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Hi Lisa, I wasn't sure if my foot cramps were related and why they were happening, but now you have me thinking. I noticed it a lot when we were in California recently especially after I would get out of the water from swimming. Very painful. During this time, the same foot was full of pins and needles the entire time we were on vacation. Since we've come home, I have not had this issue. I thought maybe it was the drastic temperature change.
This was eons ago - you all remember dynosaursm giant ferns, volcanic activity... Your cramps sound awful and I do hope you have a better experience than Craig. Yes, we get to roast your neuro, too. Craig - Where are you now that CCF failed you?
A few days ago I had a sensation of the floor vibrating under one foot. Since then I have realized it is my foot. It is felt in bloth feet, one at a time. Never both at the same time. I feel it when I am standing r walking. It is like an intermittent buzzing sensation. It comes in short bursts on after the other then stops. It will happen when walking and I will feel it with every third or fourth step. What could be the cause?
Until you solve that, you will continue to experience complications of cirrhosis do to improper treatment and management. There is a lot worse suffering then legs cramps I'm afraid that come later as the liver continues to decompensate. Please help yourself now before you suffer more and start to have the life-threatening complications of decompensated cirrhosis. Meanwhile you might want to try- If you are cramping in your legs bending them will bring on more cramping.
And it worries me because I dunno why it's doing that. It's not really painful, but it's not comfortable either. But this is my first pregnancy, so I was warned that I was gunna be cramping all over the place ALOT. But in the cervix?? I've been having this really runny white/clear **** come outta me that smells kinda weird? I mean it's not a STRONG odor, it's just weird smelling.
I get foot cramps, especially if I'm doing something with the foot. Unfortunately I have so many problems with my legs that it's not safe for me to drive.
There are several of us around who have dreadful spasms, foot and otherwise. My feet do the claw thing every day, even when I'm feeling well. My toes can even lock in different directions - impressive, huh?
I'm not sure what the burning cramps are. I do know that if you are dehydrated, it can happen for sure - your potassium, water, etc. Do you have your questions written down for the Dr? It's so easy to get sidetracked. Also, do you have your symptom list ready for him too? Don't feel funny to have it ready - really, if the Dr. is good, they will be so happy you've done so.
I even get foot cramps while driving; There doesnt seem to be any specific timing to any of this. My rheumy happened to notice my hand spasms recently, so he sent me for blood tests ( I dont know yet if they showed anything) CBC, CMP, ESR, and Magnesium. But I have a muscle relaxer (Soma) and Lyrica (for nerve pain in my outer hip areas that stem from my spine). None of this seems to be helping all these cramps & spasms though.
Not diagnosed with MS at this time,but I sure do know about cramps in the toes...specifically the big toe of the left foot! I keep my socks on most of the tome so I haven't noticed if my toe curls up,but yeow!It's painful!
Then in mid June I developed foot drop again anf numbness on top of my right foot, great toe and the next two toes as well as the top of my foot. After a walk of 3 miles at the end of the walk my muscles were sore (lower outside muscles) and my ankle and toe joint. This pain was peripheral neuropathy. This pain reoccured each time I walked more then 2 miles. Then the peripheral neuropathy got worse, it was dificult to sleep at night without pain pills.
Has Lyrica helped with Fibro? I get foot cramps too, i have just started on Lyrica but on 25x 2 per day.... Fibro burning sensation. Is my main prob.
I still have no answers for the cramps, they gave me a muscle relaxant (Methocarbonal) to take when they happen, but they do nothing to stop the cramps. Sorry for venting, but I'm relieved to find I'm not nuts, that others are having the same kind of symptoms, though I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. I wish all good luck getting help for this problem.
although the risk is small of complications with liver biopsies they do happen. Any added risk that isn't necessary is, well, risky LOL It is quite common for genotype 2 and 3 to start treatment without a biopsy as they are encouraged to treat due to their increased chances of success. Geno 1's are often biopsied to determine where the patient stands and determine if treating should be attempted now or if the person has some waiting time left.
yea i actually have other things to do..... some not so exciting as typing to you though. why do you think they are suspicious? yes tell you supplier to TAKE YOU OFF THE LIST oh and yes you have to learn to deal with life including work on its terms without the use of hydros and roxys. it will be alright. the self induced anxiety and causes yourself to stress has got to go. leave it in the hot tub.
So i dont understand because Im waking up in the middle of the night with these cramps. Does any one have any knowledge or expirence with this. Why does it happen and what can I do? Im going to mention it to my doctor and mention it but thats about a week and a half away! help!
Still buzzing in the foot. No buzzing anywhere else at the moment. I do get twitches alot in my thumb and inside the fold of my arm. I do not get a zapping feeling up the arm, but I have had a dull ache in the backside of my right arm for a week now. I have something new it seems all of the time. I don't always want to bring it up to my doc. because I feel like I am noticing everything, even though it could mean something serious.
Mine dont usually shake but i know for certain my toes stick upward when they cramp, and the only way i can stop it from hurting is to use my hands to curl them back down.
I have had to compensate walking because I couldn't put my right foot down. The pressure was horrible. NOw my left foot hurts. What do I do if I can't walk? This scares the bageezes out of me. I'm only 36, I teach full time kindergarten and have a 3 & 5 year old. I can' t have anyone tell me to stay off my feet. Does anyone else have foot pain on the tops of their feet?
I wonder if I pay enough attention to it if i have a really bad day of foot dropping if it is directly proportional to the cramps. Katie- I don't know if i have RLS or what but I am conscious enough that I know i am stretching really good, pointing my toes when it triggers. Sometimes, I can feel it coming and go back to flat feet immediately, a lot of times there is no warning.
My doc told me that no one really knows why they happen and he did give the advice to drink more water but he also said that once the cramp starts flex the footup towards your leg rather then pointing your foot if that makes any sence he used his hand as demonstration lol.
I was angry towards God when i first lost Emily, I think sometimes that most all parents are and have to ask a million times WHY OR WHY ME OR HOW COULD YOU? But I do beleive in God and I think without him I couldn't put ome foot in front of the other!
( Audrey - you and I are going to be on the edge of our seats. I still feel af type cramps so I have already tried to do my best to prepare for a bfn. A bfp would be a miracle. I hope it for both of us. And no, work doesn't know. Only 1 girl who I know wouldn't blab and is going to inconspicuously order me alcohol free drinks ; ) Rocky and LJ- god I hope your BFP news arrives really soon!!! I'm going to try to look for it. Big prayers your way right now!
I'd like to start by saying I do not generally have a paranoia about the HIV virus up until the point where I've been 'out-of-whack' for 3 months now. 3 months ago, had a small rash on my inner wrist which looked like tiny pimples, and they were very itchy. When I scratched the redness followed the scratch line. This then appeared on my right foot on the upper right side. Next morning I had a different rash around my groin area (hips aswell).
I feel like this is the last drawal and if this pregnancy doesn't work than I don't want to try anymore because I don't want to hurt anymore than I already do. Why do we have to go through this? That's the only question I have.
When you feel better, please tell me what made you finally quit? How bad is the 1st 24 hours. Can I still function and do my day to day? I do not work outside the home, but have other duties that are physical (I'll explain later). Sometimes I feel as if I'm having a heart attack from being so physical while on these pills. I am so proud of you for jumping in and can not wait till I'm there. Please hang in there. I need your success story!
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