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Avatar f tn I have had my nerve took out of my tooth and my dentist put a crown. Over it and a couple of months later its really sore but i dont know if its sore because i have an abscess or if i need to get my tooth checked out again 1.Te dentist gave me amoxicillin capsules but how long does it take for them to work . 2. The lept part of my upper lip has swollen and my left side ear hurts aswell as the left side of the neck ?
Avatar f tn The only possible reason for this abscess that I can think of is that about a year ago, my front tooth got the corner chipped off. Please respond asap... I am a worrier!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/652619'>dental abscess</a>.
Avatar n tn The most common points of dental break down are at the gum line and at the tip of the tooth root where the nerve enters, although structure of the entire tooth itself will weaken. As sugar is absorbed right through tissues of the mouth, acidic chemistry swaths the tooth. It can eat holes through the side of a tooth and concentrates at the root tip.
Avatar n tn Pain could relate to a dental abscess, grinding habit, cracked tooth, etc. There are a bunch of things that could be causing it.
Avatar n tn 1) There are several different types of abscess but the most common is a periapical abscess in which there is a cavity in the tooth that invades the pulp of the tooth. The bacteria then travels down the pulp into the jawbone and begins to destroy the jawbone.
Avatar f tn ) Afterwards, pressure sensitivity improved but gum swelled on the linqual side. Dentist treated with Cavitron and said tooth would need to be extracted if swelling continued. Four days ago, had tooth 14 prepped for crown. All okay first day, then cheek and jaw started swelling and have not improved. No pain in tooth 14. Made an independent appt with Oral Surgeon but can't get in for three weeks. Any ideas/suggestions? And, why would tooth 14 exacerbate 29? Or, is it a separate problem?
Avatar m tn I am being told that this abcess has been caused by damage to this tooths nerve by the fillings that were installed? I have no pain with the tooth but I am being told that I now need a root canal because the nerve caused the abcess? I have an abcess that has created a swollen area on my chin this is infection,if the nerve were involved would not I be in pain?, or am ignorant to the nerve reponse?
Avatar n tn So we brought her in again and the doctor found an abscess in her mouth and the tooth that hurt her in August was a bit grey. We went right to the dentist and he said the nerve was dead, she needed a root canal. Her jaw pain is almost gone but she is still extremely fatigued,and has shortness of breath even when doing stairs. She had bloodwork done and her c-reactive protein is elevated. She had an EKG and it showed left atrium enlarged. We are waiting to get in to see the cardiologist.
Avatar m tn My guess is that you had an infection inside your tooth and when the bacteria spread into the pulp where the nerve and blood supply are at, it causes pain and as it traveled down into the jawbone, it spread out and created an abscess. Now you took the antibiotics and it helped with the abscess but unfortunately there's no blood flow or very little into the pulp due to the bacteria and so the bacteria still remains.
Avatar m tn Hi, Over the past few weeks i suffered a great deal of tooth ache,but left it too long due to my fear and bad experiences in the past. I left it to the point where my tooth nerve was dying and was painful to drink hot and cold drinks. My side of face started to get a numb feeling ,then wed 5 days ago i woke up to a swollen and very painful check .I made a appointment and got to see a dentist that day.
Avatar n tn If the tooth is badly infected and infection has reached the nerve, which sounds like it has if you're in so much pain, then it may need a root canal. Or it may simply need a new filling seeing as the other one fell out ages ago. Either way, get to a dentist and let them have a look at it to get you out of pain, otherwise it could turn to an abscess and you REALLY don't want that.
Avatar f tn Hello, A dental examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and management of your condition. A tooth abscess is usually a complication of tooth decay. Prompt treatment can save the tooth and a root canal may be recommended in an attempt to save the tooth. Untreated abscesses may get worse and can lead to life-threatening complications.
Avatar f tn Hi, recently my #29 tooth which is on my right side of my mouth on he bottom has been hurting a lot. I have went to the dentist and they said it is infected and that the tooth/nerve is dead. They have given me pain medication but it still hurts a lot. Do you know what I can do to stop the pain? Also should I have a root canal or should I have my tooth extracted? It is very painful and my lip is trembling. I'm pretty sure there is also an abcess below the tooth. The tooth is permanent.
Avatar f tn i have a really bad tooth infection, how do i know if it is in my blood stream and what are the effects it will have on me?
Avatar m tn Following the crown procedure (2 weeks after) i experienced intermittent pain in the previously healthy tooth (#9) and had to embark on 3 weeks of treatment / draining etc. due to abscess formation. The tooth was left 'open' for 2 weeks during this time to to the infection which eventually subsided. The RCT on this tooth was finally completed 3 weeks ago and has been fine since then.
1930934 tn?1323215804 It is always better to save a tooth when possible. Root canals are not bad the nerve in the tooth is removed with no pain, then it is sealed you leave with a temporary filling. Please see a Dentist and get meds for the infection, and make a decision to either save the tooth, or extract it. You are right it is the largest tooth in our mouths. Good luck, and I hope this helps.
1440759 tn?1284058808 Sounds like a terrible nerve irritation; nerve pain. I would recommend taking him to get emergent care.
Avatar n tn Also most alarming was last night it was throbbing as always but suddenly there was an extremely sharp shooting pain, felt like a pop almost then nothing. no more pain in that tooth. Did my nerve die or something?
Avatar f tn i totally think that my nerve system was damaged in a way since the nerves are everywhere, and my tooth nerve was "infected"..dang dentist/dentist assistant at time of visit they said my tooth filling was touching the pulp, and the cold sensation went away and then a month later i had a breathing problem i know due to my tooth,. I discovered 2 weeks ago the hypthalamus in the head controls fatigue, moods, appetite and satisfaction, and is like the nerve home for our nerves lol..
Avatar n tn I have an abscess that has gotten progressively worse despite two shots of antibotics and one day of clindamycin and one day of amoxacilin. The swelling and pain is getting worse. Two shots of deadening medicine would not deaden the nerve, so my dentist postponed the root canal. Should I go to the emergency room for an evaluation?
Avatar n tn Hence it could be Trigeminal neuralgia, abscess in tooth, exposed root canal, internal ear infection, maxillary sinusitis, TMJ, migraine, herpes (recurrent) without rash or fibromyalgia localized to face. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn The nerve inside the tooth is most likely dead. That's why you don't feel anything. The bacteria inside your tooth will continue to spread and could potentially create an abscess. You should see a dentist as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn if you need a root canal, that would explain the pain.Sometimes pain from a tooth can show up as a headache or in another area bceause the tooth infection is near a nerve and it sends the pain to different areas so the pai "travels". See your dentist.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like you have a pulpitis which is an inflammation of the nerve of the tooth. This can be reversible where the symptoms abate or irreversible and the tooth requires root canal therapy. From your symptoms I would venture to say this tooth needs RCT.I would see your dentist asap.
Avatar m tn I have an upper left molar which required an emergency root canal during a hiking trip in France due to an abscess in 2011. They redid the root canal (or finished it anyhow) when I returned home, but were not entirely happy with how it was done. Since then, I've had fleeting pain around the tooth, but repeated xrays showed nothing at all unusual. In October 2013 I was in Hong Kong for a job interview and the gum above the tooth became sore and bruised.
Avatar m tn Sinusitis can indeed be a cause of this problem, as can a tooth abscess. I would suggest getting a CT of the sinuses to evaluate these symptoms.
Avatar n tn but a week later i still have numbness on left corner of lower lip and chin! she told me originally that this was because abscess was resting on a nerve! when should i expect the numbness to go and normal feeling come back?
Avatar n tn Hi, A small hard lump like that sounds like a resolving abscess. It's possible that tooth has a small crack in it that xray cannot see. If that is the case, the pain won't go away and a root canal is in order to see if the tooth can be saved. Many times a very small crack below the gumline can hold if it has RTC and a crown. If it gets too wide, the tooth has to be extracted.
Avatar f tn It could be possible that when they were preparing the tooth for the filling, they either didn't completely clean out all the bacteria in the cavity area, or they didn't clean the entire area they were working on, leaving behind some bacteria, or even tiny tooth chips/fragments that have now caused an abscess.