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Avatar_f_tn hi i am very concern, i would like some one to help me please, i had unprotected sex with this guy and now i am i am have some cerival pain and a yellow odorless discharge it was so bad that even if i weared pantie liners the discharge was so bad that if even wet my jeans and it was all most like i had pee myself. i when and got test. i had sex the next time with a condom and all was good.
Avatar_f_tn Hi, I am 6 weeks 5 days and I noticed a little yellow discharge when I wiped. Is that normal?
5769308_tn?1374222506 I am a 22 year old female May (First Doctor) -I was diagnosed with gonorrhea and chlamydia which my boyfriend gave to me, symptoms including itchy feeling, excessive yellow discharge, redness of vulva. The Chlamydia that I had was possibly from 3 years ago because my boyfriend tested negative for gonorrhea that lay dormant until I got infected by gonorrhea.
1194973_tn?1385507504 What is a lotiony, white discharge, and why might you get it? My doctor said it's a sign of pregnancy but I highly doubt that's the case here. Can a UTI cause it? I might have one right now, so I'm not sure if that might be the case. It also has a..weird kind of odour. Smells a little like rubber. Maybe an infection? I know it can happen at random times in your cycle, but I've not had one in almost 2 years and have no idea when to even expect one.
Avatar_f_tn So then if it is yellow what is it.... Pee? I read that it is yellow and I read that it's clear.
922048_tn?1387946184 After bd'ing last night, I noticed alot of watery yellow odorless discharge. I have no pain or itching or anything. Just have no idea what it could be. Had a vaginal culture a month ago which was fine. Any ideas? Oh and some mild cramping like AF is coming.
Avatar_f_tn Amount can can go from very light to very heavy. It can be odorless to mild smelling. As long as the discharge isn't cottage cheese like, strong smelling, a full yellow or green color, and/or accompanied by pain or itching it's nothing to worry about.
Avatar_f_tn Im 27 years old, single, not married and Im suffering an on/off lower abdominal pain together with back pain and fever. And there's a vaginal discharge as well, sometimes odorless and most of the time it has very foul smell.
Avatar_f_tn What you're noticing is probably normal leukorrhea – the odorless or mild-smelling milky discharge that you may have noticed in your underwear before you were pregnant. There's just a lot more of it now, partly because of increased estrogen production and greater blood flow to the vaginal area. This discharge is made up of secretions from the cervix and vagina, old cells from the walls of the vagina, and normal bacterial flora from the vagina.
10707428_tn?1415573390 Possibly yeast infection. I had one and had no symptoms besides heavy yellow discharge. No smell, itching, burning, nothing. I'd make an appt Monday and get checked.
Avatar_n_tn Hi guys, If the yellow discharge smells (bad odour) then this is what i had 4 weeks ago from my right nostril + pressure in right side of head, cracking upper right jaw also. The discharge was gone after a week dr. prescribed nasal corticosteroid which I still use, but need to go again because pressure is still there from time to time + phlegm in my throat for 8 months now.
Avatar_f_tn It's fine as long as its not yellow/green and as long as its odorless. I've been wearing liners as well. Now its not so much discharge as I'm just really sweaty. I'll wake up in the middle of the night with soaked underwear (sorry, TMI).
Avatar_f_tn I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I have been having pale green vaginal discharge for months. It's odorless, no itching, no burning or irritation. For all my doctor's visits i do a pee test. I don't know if they test for any STDs or STIs but i haven't gotten a call or received anything in the mail. Plus they did blood work in the beginning of my pregnancy and also i received nothing. I wasn't experiencing this until i hit my 2nd trimester. What could be the problem.?
Avatar_f_tn Mine was like that at the beginning to and my OB told me it was normal. Now when i discharge it is clear but I had a think white mucus like discharge and idk if it was my mucus plug but ever since then I have no longer had the yellow color.
Avatar_f_tn I've been having a LOT of thick, kind of light-yellow (really really light), sometimes pale whitish discharge lately. Its sometimes odorless, and sometimes has a sour smell to it. The last time i saw the gyno i was tested for STD's and I came back clean, and haven't had sex since then. I don't think it's a yeast infection because it doesn't hurt or anything. Any thoughts?? help!
Avatar_f_tn I am currently just hittem 32 weeks for last week or two I bein gettin heavier discharge lik milky white but my under looks lik I wet myself wit only tiny bit discharge. Could this me my plug or can ur waters come away bit my bit. I am gettin worried now!!
402504_tn?1242000124 Here are my symptoms, excessive vaginal discharge which is clear to lite yellow and odorless. It is mucusy and I wake up soaked at night from it. During the day I have to wear a pantiliner and change it often. My last period was Sept. of 2006, due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, which I am still nursing 8 month old. I also have lower back pain, lower abdomen pain that comes and goes and a fullness feeling, like I am going to start my period.
Avatar_f_tn What you're noticing is probably normal leukorrhea – the odorless or mild-smelling milky discharge that you may have noticed in your underwear before you were pregnant. There's just a lot more of it now, partly because of increased estrogen production and greater blood flow to the vaginal area. This discharge is made up of secretions from the cervix and vagina, old cells from the walls of the vagina, and normal bacterial flora from the vagina.
Avatar_n_tn Hi, yellow discharge is mainly related with bacterial infection either due to foreign body or otherwise. Do you get foul smell too? Try a course of antibiotics, if the symptoms persist even after that, do consult doctor. CSF leakage is colourless and is definitely a emergency, should be treated with antibiotics.
Avatar_f_tn How do you know the difference? Either it's a lot of discharge or fluid leaking.. It's not all the time it's like every few days /: help please!!!
Avatar_f_tn I am in excellent health, have never had children, have regular clotting, bad cramps, but no constipation and have never experienced watery discharge until yesterday. I am a distance runner, running 15 - 20 miles at a time and have NEVER had this problem until yesterday, while running a marathon! I was not wearing a tampon, but supposed to start in a few days. Anyway, into my first mile I thought FOR SURE I had started - was glad I had black pants on.
Avatar_n_tn i have the same problem but my discharge makes me very itchy i apready went to my gyn doctor and i am waiting the result i am a little big scare my vaginal discharge its yellow-green itchy vagina discharge and also look white at simple view but its really yellow green
Avatar_f_tn Super heavy bleeding, clots that should have a birth certificate and about 3-5 days of light to moderate watery discharge after a 7-10 day period. The discharge is clear to slightly yellow, slightly sticky like maybe serous fluid, no odor. I don't have the constipation but check on the left side pelvic and back pain intermittently throughout the cycle, that gets much stronger during the flow. Add to this spotting between periods and very short 20 day cycle.
Avatar_n_tn when I first got mine inserted, I would sometimes get a thick mucousy yellow-ish discharge. My doc said it was normal. But this past year I have been getting it more and more. Now I get it almost every day. I have also been having loose stools, a lot of gas and frequent heartburn for the past year. I'm kind of a mess! I've been to a lot of doctors. They keep telling me the vaginal symptoms are separate from the rest but I just don't buy it. It all started at once.
Avatar_n_tn i have been having dark brown discharge for the passed 5 days. This morning it was like my period there was blood but it goes back to being just brown again by the end of the day sometimes so light i barley notice. I dont know what to even think?? You got any ideas?
Avatar_f_tn I noticed though that my discharge had changed a little. Its a yellow/green color and its sticky like mucus or snot, and it doesn't normally smell, it just smells like my discharge normally does. The only time it ever smells is if i've been wearing the pad all day or for a long time. When it does smell the only think i can think of is sweaty gym socks if you know what i mean. I hadn't noticed till i read an article in seventeen magazine that got me paranoid.
Avatar_n_tn Things had subsided until yesterday when I found yellow stains in my underwear and thick white discharge in my penis. It was as bad as it first was, and now, there's a vague itching sensation in my urethra (I don't know whether its my mind playing tricks on me or something worht being worried about). The thing that gets me is that I haven't had any sexual contact for three full years. So, I know that it can't be a SEXUALLY transmitted disease. WHat else could it be?
Avatar_n_tn If you have an odorless, whitish discharge that's causing you discomfort such as itching or burning — or your vulva looks inflamed — you might have a yeast infection. If your discharge is foul-smelling or frothy or yellow, green, or gray, you might have a different kind of vaginal infection or a sexually transmitted infection, even if you don't have symptoms of irritation, itching, or burning. In either case, don't try to treat yourself with over-the-counter medications.