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Avatar m tn but the simple answer if you took 20mg on the 25th and NOTHING ELSE you should be fine on the 1st most opiates have around 72 of life in the body for a URINE test good luck.
Avatar n tn to the original question, for say a urine drug test, a regular user of oxycodone or other opioids it will take 3-6 days to leave your body completely, aim for a week to be safe, the half-life of oxycodone, meaning half the drug out of your blood stream after taking a dose is roughly 3-4 hours and the "high" lasts around 5 hours.
Avatar m tn I assume it would show up in your second urine after having taken your medication. Did you save a pill for your monthly urine test? If you did, then you are one of the people causing us legitimate patients all sorts of grief. I can't think of any other reason why it would be so important that it show up in a hurry other than the one I stated. I don't know what else to say.........I hope I'm wrong about this.
Avatar f tn hi everyone i have a question that i would like you guys to help me with i'm currently prescribed 6 oxycodone a day and sometime i just take 3-or 4 a day i have an appointment coming up in 15 days will the urine test show how much med i been talking i been on this medication for 4 month
Avatar f tn Are these items that could be from just taking the oxycodone and my body coverts it to this or is the test flawed. my oxycodone levels where a little high in my blood but I had just taken my medication one hour prior to the test with grapefruit juice witch I now know not to do cause it can cause high levels but my PM Dr is concerned about the other drugs in my blood.
Avatar f tn I have chronic urinary tract and bladder problems and cannot void on demand. How often can a urine test be required for a pain management patient? My doctor has an assistant, not a nurse, who assists her with checking patient vitals, etc. the assistant makes frequent demands for a urine test...4 in the last 8 months which seem excessive to me. She gets quite testy if I am unable to comply and has left an unpleasant message on my phone once.
Avatar f tn How long will it take me to pass the drug test? Keep in mind that oxycodone and potentially hydrocodone are the only drugs in my system. Btw, the drug test isn't for anything serious like court or probation.. I'm thinking about applying for new jobs.
1855076 tn?1337118903 I'm wondering if anything could have effected this urine test. The fact he refused to retest with blood test bothers me. I take my relationship with my physicians very seriously & I know how difficult it can be to find great PM physicians. But without trust & mutual respect there isn't the right relationship. Anyone have thoughts on how this test came back like this? I've worked in the courthouse & we use urine tests because they're cheap.
Avatar n tn I don't do any drugs and quit smoking cigarettes as soon as i found out about my pregnancy (4 1/2 months) but my mother didn't smoke crack cocaine but she did other drugs. now thanks to her i have severe a.d.d. my teeth look worse thank a 30year drunks...I'm only 18 and i was lucky to get pregnant because of she did, my fertility rate droppedby a lot...tell who ever it is to stop before they ruin their child's life...
Avatar m tn They all have to meet the same FDA standards. Oxycodone is oxycodone regardless of which manufacturer produces the tablet. They will all test the same. With GC/MS or LC/MS testing, Hydrocodone may show metabolites of Hydromorphone but it shouldn't read as Oxycodone. Oxycodone may metabolite to Oxymorphone but should never read as Hydrocodone. GC/MS or LC/MS is the most accurate of the UDTs.
Avatar m tn I hope to work with them to cut some out but should not have to as I do not abuse the meds and get urine test every month and lock up my meds and go to one pharmacy. I can go 18 hours with not meds and not miss the oxycodone but the pain by then is so bad. The point is I do not miss it at all but I need it for pain. Any ideas on how I can get them to feel compassion and work with me not to go that low.
Avatar m tn I did not Ignore it he ignored the message and I left messages at his office. He stated that my last urine test showed low meds in system..I said I came in on Oct31st and I ran out of meds on Oct 27th and told the PA that at the time, he brushed it off at the time. He said we need to do something about that, IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE..I went in on Dec 29th and the doctor would hardly listen to me. he said when I come back on Jan 12 if test show fine no problem.
5769649 tn?1373934953 in a urine test will tylenol 4 and oxycodone show up as in the same family?reason i'm asking is in may i was told that i had tabs in my urine and i have not taken anything but my oxycodone and tylenol 4 !so i'm wondering if the tylenol 4 showed up like lortabs ?i honestly haven't taken any and i'm worried i might get kicked out of my pm clinic and i couldn't live without my pain meds!!!i have had 4 back surgeries and about 20surgeries on my stomach !!i have chronic pain in my back and tummy!!
Avatar f tn Hi To answer your question if you only took 1 you will be fine (as far as urine test) It doesn't stay in your system for that long.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone. I've read through posts, going way back in time, about neg urine/blood tests with narcotics not showing up. Yes, I'm one of "those folks". I have chronic neck and head pain, due to Occiptal Neuralgia, and was seeing a Neuro last year, who I have been being followed by for about 20 years for Migraines. He was great....until he dumped me, then quit, and "suddenly retired".
327164 tn?1261603417 My sister has a blood test in the morning How long does cocaine, methadone, oxycodone (precocet 15 mgs) stay in your blood stream. Not urine, if anybody knows please let me know ASAP? I am worried to death about her she has been clean since Monday and struggling bad to be that way. Any input we be helpful thank you all.
Avatar f tn Yesterday he was more sympathetic, when I stated my concerns of ANOTHER NEGATIVE URINE TEST.... He STILL acted as if I was in control of the upcoming test results though!! EVEN THOUGH, they've probably seen many cases of this, I suppose it's easier to see things as black or white rather than an instance of gray!! It's maybe easier to cast doubt on the patient, than question the drug tests OR the medicine itself!!
Avatar m tn I hope to work with the pain center to cut some out but I should not have to, as I do not abuse the meds and get urine test every month and follow all their strict rules and rightly so. I also lock up my meds and go to one pharmacy as they demand. I can go 18 hours with not meds and not miss the oxycodone but the pain by then is so bad. The point is I do not miss it at all but I need it for pain relief. Any ideas on how I can get them to feel compassion and work with me not to go that low.
Avatar f tn So to clarify, I have been on pain management for 4 years, he has messed with my long acting medication but I've always been on oxycodone for my short acting dose. Recently in pregnancy he changed me to oxycontin and oxycodone, two months ago, and it was planned to d/c all pain medication in my late second trimester.
1348739 tn?1276658809 I have Interstitial Cystitis, a painful bladder disease in which there is no cure for. I am on pain management and have been since Feb of this year. My first urine test showed a false positive, and my second showed completely negative for the pain meds they are prescribing me. I am prescribed to take four 5mg oxycodone daily. I usually do not take 4 a day because it is too much. I told the doctor and my urologist before and they were okay with it.
Avatar n tn i have not used drugs in the past thirty days, but this past friday i took a 10mg lortab. today is monday and i have to take a drug test. do you think the lortab will show up today?
Avatar m tn When asked if I took any meds I told them I took a half of a pill the day before . I wasn't suprised when my urine test came back negative that first time. I WAS FLOORED when I was summonsed to an earlier-than -scheduled appointment this afternoon and summarily told by a PA that my last urine test taken week ago at 8am came back negative too. I took my normal dose @8PM THE NIGHT BEFORE!
Avatar n tn I tested a false negative on a urine test at my pain management Dr.'s office. I was kicked out on my butt before I even knew what was going on??!! In hindsight it was a godsend. Was so wanting to get off the pills, but thought my pain was too much to bear without the assortment of pills he had me on!! Once I went through the w/d. I found that a lot of my pain can be managed with OTC meds. If I have a bad day, well that's what it is a bad day. I get through it min. by min. hour by hour.
Avatar f tn Could it be he was just trying to trick you to see if you were an Oxy user? I assume this was a urine test. So let me know if it was done right there and if not, ask for a copy of the results since he could now discharge you on grounds you broke any contract they often have you sign. The lowest level they used to be able to detect things like Vicodin (hydrocodone) without spending too much for better tests was 100 PPM. Good luck.
Avatar m tn You fill out paper work, then you may or may not be called for a urine test. Then you wait some more. Then you see a dr. and after 10 minutes of a blood pressure check, pulse and some questions about your meds and how you feel. Then you go back out to the waiting room and wait till the dr writes your script and several others, and then you get called. For me it was 2-3 hour wait. And now it is every month. The feds are really cracking down from what I have heard.
Avatar m tn From what I read about pain clinics they have you sign an agreement that you will take only what you're prescribed, you will not give any of your medication away and you will not take other peoples medication. If you break the contract or fail a urine test they have the right to stop seeing you. They probably won't see this as an honest mistake because in the contract it says that you will not take another persons medication.
Avatar n tn I have had other negitive urine test while taking oxycodone but what got the pathologist's attention is a urine sample taken on the day that the cath was removed at the end of a pain pump trial did not detect what daladuid leaves. He verified that it would have been detected with the 10 panel test that they had done. Now he is looking at my other negitives and has doubts. Either there is something keeping detection from happening or their tests are flawed.
Avatar n tn I guess I wasn't clear enough, I am taking the medication and can not figure out why it would come up negative. He did a urine test first which proved positive for opiates and then he did a blood test right afterwards and that came up negative. I am just very confjsed, He discharged me as a patient which is just not right. Thanks for your input.