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to the original question, for say a urine drug test, a regular user of oxycodone or other opioids it will take 3-6 days to leave your body completely, aim for a week to be safe, the half-life of oxycodone, meaning half the drug out of your blood stream after taking a dose is roughly 3-4 hours and the "high" lasts around 5 hours.
I assume it would show up in your second urine after having taken your medication. Did you save a pill for your monthly urine test? If you did, then you are one of the people causing us legitimate patients all sorts of grief. I can't think of any other reason why it would be so important that it show up in a hurry other than the one I stated. I don't know what else to say.........I hope I'm wrong about this.
we had a urine test done which came back positive. I need help understanding the results. the results cutoff point is 100 ng/ml however the results were much higher(in the thousands). What does this mean. we need to know how many pills they took. Can anyone please help?
i was given oxycodone 5 mg for my back pain i had a urine test it came back negative i have had negative test before i am diabetic hiv postive heart and kindy prombelms please help
I didn't tell the doctor but he ran a urine test and 3 vials of blood as well as EKG. He said everything looked good. I thought something would have shown. Even after I left and told him about a slight dull pain in my abdomen and severe constipation, I didn't feel comfortable telling him about my accidental OD. HISTORY: I was diagnose with shingles 5 five years ago. After the shingles, the neuralgia never went away.
With all the posts inquiring about false negative urine test I wanted to put this in my journal for reference. When this issue comes up I always have to research the information so it is easier to just add it here in my journal. It is unacceptable that this is happening to anyone who religiously takes their pain medications. When they are tested and then fired because their test are negative for the medications they are prescibed it is unfair.
I took a urine test at my doctors as i do once a month to re4ceive my precription of oxycodone, an naproxen for my bad hip problem do to installing carpet and flooring for 31 years. problem is they said i tested positive for methadone. wich ive never taken although i did take a sip of cough syrup that said on the label prometh /vc codeine syrup could this be mistaken for methadone. i had the normal oxycodone in my system.
I go to PM monthly for 5 yrs now. I have had numerous urine drug test as per contract with them. This last one came up positive for Vicodin and lorazepam, these are meds I don't take at all, I am on 60mgs of OxyContin 3x's a day with 10 mgs of oxycodone for breakthrough pain 3x's a day as well. I am also on .5 mgs of alprazolam for severe anxiety 1 every 6 hrs so I can not understand how those other drugs came up positive when I know for a fact that I did not ingest them.
If I was to take oxycodone then hydrocodone and went to take a drug test will I fail for the same thing or two different drugs?
It's always a urine test but was given a saliva test a few weeks ago and it showed a trace of oxycodone. He has been clean over 500 days and is adamant about it being a mistake. He had a hair follicle test performed but the court won't accept it because it supposedly only shows chronic use, not a one time use. Wondering if anyone knows of anything that could cause a false positive for oxycodone or have experienced a lab mix up?
I keep testing positive for oxycodone on a urine analysis, but I have not done any. I'm wondering if any of the medications I'm on could have caused a false positive? I am taking bupropion, Strattera (amoxetine HCl), Lexapro (escitalopram), Naltrexone, hydroxyzine HCl, and fluticasone propionate (flonase nasal spray). Thank you!
How long will it take me to pass the drug test? Keep in mind that oxycodone and potentially hydrocodone are the only drugs in my system. Btw, the drug test isn't for anything serious like court or probation.. I'm thinking about applying for new jobs.
Similiarly - some poor soul who does not take your meds probably is as floored as you are with their results. Also I would DEMAND a blood test not a simple urine test. You can also file a complaint with the medical board in your state and the AMA stating your case. I know how hard it is to find another doc to pic up prescribing the meds you are on and I wish you much luck and many prayers.
i recently just decided to quit using oxycodone i have been using about 40 mg a day for the pst week all in about a 4 hour period and 60mg for 6 months before that im a 22 yearold male about 6ft 155 lbs slim not much bodyfat and i have a urine test in 3 days i am joining the military and i beleive it is my only chance to escape doing drugs i will not be doing anymore oxycodone for the next three days at least hopefully forever i was wondering if my opiate levels would low enough for me to pass t
A few weeks ago I went to my Pain Doc for my back pain after being on Butrans. My urine tested negative for opiates and so the doc sent my urine out for further testing. My doc would only give me a 1 week Rx and it took longer to get the results of the test. It really sucked sitting in his office after peeing in a cup and having my doc look at me like he did and talk like I was selling the patches or something. Have you thought about getting your hair tested?
So I had 2 false negative urine tests at the VA so they canceled my Oxycodone 5mg contract. I have no idea why i am getting negative tests I take them as prescribed except for the times I will save a few for nights I can't sleep, I suffer from Fybromyalgia, Sigmoid colon resection, knee problems, trigger finger, ulnar neurophathy, and PTSD. I have to be getting false negative's, I take enough the should show up.
Most screening tests used to test for opiates, often fail to catch oxycodone. Also, immunoassays and urine drug tests specific for oxycodone often show no drug or its metabolites even though the patient is regular in taking oxycodone as prescribed. Use of slow release or controlled release oxycodone often gives false negatives in tests used specifically to screen for oxycodone. Hence, a screening test for oxycodone metabolites should be done if you are regular with your medication.
About 2 months ago I was prescribe Oxicodone the 5.35 (something like that) tablet. Twice now (including tday) the urine test have come back negative. The pain doctor said he could no longer prescribe them for me because the drug screening is 100% fool proof. He practically accused me of being a liar and told me he thought I was selling the drugs. I have been taking them every night at 10pm and when the pain is bad an extr one (prescribed) either at night or during the day.
I'm wondering if anything could have effected this urine test. The fact he refused to retest with blood test bothers me. I take my relationship with my physicians very seriously & I know how difficult it can be to find great PM physicians. But without trust & mutual respect there isn't the right relationship. Anyone have thoughts on how this test came back like this? I've worked in the courthouse & we use urine tests because they're cheap.
I am perscribed 5mg oxycodone 1-2 tablets per day up to six a day what is an acceptable drug urine screen for this amount? mine was as follows Oxycodone 261 H < 50 ng/mL Oxymorphone 658 H < 50 ng/mL....
I hope to work with them to cut some out but should not have to as I do not abuse the meds and get urine test every month and lock up my meds and go to one pharmacy. I can go 18 hours with not meds and not miss the oxycodone but the pain by then is so bad. The point is I do not miss it at all but I need it for pain. Any ideas on how I can get them to feel compassion and work with me not to go that low.
Every 2 weeks I get drug tested at my doctors when I get my script for suboxone and this week was the second time that my urine showed a positive for oxycodone and I did not take that or anything like it! I started taking chantix recently, i occasionally take ibprophen 800, i have taken some sudafed for a cold i have (i know that can cause positive for amphetamines). What in the world is going on?! what can I do to prove I didnt take it?
I also had a false negative, two actually in the past year. the first time the doctor attributed it to a "faulty test cup" (an instant read type of urine test is used in this practice). the 2nd. time I was on "probation', and had to see him bi-weekly instead of monthly for a while. i did some research and found that false negatives are more common than people realize.
ETOH 40; Methadone 300; PCP 25; opiates 2000 oxycodone 100 propoxyphene 300; thc 50; urine creatine, I tested positive for Buprenorphine 10 and also for oxycodone (which is my prescribed med) also urine creatine was 174.9 mg/dl 20.0-601.
I did not Ignore it he ignored the message and I left messages at his office. He stated that my last urine test showed low meds in system..I said I came in on Oct31st and I ran out of meds on Oct 27th and told the PA that at the time, he brushed it off at the time. He said we need to do something about that, IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE..I went in on Dec 29th and the doctor would hardly listen to me. he said when I come back on Jan 12 if test show fine no problem.
in a urine test will tylenol 4 and oxycodone show up as in the same family?reason i'm asking is in may i was told that i had tabs in my urine and i have not taken anything but my oxycodone and tylenol 4 !so i'm wondering if the tylenol 4 showed up like lortabs ?i honestly haven't taken any and i'm worried i might get kicked out of my pm clinic and i couldn't live without my pain meds!!!i have had 4 back surgeries and about 20surgeries on my stomach !!i have chronic pain in my back and tummy!!
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