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Avatar n tn It's never given me any problems but recently it bleeds once in a while, especially when I wake up in the morning, my spit is sort of bloody, thanks to this ingrown tooth. The gap smells pretty foul too now. It has NO pain however. I've taken a few pictures to help you guys see what it looks like. I was hoping to get some guidance as to what I should do.
Avatar m tn Two days ago I begun to get an overnight sharp pain in a different tooth. The pain was in the very last back tooth, which is two teeth down from the tooth with the odour mentioned above. Something small had just snapped off and slightly chipped this last back tooth and caused immediate pain when touched and I thought "dam" I expected merely just a small repair job a tiny pin head side minor filling.
242912 tn?1402547092 She came to us with her fang already broken and the vet thinks it would eventually abscess so the best thing is to pull it. ZQ----I did ask about Diabetes and Thyroid and these tests are included in the blood work, so that's good. I have never had a cat that needed a tooth pulled. This is a big one, so I'm sure it's going to hurt! Was wondering if anyone has had a cat that needed an extraction and if so, what was your experience? Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn I swear with the noise you would think I was eating a mouthful of gravel when I am crunching away! I have even chipped a tooth trying to rid myself of this cursed thing. It can be painful too, especially when the crystals sent spikes out through my skin - that hurts! If these little patches of spikes are on a part of my lip that touches the other lip, overnight the spikes can 'seed' the other side & start crystals growing there as well.
131114 tn?1380086790 I have old pics of her with her ears showing the cancer spots and its looks like your kitty does. The fungal infection she had was called Cryptococcus (sp?) which is caused from the inhalation of bird droppings. More common in an outdoor cat of course, but spores can be tracked in on ones shoes to infect an indoor cat. Best of luck with this and please keep us posted. And jerialice, I am so very sorry for your sudden loss of Toot, what a shock! Hugs...
Avatar m tn I had some dental work done in December and I still have a rotten tooth which I had fo longue time but last year I had an abscess on this tooth. I had a canal teatment done and a kind of a fake tooth put in put still not covered with a crown.
Avatar m tn That's what my cat's skin cancer looked like it started like a bump which I though was a abscess at first then began to open and would bleed off and on, I thought it was a bad infection cause that is what the first vet had said so I also bought her a skin disinfectent spray but it would never heal so I knew something else must be wrong so I'm glad I took her to the vet; now the next thing is surgery and all I can do is hope and pray everything goes well.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Hi and yes they did try to do a culture but it didn't grow anything but mixed skin flora. The doctor said it didn't have any pus or abscess so he couldn't get any exudate from inside to culture really. I can culture myself (funny huh?). But, I don't see any oozing or anything worth culturing either. Both antibiotics don't work on a bug called pseudomas, which is more resistant to drugs and is environmental. It could be that or that the nail just needs to come off and stop digging into my tissue.
Avatar f tn I also had dental surgery, last Thursday, so am on Amoxicillin for that as well as a little Vicodin at night. They had to remove a very decayed tooth and begin prep for bridge. Yes, I have also been blessed (lol) with periodontal disease so have had several surgeries with that. The thing that bugs me is I am over 5 months out from my surgery and while I feel better than I did at 2 weeks, like you, I guess I expected to be 100 percent by now.