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Avatar n tn Klonopin and Xanax for the anxiety and what we see now as Mixed states weaned off the paxil when someone finallly realized he was Bipolar in December Zoloft 200 mg again (started in dec) with invega 9 mg did well for two weeks then spiraled down again. not as bad as on paxil but still very bad. NOW on Lamictal starter pac, with only 50 mg of zoloft. and Adderal for Adhd (another guess....what is wrong with people?
7191139 tn?1389059199 To try and increase GABA's effects, you can take natural relaxants, which work similar to benzos but by being much weaker in action and by being digested normally as food don't have the same potential for the side effects or addictive properties of benzos. Examples are passionflower, kava, valerian, hops, and a host of others. To try to increase GABA, you take the nutrients that the body uses to make GABA.
Avatar n tn I have had the warm sensation in the back/side of my upper right thigh for about 5 days now. It lasts for about 3/4 sec's then goes away. The first day it happened twice and now it happens frequently throughout the day (8-12 times). I do have health insurance and plan to make an appointment tomorrow. I will let you know the outcome of my visit.
1744302 tn?1311284404 Ive never heard of Latuda, Abilify felt like like there was no point in taking it. Geodon made me mellow. But I take Thorazine, and most people cannot handle the side effects of it. Its hardly ever prescribed because so much else out there. Usually a last resort to Schizophrenia is Clozaril, and you can die from your first dose. I dont know if doctors consult a wiggy board as what to prescribe. It seems like it. But as long as we all stay out of hospitalization, that is a good thing right?
Avatar f tn I taken abilify Geodon respiridone and finally Seroquel that works for me but I have permanent side effects from abilify TD Cogentin ruins my memory its for parks.
Avatar f tn Did you have any side effects with Abilify? I had weird side effects taking abilify with lamictal. I felt dizzy and was hallucinating like there were bugs crawling under my skin. I kept scratching at myself and my skin felt like it was on fire from the inside out. It burned really bad to urinate. It burned during sex (friction). Any friction on my skin felt like it was on fire. I stopped abilify and all those side effects went away. I've been on Lamictal since.
Avatar f tn It is kind of hard to describe it, so does any one know how to get a second opinion on something that happened almost four months ago? In the movie the women was given a basement form of the same drug and since she did not need it, it was causing her to not remember things. Could this be a real effect or made up for TV? Thank-you for any info.
471949 tn?1236907626 I am med-resistent for some reason and extremely sensitive to the side effects. I've e-mailed my elected officials and gotten zero response. They talk a good talk to the public, but when it comes down to it; the really don't care about vets....especially women vets. My particular VA medical center provided funding for valet parking before they provided funding for some women's vets programs. It's truly pathetic. I have cardiac issues which makes exercise iffy.
Avatar f tn Most of the side effects are common to the drug type and Seroquel has less it seems than some like Risperdal and Geodon to name but 2 with bad reps for side effects. All in all it works wonders for me, I feel normal and the side effects are not serious and come and go, I take it with Lithium and Abilify and it seems to work well, just make sure you read the information statement - you can find one here : http://www.drugs.com/seroquel.html Hope that helps in some way.
2010625 tn?1329375656 Different people has different side effects. I take Abilify (its not Ambilify) and it hasn't caused any weight gain and helps with depression. Abilify has caused me to have akathisia (restless movements of legs/feet). I take propranolol for it and found that it also is used for anxiety without being a benzo. It is a beta blocker which is primarily used to lower blood pressure.
1235186 tn?1549261219 Depakote works for alot of people but I have seen in mostly in cases of type 2s. The worst side effect from Lamictal is obviously Stephens Johnsons syndrom which is often fatal. I am sure you know that too. The main thing to observe is starting out at a low dose, 25 mg and slowly going up. I have been on it for a long time and it has made me very stable, more stable than and other medicine I have taken. As I said earlier anxiety is affected by bipolar.
Avatar n tn All the atypical antipsychotics from Risperdal to Abilify treat those symptoms. Abilify has the least side effects generally but each person is different. People with bipolar might have relationship problems but people with bipolar with psychotic features or schizoaffective are more likely to. There are a fair amount of mood stabilizers. In the past I found the most tolerated one and most effective for me was Lamictal but each person was different.
Avatar f tn My older sister was on zoloft with 2 of her pregnancies the entire duration due to severe depression. She had no side effects and both girls were born perfectly healthy. Good Luck.
Avatar m tn So, while in jail, I requested no more medication for 1 week and was able to fully withdraw from Lexapro, although the depression side effects of the withdrawal lasted about three months. I met numerous other women in jail for DUI’s while on Zoloft, Lexapro and Abilify and others for shoplifting on Zanax. My depression is 100% permanently cured. I no longer ever feel sad about my life.
Avatar f tn First of all don't assume that changes to medications or adjustements couldn't be made so you wouldn't have sexual side effects. For example Abilify has less sexual side effects than Risperdal. And for mood stabilizers (although Lamictal is probably not causing sexual side effects, the Effexor could) and anti-depressents google "Depression Central" and for mood stabilizers that are approved medications but used off label for bipolar look up: http://www.psycheducation.
Avatar f tn Sorry to hear you are having problems! In addition to stress and medications, other causes for hair loss in women can be hormones, thyroid imbalance and vitamin deficiencies. On WebMD there is a good article on Treating Hair Loss Naturally, specifically for women. Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn The women in our immediate family have all been on anti-depressants. My older sister died from a drug overdose about 7 yrs ago, and I am convinced now later on that withdrawal syndrome somehow had a role. Her death still pains me. She had been taking high prescribed doses elavil(amitryptiline) for many years to treat manic depression, as well as a mix of other medications. The last drug she was on, neurontin, had such awful side effects that she discontinued it, I believe cold turkey.
Avatar n tn You need medication. However, Thorazine is a highly outdated antipsychotic that has many side effects. Your psychiatrist needs to update it. All of the antipsychotics can cause tardive dyskinesia, a permanent movement disorder that in myself is as bad as Parkinsons'. However, the older antipsychotics, the typical antipsychotics, Thorazine to Haldol are twice as likely to cause it as the newer ones, the atypicals Risperdal through Abilify which are much safer.
544292 tn?1268886268 Not my fault that I had to snicker at the last line there because every time I talked to my Doctors (plural) about medications and side effects they told me that Tramadol was NOT the problem. Then there was usually another drug put on top of that Tramadol. And they told me to take more. I always thought it was the other drug, not the Tramadol. Yeah. I was wrong. It makes me very angry that these Doctors know and aren't telling people. I don't believe that they are ignorant.
403156 tn?1290153618 The side effects are beneficial in treating my comorbid conditions;diabetes,arthritis,alcoholism,drug addiction and tobacco. I would encourage anyone to explore this medical avenue.
Avatar n tn drug might make some people gain (like they are schizophrenic and the kind of catatonic where you never stop moving--you stop the catatonia and all of the sudden you gain weight because you aren't exercising as much).
601528 tn?1224085098 ) 2) L-Carnosine supplement , 500 mg a day (L-Carnosine was found in a clinical trial to help women with bipolar depression and truly amazing) I'll be in touch again soon. I was so depressed 3 weeks ago I never thought I'd get better, and wanted to die except I didn't want to leave my kids ( see photos) so if there's hope for me, there's hope for you.
Avatar f tn Yes, genetic testing is showing the strong likelihood of med accumulation that will create side effects. One of the main side effects of Strattera, a 2D6 substrate, is that it clearly will create tiredness. I had one adolescent girl fall asleep on the tile floor in the bathroom in HS and they searched all over thinking she had run from school. No interaction w Zoloft tho. Read more: http://www.corepsych.
918275 tn?1254072352 and I've been told that it takes two to three weeks to finally kick in, but I have yet to notice any difference in my appetite/cravings/etc., or the need for salt, which is another side effect. I have heard not so nice things about Lithium, so I was very hesitant to try it, but it was my last option, seeing as I have tried every other kind of medication there is for BP. But you know what? It actually seems to be helping me...
574118 tn?1305138884 remain like this, though except it's the AD which needs a change. The pharmacist says it has no side effects. This is expected because nobody knows what is BP like. Also it's produced locally, so its brochure says the same. One pdoc told me it has side effects, of course it has, aspirin does too. Pls I need a RIGOROUS proof that it should not be used for BP. It has been used for centuries for mild to moderate depression.
803938 tn?1403751853 I know reactions are different for everyone, but I have had no real side effects from it and in fact my energy level increases as I don't have that down in the dumps feeling. I know what you mean about finding a good Dr. I am seeing a therapist now I like, but the physciatrist I saw initally (who supposedly specialized in PPD) started asking me to pray for him. Now, I am a believer, but that is not the time nor place and it creeped me out. Needless to say I didn't go back.
Avatar f tn I'm not so hungry all the time, and I have more energy to exercise 30 min a day most days of the week. They seem to have no side effects for me, at least. I take the Lamictal in the morning because it seems to keep me awake, and the Lexapro at night because it tends to make me sleepy.
Avatar n tn Lamictal has been linked with more serious effects but no well controled studies have been done in humans. Here is a bit about what can happen to fetus. Not teratogenic in animals but may cause intrauterine growth retardation, fetal or neonatal death, delayed ossification. Crosses human placenta.
865902 tn?1239312521 ” when I prescribe a medication for them and yet value the fact that people in Hollywood do something. Most of the people in Hollywood are idiots and are surrounded by more idiots. Let me reassure you: 1. Your body is not “full of toxins.” When it is, your liver and kidneys are designed to handle those “toxins” and will do so far better than anything someone tries to sell you. 2. Diets only work when they restrict calories. 3.