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Avatar f tn I have abscess on gum and another painful toothful but im 32 weeks and scared to go to dentist should i?
Avatar n tn Well I had my wisdom tooth pulled on Monday.It had to be the worst experience.After 2 1/2 hrs of grinding,pulling,pushing and cutting,the doctor gave up and had to send me to someone else.My appt was at 9:00 and I left at 12:30.The next dentist couldn't get me in until 3:00.By the time I got to that appt all the numbing shots wore off and they had to numb me all over again.That dentist took another 1 1/2 hours to get it out.
Avatar n tn Could this be an abscess or root infection? I have a dentist apoointment, but i thought a tooth abscess would cause severe swelling, and there does not seem to be any swelling, just the sore and pain that seems to be in the root of the tooth. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn The abscess was caused by food that got into a pocket between his erupting wisdom tooth and gum (the gum got cleaned out). He was never unable to open his mouth or talk, so far no swollen lymph nodes or anything like that. His dentist originally said the infection was "minor" but I can't help but feel that it's a LOT more than minor if his cheek got irritated.
Avatar n tn I think I have an infected tooth right above wer my wisdom tooth is beginning to come in at my jaw line below the gum reasons why I think the tooth is infected is because It gives off a foul smell hurts to the touch and my wisdom tooth has begin to stick out at the job line right below this infected tooth I'm only 20years of age and my insurance could take some time to kick in what should I do
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm brand new to this website & forum, but I was researching this issue for a friend of mine just last night. Sounds like you have an abscess forming thus the "white bump". The tooth itself will have to be taken care of eventually but the abscess is an infection that needs to be taken care of NOW. Any dr/er/dds can prescribe you a round of antibiotics, which will help with the pain and inflammation alot.
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray?
Avatar m tn but agian the pain subsided. Then a few days ago it felt like there was food stuck between my gum and wisdom tooth i felt back there and i could feel like a mushy blister above my wisdom tooth. i looked at it and it was white and raised. i felt around and pressed on it and the best thing i can say it poped and leaked this disgusting blood and clear liquid into my mouth i kept pushing on it until it stopped bleeding.
Avatar f tn I did call my dentist however his currently not in til next week, he told me to use mouth wash and take antibiotics which thankful i am already on as i have a vaginal infection. The gum is fully covering the back wisdom tooth its been like this for years neevr have gaven me this much trouble.
Avatar n tn I am worried I have a dental infection spreading from neglected dental work, that was complicated by a mis-diagnosis. Sorry for dragging this on, and on. Does a tooth abscess ever not show up on a X-ray? Possibly draining out before X-ray is taken? draining into roof of mouth or sinus?
Avatar f tn Then the other night I woke up with part of my gum swollen into a ball on top of my wisdom tooth. Will the Rx the ENT gave me get rid of this infection? It is Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium tablets, USP 875mg/125Mg. 20 tablets take ten days two times a day. What do you think? Thank you for I am in desperate need of help and I will have a visit to a dentist in person as well.
Avatar m tn I have a little lump on my upper left gum behind my molar but further back than I imagine my wisdom tooth would be. It is painless and I am unable to move it with my tongue but if if push it with my finger it moves slightly with a little click. I have made an appointment to see the dentist but was worried so thought I'd ask your advise. You can not see the lump just feel it.
Avatar n tn I have a bum on my gum on the left side of my face behind the last tooth. Some people are saying it might be a caker sore or an abscess. The bump became bigger and I noticed a white substance inside of the bump. It grew bigger than with the help of hot water and salt it began to drain. First question what is this on my gum? How long does it take to heal? and Should I go to the dentist after it fully heals?
Avatar m tn Hi im 17 and to start of im a hypochondriac big time so this just may be me xD So all my wisdom teeth have pretty much come in fine the dentist has never told me they were coming in wrong...But as of Saturday a well lump or bump in my gum near my wisdom tooth and second molar has came up!
Avatar n tn He then decided to take an xray to see what was going on with the tooth and discovered that it was actually a wisdom tooth. He had already worked on my teeth for about 2-2/3 hours and told me to come back in about 2 weeks to give my mouth a rest and he would finish the job. When I came back, he worked on the tooth again and I still experienced pain even after he stuck me everywhere he could with the novocaine. He finished the job with pain.
Avatar m tn Hi.I am aware that my wisdom tooth is being retained in the gum after I took an X ray, but after months, that area of my gum smells very bad whenever I push it with my finger or by chewing food on it. It also smells in the gap between the gum and the next tooth. I hate this and wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions to reduce this smell.
Avatar m tn I've had dental abscesses before - one required tooth extraction, the other, root canal. I have now noticed a white "pimple" on my gum next to a virgin tooth, i.e., a tooth that has never had a cavity or filling. Something similar occurred several years ago and was found by my dentist's assistant. When the dentist examined it, he told her that it couldn't be an abscess because it was a virgin tooth. My question is, can an abscess develop at a virgin tooth?
Avatar m tn After that day, EVERY time I brush my teeth, there is one particular tooth and the gum beneath it having some weird uncomfortable feeling. That tooth is the 2nd molar at the lower left. Several minutes later after brushing teeth, my jaw (not the tooth nor the gum) starts swollen like the size of pea. Usually, the uncomfortable feeling of the tooth and gum beneath it last about 8 hours, while the swollen jaw will be gone after 16 hours ++.
Avatar f tn He didn't mention an abscess, so would this mean that the infection is still in the pulp??? If it would be in the gum or at the root, wouldn't it be an abscess??? Or is an abscess and a tooth infection the same thing??? Also, will he do more x-rays to make sure it's gone???
Avatar m tn If it turns out that it is a tooth responsible for the abscess, it needs to be taken out as as the abscess is completely gone. Don't wait or the abscess could come back worse.
Avatar n tn i am 20weeks pregnant and have an absess on my gum at the back where my wisdom tooth will grow, can i take amoxillin or something while im pregnant
Avatar f tn Dentist said it should not have caused major tooth ache but set aug 2 for repair. woke up monday 6/25 with gum below tooth swollen..called dentist. I apparently had told them funny reaction to amoxicillian but could take augmentin..so they ordered augmentin.(I should write down..at 72 memory loss) One Augmentin pill & I threw up for 12 hours finishing at 3 AM this morning! Suppositories Fam Dr called in helped...especially when Pharmacist said I could take every 2 hrs...saved me.
Avatar m tn None of my fiance's wisdom teeth are impacted, but one of them is partially erupted, and he got some food caught between the tooth and gum, which led to an infection. It was minor, according to his dentist (I asked if it could be life threatening and she laughed), and she said there was a very small abscess which went away. He took penicillin and did topical antimicrobial and he says he feels totally fine now. (he never had a fever or swollen lymph nodes- just some swelling at the gum).
Avatar m tn In October 2013 I was in Hong Kong for a job interview and the gum above the tooth became sore and bruised. I went to a dentist there who said he wasn't sure if it was a sinus problem triggered by the long flight or something caused by the tooth. There was no sign of problem on the xray and the pain was quite high in the jaw with no swelling and no fever. He gave me antibiotics and asked me to get it checked out when I was back home. The pain disappeared quickly.
Avatar m tn The 2nd tooth from the back of my mouth which had a (failed) root canal now has a abscess. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked, since I didn't have any pain, or anything like that, just a lump that came and went away and came ... Well, since the doc said the tooth couldn't be saved anymore, he suggested a three unit bridge. This means that the two other teeth that are still fine would be given crowns, and it would cost around $5K when everything is done.
660300 tn?1224793961 Hello everyone. I had a tooth and wisdom tooth removed 4 days ago and my nerve was in the middle of the root of my wisdom tooth. Needless to say the nerve was stretched so i have numbness in my chin and lip on the left side along with my gum. The weird thing is the left corner of my mouth is not numb. The surgeon stated on time would tell. I was already taking B-12 so was happy to read that it might help. i do have the itching creep crawly, burning sensation.
Avatar n tn i think i may have an abscessed tooth but im not sure.i had a wisdom tooth come in a week ago and now i have a bump on the gum next to it i was wondering if it could be the tooth causing swollen gum or an abscessed tooth.i have really bad cavietys and have an apointment set for the 15th if it is abscessed will that be soon enough?Can you die from an abscessed tooth?
Avatar f tn That tooth had a root canal done when i was in my teens (now 34). The abscess had been there for YEARS, as it would get a little pimple on the gum and would go away... I didn't realize the danger in that. Anyway, the abscess used to grow "out" onto the gum, but apparantly this time was growing "up", as it was "very close to my sinuses" as told by the Oral Surgeon. So, the tooth was pulled and the infection was "cleaned out" and stitched.
883151 tn?1245518109 I went to the dentist about a year ago and they did pull a wisdom tooth on the same side on top. The dentist said the other tooth was too bad to fix. I had chiped it and it just kept getting worse and getting a bad cavity in it. He tried to pull it but it hurt too bad. He kept giving me shot after shot and it would not relieve the pain or numb me to get it out. He said I might have an infection so prescribed me amoxicillin and told me to return it ten days.