it most days because I've started a new regimen of getting out of bed early and walking the dog. I love it and the dog loved it but it hasn't helped my weight any. The first time I got on Wii my Fit age was 73 (I am 67.) The second time my age was 71. But, after starting to walk my dob each morning, I got on the Wii and my weight went up but my Wii Fit age went down to age 55. My guess is that fat to muscle ratio improved?
Avatar n tn I cant take it forever but low carb and met + actos works well if i can stay on the low carb part it hard but can be done. Most of the time if we can get those insulin and hormone levels right your periods will come as theyre suppossed to and nomore brown blood aka spotting between periods.
Avatar m tn As of now i am taking actos once a day, glumetza 2tabs once a day, gliburide one in am and 1/2 before dinner. They just added januvia because my hba1c was 7.3. My question is, do i take all these in the am? my glu was 64 when i woke this am. ate breakfast and it went to 140 so i took the meds??? fear of polydrug issues..
568322 tn?1370169040 7% PegIntron+ Ribavirin+ Actos....RVR 27%.......SVR 60.4% Liver Int. 2009 Nov 16. Pioglitazone (Actos) improves virological response to peginterferon alpha-2b/ribavirin combination therapy in hepatitis C genotype 4 patients with insulin resistance. Khattab M, Emad M, Abdelaleem A, Eslam M, Atef R, Shaker Y, Hamdy L. Department of Internal Medicine, Minya University, Minya, Egypt. Background & aim: Insulin resistance (IR) affects sustained virological response (SVR).
Avatar f tn Regardless, I hated losing memory and thinking so I opted out of this medicine. Now we are starting on despiramine and ambien for night time since I don't sleep at night solidly because f pain. We'll see if this works. I am told that at this point the MS Contin is necessary so I will not be able to lose that med just yet. My weight is dropping finally but I have been so nauseous this past week that I am losing it because of that. I guess that's ok too.
Avatar n tn Especially in the summer time, a vial of insulin left out can become overheated - and depending on the conditions, that can happen very quickly. The action of insulin may be partly or completely destroyed because of it. If you have a fresh vial in the fridge, try that one instead and see how it goes for a day or so. If you are insulin dependent then oral meds alone are unlikely to keep you in good control, but a fresh vial of insulin can help you feel terrific pretty soon.
Avatar m tn I have diabetes and I am taking a full dose of oral medications including Actos, Januvia (a new medication which supposedly slows down the production of glucose after a meal), Precose (which slows down carbohydrate absorption in the small intestine and, of course, Glucovance (combo of metformin and ?). For the last 2 years or so, I have had regular but relatively mild belching every 20 minutes or so.
Avatar m tn Sounds like you are only eating snack sized amounts which means low blood sugars and not even enough calories for your brain to function at a normal daily resting rate (you need a certain amount of calories a day just to keep your body functioning which is usually at a minimum of 1200 calories, but probably more for overweight people).
Avatar f tn Hi, I take 1500mg a day. it used to make me sick until I started taking 1 in the morning and 2 at night, that way if I do get sick I won't know cause I am asleep! Don't know if that would work for you but it never hurts to try. people do loose weight but you have to change your way of eating and dieting! I have lost weight but, not alot, but everyone is different, I also have cut out all sugars(sodas, candy ect) from my diet that also helps the metformin do its job!
923105 tn?1341831249 I was dx with MS 11 years ago, and due to the steroids that I have to take from time to time , I am now a pre-diabetic. My concern is that I know very little about Diabetes, but my G I has prescribed me Lactulose for chronic constipation, - in all fairnesss he has tried me on several meds. with no results. My sugar readings went quite high, apprix 180, and have taken 24 hours to come down (btw nothing real major happened) So basically my question is should I keep on taking 'L' or not????
Avatar n tn The morning is the worst time. Within an hour I feel almost normal, and I feel pretty good for the rest of the day. Aromasin is in clinical trials for ovarian cancer right now, but I'm not waiting for the results. It cuts estrogen production by 95%. All three of my cancers were estrogen-dependent. Gimme that Aromasin!
Avatar f tn No it wasn't an overdose of Ativan, I was actually having a stroke at the time of my hospital visit and my potassium was very low and as the time in ER was spent, so did my sugar and they did nothing about it. I was diagnosed one week later with Microvascular Disease in my brain. My nerve endings and small blood vessels are damaged. Complications from Diabetes.
Avatar m tn my ratios for the short acting insulin (novolog) were different for every time of the day and meals... and my diabetes educator ad I had to try a lot of ratios before we found a set of ratios that worked for me... Also I am not sure why you were told to take your thos 1 hour before meals... in general if your BG is not low you should take your shot 15 minutes before meals but I am not a doctor, but someone that has Diabetes...
Avatar n tn It seems to come and go lasting about 30 min to an hour at a time and I will have about the same amount of time between headaches. I find no correlation to meals, caffeine, etc. It is not a severe headache at all but is just a dull ache except for the stabbing pain with sneezing or coughing. It also seems to intensify when I stoop or bend and then standup. The last couple of days it seems to be moving to under and over my eye as well. It is completely limited to the left side.
99457 tn?1321882277 I called the nurse and she suggested that I start the next dose of clomid on my fifth day of bleeding. I was suprised that I could start so early. I did this and am now on the 32 day of my cycle. hpt was negative so I am just waiting for AF now. My fertility monitor didn't show that I ovulated so there is no telling when I will see AF. I feel your pain and wish you luck on your next cycle.
Avatar m tn Been diabetic for 4 years, I am on 3 different meds, Metformin at 1000 mg twice a day, Actos 45 mg, Glipzide 20 mg twice a day. Last month was started on immediate slow release Insulin. My level stays now between 140 and 180. My A1C test have always been above 7.2, I just was letting you know some of the other drugs available for use. None of this drugs cause me any side effects. Talk to your doctor about these other drugs that you can take.