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Avatar n tn Hello. I am a 38-year-old male. For acne on my face, I have been using the following topical medication for years: BenzaClin gel, which contains Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide Specifically, each gram of Benzaclin contains 1% Clindamycin and 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. The price of BenzaClin has gone up drastically in the last 6 months, and I would like to know why. Here are the prices of BenzaClin during the last 6 months: early January 2012 = $137.00 early May 2012 = $163.
1236243 tn?1277680851 I've been on Actos for 9 years and have no problems. Avandia is effectively off the market but ACTOS was not removed. The diabetic educator should know better that suggest someone get off a drug. Suggesting that he/she contact their M.D. was a good idea, but not necessarily required, unless the 'one man in the class' is having noticable adverse side-effects. Rumor monger statements and posts like this one are more scary than it actually should be.
17644146 tn?1458782868 Generic grands of Xalatan are accepted as good as the much more expensive brand name.
Avatar m tn chosen=69000 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has announced the launch of the generic equivalent to Baraclude (entecavir) tablets, 0.5 mg and 1.0 mg, in the U.S. Teva was the first to file, making the product eligible for 180 days of marketing exclusivity.
Avatar f tn Teva like Novartis owns hundreds of generic drug companies and breaks patents all over the place. Generic companies do not have to advertise, they can't be sued, and they do not have to pay for R&D. Teva only make patent drugs for MS and Cancer which are expensive and less likely to be in law suits. We in the U.S. pay more because in other countries the governments buy drugs in bulk and negotiate prices, Teva and Novartis are not U.S.
Avatar n tn Is it best to take actos in the morning or evening? I am on metformin and glipized, as well. Is it best to take actos along with these medications to be more effective? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/712307'>Best time to take meds</a>.
Avatar f tn it is a wrong name for drugs just to make more money for the first drug maker who did the drug generic is the same drug made from another drug maker, this is why the name generic is very wrong, generic sounds like the drug is different but only drug maker is different.
475555 tn?1469304339 The latest issue of has published a recent study presented at the IAS2017 Conference in Paris revealing the following differences between countries in the cost of hep-c meds: "...
489891 tn?1209058786 m also on actos plusmet 15/500 just once a day, with a insulin pump ( i take apidra in my pump)... byetta and actos plus met are very similar drugs doing the same thing.. the actos+met will make you gain weight very quickly. How many shots of byetta are you taking a day a long with the actos plus met? and what dose of actos are you taking and why...
Avatar f tn Hi all, My hubby was dx'ed 2 weeks ago w/ diabetes II. His regular doc put him on 30 mg Actos daily. At 1st hubby's blood sugar was a whopping 390- now it's down to 76-90 in the am and no more than 180 even after lots of sugary food. Obviously the blood sugar is well under control now. The problem is, my husband's vision is going crazy! I know that diabetes can cause vision problems when blood sugar is high, but the way it's happening doesn't make sense.
Avatar m tn In our country, we could purchase generic drugs from India very easily with low prices. Me myself have hepatitis c genotype 6n and for that I am taking generic Harvoni. I have very good contact and I can direct you if you wish to come to my country. I think the price for generic harvoni from Cipla company ( Hepcvir L) is round about $400 for 1 bot. But you need presription from a doctor for drug purchase.
408795 tn?1324935675 Anyone heard about the EASL presentation about the "Generic Rebels" in the "Redemption" Clinical Trials? Just passing information onward. Following MedHelp guidelines, I'm not supposed to post any links. That's fine, if you want more information on generic Harvoni or any HepC drugs, simply go to Google and lookup Dr. James Freeman from Australia, best doctor in the world when it comes to HepC. Just say no to Gilead=Greediad and high prices!!!
Avatar f tn so I just got a call this morning that I'm going to be doing the registry today. Is there anything I should put on it anything I should not put on it? I'd like to put a range of prices on it so no one is pressured into spending too much. Is there a way to do that?
1271743 tn?1320892461 You will find almost every single drug generic and brand name on the site... And this one is very helpful too...
552012 tn?1272855991 Why are the prices on Lamictal (lamotrigine) so expensive in the US? I'll tell you why. Drug companies! My daughter is waiting for her health insurance to kick in from her job and was running low. She got 2 weeks filled at $5 a pill!!!! This is WALMART and GENERIC!!!! $5 a freaking pill!!!! I got them from a pharmacy in Canada for her for $1.05 a pill ! 60 for 105 dollars!!!!! Those of you worried about Obama being socialistic...tell me...what has capitalism done for you lately???
Avatar n tn Anyone know if there is a generic for copegus riboviren or if there is a co pay assistance program for this drug also when I start taking interfurion and riboviren will I be able to go to work or will I be in such bad shape I will be in bed all day.
Avatar f tn It might be the generic manufacturer, not necessarily the generic. If it is the generic, all insurance companies have an appeals process, but that doesn't mean you'll win. One way around this is to buy from a foreign country, if you can find a way to do that -- the US has the highest drug prices by far because of our relative lack of economic regulation. Many people go to Mexico or Canada to get their prescriptions because of this, but that route isn't available to most of us.
Avatar f tn t check other stores, but here are the current prices for clarithromycin (generic for Biaxin) at Co st co. (Run that together to make the real name.) You could also google other usual outlets like Walmart and others, which can fill by mail, I believe but don't know for sure. 500 mg tablets quantity and price: 60 $42.30 120 $74.10 180 $104.
2053416 tn?1330411192 Due to a lot of weight gain. My doctor took me off actos and put me on glumetza. I also take glipizide. The gulmetza does not seem to be working for me. My sugars are in the 200 + - range. Is there another generation 1 or 2 diabetes medicine that I can take with the glipizide that will work as good as the actos did and not cost so much? I would like to get off the glumetza. I am really thinking about asking the doctor to put me back on insulin (novolin R). Thank you for your input.
Avatar m tn It pays to shop around, if Walmart were much more there are probably other pharmacies at lower prices for generic insulins, but I suspect you may have meant Walmart's price is much less. I don't know what 'flat' means in terms of insulins. Perhaps you meant 'fast'?
Avatar n tn It is so much cheaper. You can pull up Canadian Pharmacy on the web and get prices for generic and name brand.