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Avatar f tn 6) and the doctors ruled out strep and mono once again and put him on the same medication regimen. Could his symptoms possibly stem from a tooth abscess?? If not a tooth abscess what else do you think could be causing his symptoms? Thank you in advance for your response.
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Avatar f tn Now Day 2 of meds my cheek is swollen. The infection is in #3 tooth upper molar. Btw the tooth is broke.
Avatar n tn If not, please let me know and I will answer this question. The medication (most likely an antibiotic and a pain medication) will help with the healing and the swelling shoudl subside in a few days.
Avatar n tn i posted before. i had an abscessed tooth and the abscess spread into my cheek. my dentist put me on keflex but after 10 days there was still noticable swelling in my cheek. so now the dentist has put me on a stronger antibiotic. when i woke up this morning i felt a very large "bubble" on my inside cheek.
Avatar f tn ) Afterwards, pressure sensitivity improved but gum swelled on the linqual side. Dentist treated with Cavitron and said tooth would need to be extracted if swelling continued. Four days ago, had tooth 14 prepped for crown. All okay first day, then cheek and jaw started swelling and have not improved. No pain in tooth 14. Made an independent appt with Oral Surgeon but can't get in for three weeks. Any ideas/suggestions? And, why would tooth 14 exacerbate 29? Or, is it a separate problem?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a abscess above my main "chewing" tooth on my upper right side. I am under no illusions, I need a root canal or an extraction which I have been putting off for a long time. Anyway, I am on day four of Flucloxacillin tablets, however, my cheek is becoming slightly more puffy as the days go by. Starting to look a bit like a hamster now. The pain from the abscess near the tooth has gone, only extreme pain is when I apply any sort of pressure to the cheek.
Avatar f tn Hello, I cracked a tooth next to the front tooth like 3 month ago , iI developed an abscess my face swell up It was so bad that my eyes shut from being so swollen,i went to the ER and an oral surgeon open up my gums To drain out the infection. my is he left a drainage in my mouth & said i must come back on tuesday to remove it I was on heavy medication and so much pain did not bother to ask why the drainage was keep there for 2 day. I Have go back Monday to remove it.
Avatar f tn Are you sure that you were given pain medication, may be it was an antibiotic to get rid of any infection, especially if you have an abscess. Don't bother thinking about what you should have done to the tooth, your dentist will give you the best option. But as the tooth is already loose, it is highly likely that it will be removed, or may fall out on its own. Check your prescription.
Avatar m tn A little history, the first root canal was done over a decade ago and last month I had terrible pain and the appearance of the abscess on my gum just above the problem tooth. I went on antibiotics first and then after popping the abscess on several occasions only to have the abscess come back. I know it isn't recommended. The pain went away but the abscess remained.
Avatar f tn secondly there are no herbs or natural remedies that will be effective with the treatment of this abscess, kitty will need to be on a medication from your Vet. an abscess can be a life threatening issue, please don't hesitate to have a Vet look after this for kitty. I could give you some idea's on natural remedies to help strengthen his immune system(only) after the surgery if you like, however do be sure and use the antibiotic as prescribed.
Avatar m tn In the past few days, I'm experiencing a burning pain in the upper part of the tooth and gums. The pain will radiate from the tooth to the entire side of my face (right front tooth and right side of my face). I can feel a very sore spot under the upper part of my lip as well as soreness right below my nose if I press on it. The pain is off and on but sleeping has become difficult. I will be seeing a dentist when my insurance kicks in (11/26) but I need to figure something out till then.
Avatar f tn and this is exactly how i began i started with cavaties didnt take care of them my teeth started decaying didnt do much either financially it was impossible then i got an abscess tooth and it took about a year to get it pulled and with alot of google (never google) i began this fear like yourself of dying of the infection spreading to my heart and or brain i have had every test done available and im still not convinced i am healthy i have started the process of my teeth getting fixed and im stil
645390 tn?1338558977 Upper tooth, on the other side where I tend to have all my TN problems. I went to dentist today, tooth looks fine, xray normal, no abscess. He said if it still hurts tomorrow to call the endodontist and let him know. But doesn't know what he can do, because it all looks good. SO, think this could be a cracked tooth, or TN related or what? I am frustrated and sick and tired of pain already. I am ready to just get this tooth pulled to get rid of the pain. Anyone have this? or have had this?
Avatar f tn Today, I'm not really feeling any more pain in my tooth unless I put a lot of pressure on it. The abscess is still there and swelled up to an even larger size. However, my tooth is slightly loose and you can definitely see it visibly move if you wiggle it. I went to the dentist today and took several x-rays. However, no signs of an infection showed up on any of these x-rays. The dentist went ahead and still wanted me to have a root canal done.
Avatar m tn I was on a week's course of Amoxicillin but the abscess is still there which obviously means the medication did not work. I have had no pain from the abscess all throughout but am still worried that this will be a painful procedure because the abscess is still there. What shall I ask my dentist and what will I expect? I did read that the dentist will inject anaesthetic right into the abscess and the thought of that makes me want to cancel the appointment! Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have a wisdom tooth that is abscessed. I have 250 mg amoxicillin capsules that are not expired from a previous illness. The RX was for me so I am going to use them. What is the correct dosage for a 41 year old man weighing 210 lbs? thank you.
Avatar f tn It could be possible that when they were preparing the tooth for the filling, they either didn't completely clean out all the bacteria in the cavity area, or they didn't clean the entire area they were working on, leaving behind some bacteria, or even tiny tooth chips/fragments that have now caused an abscess.
Avatar f tn If you have had a recent throat infection, it could also be due to lymph node enlargement. It could also be due to local causes like tooth infections, tooth abscess or periodontal disease. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. In the meantime you can take OTC pain medication Ibuprofen. Ensure to take this medication after food to avoid gastritis. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
554628 tn?1362781519 i tried that and orijel nothing works not even tylenol my oncall ob told me it would be ok to take motrin but doesn't work either not thing is working i'm about to go to er to get checked for an abscess tooth and have it drained that's what my ob told me to do if swelling occured until i could get into the dentist
Avatar f tn I've always been a worry wart, but never like this. The dentist didn't mention an abscess, just a tooth infection. Are they the same thing??? It's really weird, bc I don't have pain or swelling in that area.
Avatar f tn they told me there was abit of abscess, i asked if i should take medication then come back, but they said no that they'll continue..which was very painful..i was prescribed antibiotics, amoxicillin 500 x 3 a day..plus inbupofron..but today the area is still very tender and I notice my cheek is swollen..what to do? I forgot to mention the dentist office is a 6 hour drive away..we do have a health centre though..should i go in?
5787844 tn?1376082584 My OB had to write a not stating which medication the dentist could give me. Tylenol 3 was on the list but I ended up not needing it. As for the dentist I would blow there phone up. The abscess is full of infection so it needs to be taken care of ASAP. Regardless of how far pregnant along you are they can atleast drain it.
Avatar n tn I have been dealing with an abscess off and on since January...went to the dentist and he said he did a root canal...that took 2 visits. 3 weeks later I started having alot of pain coming from the tooth, so on 3 occasions I went back in and he made a hole in the blue temporary cap to relieve pressure and put me on antibiotics.....I can't get into his office, at this point they say he is back and forth from here and another state.
Avatar m tn I arrive at the office, get an x-ray, dentist looks at my tooth and says I have an abscess and it seemed to have been there for quite some time already. She proceeds do drain it, sends me home on antibiotics and ibuprofen, and tells me to come back on Friday to extract the tooth. My headache only got worse, and I felt pain from behind my nose and eye all the way back to the neck, all on the left side. It "stings" when I inhale deeply, so I imagined it's the sinus cavities.
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The pain could be due to local causes like tooth infections, tooth abscess or periodontal disease. It could also be due to referred pain from the ear. Sometimes cervical spine disorders can also cause this pain. Only a consultation with your primary care physician can help diagnose. In the meantime you can take OTC Ibuprofen pain medication. Ensure to take this medication after food to avoid gastritis. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn An X-ray revealed that a molar which previously had a root canal now has a large abscess under it, which has been there about a year. Finding this finally gave an answer as to why I've had low grade unexplained fevers off and on. In talking with my Doctor as well as his colleague he referred to me, they both felt that the infected tooth could actually have been the cause of my anxiety issues, and that the infection could have been throwing off the chemical balance in my brain.