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Avatar n tn hi... according to a research....Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects. prolia may cause low calcium levels, especially if you have kidney problems. Take calcium and vitamin D as directed by your doctor. (See also How to Use section.) Your doctor will order calcium blood tests before your first injection and during treatment.
Avatar n tn I am due to have 2 extractions at the same time - one on each side. The dentist wants me to have bone grafts due to the fact that I had taken oral Actonel for one and a half years. However, I have not taken Actonel for 4 months. I believe I am safe enough from future osteonecrosis to just have the extractions without the bone grafts. I am not going to have dental implants. One is the last lower tooth on R side and the other is the next to last tooth on L side. Neither shows when I smile.
Avatar f tn I completed 24 weeks of triple treatment in April and reached SVR and feel great. This diagnoses is depressing. After pushing through all the nasty side effects of treatment I'd like to enjoy feeling healthy for a little while until I need to tackle something else. Anyone in the same boat? I'm not sure if I want to take the medication. I'm looking to try to fix this another way. Suggestions?
Avatar f tn After about 3 months, was having bad low back pain and pain on the top of both thighs. I then had a left rib fracture of unknown cause. At that time, no side effects like this were published. I did find a small group with similar symptoms but my Doc said it was not the Nexium. I stopped it and within 4 days, the flank and thigh pain were gone. I was later put on Omeprazole, 40 mg 2x a day fir the past few months. Not sure yet, but my low back muscles are killing me.
Avatar n tn After that, then you may already have no contraindications is using Actonel. All of these drugs and supplements may aid in preventing side effects of aromasin such as that of further lowering of bone mineral density and bone pains.
Avatar n tn Hi, i am a 50 year old woman and my question is that the top of my head is hot during the recent two month, then i went to my primary doctor and he gave me medication such as Nabumetone and Nortipty line Hydrochloride to help to relax and sleep, but after i took it for a month, nothing seem getting better. i also taking medicaiton ( Actonel) for bone months ago. does Actonel an issue of casing head get hot?.
Avatar f tn Finally at 79, (she's 80 now), they said, no more bone drugs, they aren't working. She started out with Fosamax, and after awhile when side effects start from that one, and Actonel was available, they put her on Actonel and she was on Actonel all the way up until it was stopped at 79. So, I have that in my mind (her being mom and my genes and all), and decided that I want to put off bone drugs as long as I can. If I can reverse this w/o them, than I'm going to.
Avatar f tn I want to start by saying that while on depo i had NO side effects, NO irregular bleeding and my period returned within 2 months of not getting my next shot. I was on depo for almost 4 years because i suffer from migraines, and that was the most effective method of control and as a b.c. method as well. (estrogen made my migraines worse) I started having concerns as news came out about depo's long term effects so i was referred to a gyno that sent me to have my bones density tested.
Avatar m tn On the last trial I was on, June-July 2008, part of that trial included a side study of bone density relating to treatment. Prior to the treatment drugs, I was given a baseline bone densitometry where they did the measurements, etc. I had some mild osteopenia. Following 29 days of treatment, I was given another bone densitometry and it showed more osteopenia than the previous scan prior to the treatment. It was recommended that I have follow-up on later scans to see if it has stabilized.
Avatar f tn Hello, Alendronate causes reduction in bone loss, increases bone density and reduces the risk of spine, hip and other broken bones to a large extent in most of the people taking this drug. The few side effects of this medicine are nausea, heartburn; osteonecrosis of jaw bone .There have also been few reports of unusual fractures of the thigh bone in people taking bisphosphonate medicines. You definitely need to inform your doctor about this pain and get the cause detected. I hope it helps.
Avatar n tn I am a breast cancer survivor, and have been through chemo, radiation, and am now on hormone therapy, taking Femara(my age is 69).Could you tell me some of the side effects of femara--what to worry about and what not to worry about? I don't want to be calling my oncologist all the time with questions. Thank you! I am also lately taking Actonel for osteoporosis and wonder if there are any interactions i should be concerned about.
Avatar m tn Hi I have a 55 years old mother and she has Osteoporosis. she is taking Calcium tablets daily. and doctor prescribed Evista for her. she strated taking Evista but this medicine had some serious side affects on her; specially she felt some kind of pressure and pain in her jaw and teeth. so after she stopped taking them; the problems disappeared. but now the question is what other drugs can she take without affecting her jaw & teeth?
Avatar m tn My mother, who is in her late seventies, has recently suffered several incidents of bleeding from her sinus, and most recently from a nostril. On one occasion she lost nearly 2 pints of blood. She had a CT scan which revealed nothing. There has been a few attempts at cauterizing the bleeding areas, however the problem is recurring. The first incident occurred approximately six months ago.
Avatar n tn My doctor is putting me on Actonel but I am reluctant to start. Side effects are very worrisome... not sure what to do. I have started mega doses of supplements and calcium and D and excercise and I want someone to tell me that that has worked for them. Most comments I get is to take the drug because it's more effective. I can't believe everyone is taking bisphosphonates or other drugs like that. Please let me hear from you if you see this!,,, Thanks, and hope you are doing well!
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Avatar f tn Because of my GERD, my doctor prescribed an IV infusion of Reclast. Unfortunately, I suffered some of the side effects, fever, and severe bone pain to the point of not being able to take in a full breath. My doctor was so concerned he put me on a steroid dose pack to reduce the reaction. My body doesn't seem very tolerant of any drugs, couldn't take anything other than extra strength Tylenol for a foot surgery. I will have to figure out something else with an endocronologist?
Avatar m tn Food and Drug Administration raised concerns about the potential for some serious side effects in women taking bone-building drugs called bisphosphonates, specifically Fosamax, Actonel and Reclast. The published findings are not new.
1026267 tn?1257594873 Care should be taken when taking medications for osteoporosis, as there can be adverse side effects and some dental work should not be performed while on it. I have had osteopenia for many years, and my latest bone scan shows that I've actually rebuilt bone, by implementing a regimen of calcium (1200 mg/day, taken twice daily - I take it at noon and 6:00 pm to prevent conflict with my thyroid med), magnesium (200 mg/day, taken at bedtime, moderate exercise.
Avatar n tn As you have implied, however, aromatase inhibitors can have side effects such as joint aches and pains as well as bone density loss. It should be noted that the anti-osteoporosis drug Evista is chemically similar to tamoxifen and it is not recommended that either tamoxifen or Evista be used in combination with an aromatase inhibitor as they may interfere with its activity. This is not true for bisphosphonates such as Actonel, which appear to be safe in this setting.
Avatar f tn It has free detailed information about these meds. In my years of helping women like you fight and conquer osteoporosis without taking toxic drugs I found that even women without Gastroparesis have stomach trouble taking those prescriptions. Believe it or not, in my research I found that bone loss is due to the body trying to correct an imbalance of the body's pH. The good news is that it's easy to correct without any major effort.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure about Reclast, but I do know that Prolia comes with a whole set of possible side effects. I looked into these for my elderly aunt, who had tried Boniva and Actonel, unsuccessfully. It's best to have all dental work done prior to taking these medications, as they cause issues with dental procedures. I don't know the details on that, but they did tell us to make sure she would need no dental work while on the drugs.
1139187 tn?1355710247 AJ99, has your bone density gotten any better? What were your side effects from the pump? I tried it about 6 months ago, made it about 30 days on the stuff. It made me very irritable, cranky, and my boys ached from high holy hell every day. how long did you do your 2 to 3, then 3-4?
Avatar n tn I hear that 3 years is alright to do I am afraid of staying on because of the side effects. I can not go on other Aramedix and I can not take bone bills because my nevrves on my feet hurt. Do you know anyone that just did 3 years of it and they did fine.
Avatar n tn Tina, I can't help you with the question of if you get osteo effects from treatment, but I can tell you that I am on Actonel along with doing treatment. I developed osteoperosis at 42 years old and before treatment. I think that based on my experience, I would say that osteo effects (I also have osteoarthritis) may come from the hcv, not the treatment for hcv. That would just be my guess.
Avatar n tn hi...I have the same disease as your mom, I have had cortisone shot for hips and another in sept. the first one did help immensley however the effects were short term. It was also recommended I have a 'nerve block' for the spine however I haven't proceeded to this as of yet(leave for last resort) You can get tons of info at this site www.spine-health.
Nicelady Non-hormonal biphosphonates (such as Fosamax and Actonel) increase bone strength and are available as once-a-week pills. These can also be taken. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn I spent six months trying to bring the cholesterol into the normal range - and succeeded (although it's still on the high side - the doc was happy) just by cutting down on dairy foods. When my TSH level was discovered to be 5.83 (I live in France so the levels may be different - normal range is from 0.18 - 3.00) I was then referred to an endocrinologist.
Avatar f tn Also, I would appreciate if you can tell me what side effects you have from it and how long you've been on it. I heard that it effects the eyes and makes your hair fall out.,etc.. I have to be honest..I'm SOOO scared of this medication!!! Does a person have to stay on it for life? Thanks.
Avatar f tn But if one has had a mastectomy and chemotherapy, and there were zero nodes affected/involved, is there really any benefit to taking Tamoxifen? Right now the side effects are just making me downright cranky (and yes, I am on Effexor) and honestly the body changes courtesy of forced menopause are not helping the attitude any. Can cancer spread even if lymph nodes were negative?
Avatar n tn It has been researched for PMDD. - When you stop bc, some women experience side effects for a few months. This usually stops after your hormones return to normal.