Swollen finger joint and pain

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Avatar m tn You can try topical creams for the pain, like biofreeze, and taking advil oftem helps, with joint pain and discomfort. Make sure that you can take any OTC drugs before taking anything. If it doesn't get better with at home treatment, you can surely check with your doctor about the cause. Good luck and hope it gets better soon!
Avatar n tn my index finger is geting swollen in the middle and it stings when bend it what can be the cause of it
Avatar f tn Hi Penguiny, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your painful finger. An x-ray generally sees bones and alignments.... it's not a good diagnostic tool for soft tissue including muscles, ligaments or tendons. It's my guess that one of those were injured. I encourage you to return to your PCP and request additional testing. Good imagining may be required to determine the actual injury. Please let us know how you discover. I will look forward to your updates.
Avatar m tn I have recently had no stop swelling in my index finger middle joint . I am verry scared of dr visits and blood tests.
Avatar f tn It was like someone had a needle and stabbed me with it and moved it around my skin. It was a horrible pain and I couldnt even move my finger cause it would make it worst. If you can help me out thank you.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago I woke up with a swollen pinky finger/palm. It was red and warm to the touch. I did not injure the finger or the palm in any way. I saw my doctor who ruled out arthritis, infection or any broken bones. I have been applying ice packs and taking anti inflammatories. Nothing seems to help as the pinky is still swollen and hard to bend. When I bend my pinky I get pain in the joint at the knuckle by the palm.
1024532 tn?1380061952 I have been tested for RA and thyroid. Gave me a shot in joint of cortizone and I had bad reactions and still swollen and red. I went to ER Monday and they gave me Vicodin for pain. Has anyone else had similar symptons and still negative results on blood work for rhmeutoid arthritis? Any help would be appreciated. I have been to 5 doctors now. I have not worked for 2 months. Have checked my only kidney as well.
Avatar n tn The pain has subsided significantly but the swelling is still there as well as tingling sensations in my hands and arms. My finger with the exception of my thumbs and first fingers are numb. They ruled out carpal tunnel. I work as a phlebotomist where I come in contact with people who have or have had 5ths disease and am wondering could this be what I might possibly have?
Avatar n tn He is 16 months old. Saturday morning his smallest finger was hot and swollen and painful to him when we woke him up. The swelling was confined to just the last joint of his finger, to the tip. My husband examined it to see if there seemed to be a broken bone, but he thought not. As the morning went on, he appeared to be in a good deal of pain and just wanted to be held. By the afternoon, the swelling had increased to over halfway down his finger.
Avatar n tn Index finger was slammed in door 2 weeks ago - it was cut on both sides of finger but the cuts have healed and were never infected. My finger is still very swollen around the joint and it really hurts to bend - could this be fluid buildup and if so, can I do anything at home to relieve it?
477912 tn?1207978040 my dad age 57 has been to about ever dr there is and speicalist all of his joints have severe pain feels like shattered GLASS when joints move,his hand swell esp under finger by palm and fingers lock up and after tryin 2 work his hands will become swollen and have streaks of red and itll bleed if he keeps tryin to use them his hands will get like a cats Paw ,fatigue,any activity he trys the next few days he suffers by being tired and hurting cant move etc well any advice id appreate it !
Avatar n tn My fingers on my left hand seems a little swollen but the pain is gone and traveled to my elbow. It is hard to make a fist and when I do it creates pain in my elbow. I also developed a bad headache yesterday and couldn't get rid of it. Today my elbow still hurts, my left hand still feels stiff and a little swollen and I feel the headache is just around the corner.
Avatar n tn Physio said it was tendon and ligament damage but I'm not responding to treatment as I should. Vimovo helps. Last night I suddenly felt pain and swelling in my worst finger, it quickly spread to my arm, both knees, and shoulder on the opposite side. Still very painful today - shoulder hurts like I overused the muscles, knees hurt to bend, worse with weight but even just to move them. Figers are swollen and sore. What happened?
Avatar f tn It is accompanied with a mild sore throat and slightly swollen tonsils. Before any pain began I had about 3 weeks of a mild cough, that is almost nonexistent now. The symptoms are: * Painful and some swelling joints, both sides of the body: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, some finger, hips, knees, ankles and big toes * Morning pain, sometimes cannot raise one or both arms to brush hair, etc.
Avatar n tn For 2 days after that, I kept it taped and by the third day I could move it without much pain. However, it's been a week and I haven't regained the ability to curl my finger completely, especially in the morning when it's swollen for about an hour. I also noticed that the part of the joint seems to be sticking out a bit on top, but only slightly. I don't know how many times I've jammed this finger.
476246 tn?1418874514 but for you to be having swelling, joint pain and inflammation and warmth to the joints, combined with stiffness, doesn't sound good, I'm sorry to say :(
617038 tn?1221251609 I was diagnosed with Myalgia and arthralgia ( general muscle and joint pain). Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can also cause severe joint pain. I would make an appointment with a Rhumatologist and go from there.
Avatar n tn Physio said it was tendon and ligament damage but i'm not responding to treatment as I should. Vimovo helps. Last night I suddenly felt pain and swelling in my worst finger, it quickly spread to my arm, both knees, and shoulder on the opposite side. Still very painful today - shoulder hurts like I overused the muscles, knees hurt to bend, worse with weight but even just to move them. Figers are swollen and sore. What happened?
4982655 tn?1361984327 Every now and then, I get strange joint pain. I'm 18, healthy, active. I'm not sure what could be wrong. Last summer, I had a few areas that, one by one right after another, would just ache for a few days. It's happened here and there since then but these last few weeks have been miserable for me. I'm a housekeeper at an Alzheimer's home so I'm always busy, always on my feet. I began to have a soreness in my left big toe. It caused a limp, as the pain in my feet have seemed to be the worst.
Avatar n tn My hands and feet have not swollen since that first winter. Every winter and spring since then, my hands develop a rash across my knuckles. The rash is very dry, scaly, and itchy. My hands will bleed and dirt will settle into the rash and the rash scars my hands. My fingers become flushed red. (The specialists I saw when I was 13 told me I have Raynauds). My finger joints hurt during this time. I also have hand tremors, but I don't know whether this is related.
Avatar m tn (blood level) In the past few years I have had 2 episodes of pretty severe knee pain, and the first time the pain was excruciating, and what I had turned out to be osteonecrosis. Thank God, my PCP was the only one who had the wisdom to check my vit D level and it was very, very low. With supplements, the condition healed by itself and left no traces. This last time I told my oncologist I needed to have this test again and he was fairly unimpressed as I was already taking it.
Avatar f tn Now I can barely bend it without pain and can put little pressure on it to type or play piano - the dr said it was very swollen and take naparoxen and ice it. i was doing that and seemed somewhat better but today i was trying to bend it more and now it si worse again. i feel that the aspirin works better than the naproxen but today even that is not helping much. What do i do?
Avatar f tn I have been in pain for over 28 years. with back pain swollen joints, and fatigue. The military doctors wanted me to alway see a shrink the pain and other symtoms are not in my mind. It is real, and now the VA is treating me for it. To all of you out there fight for the test and don't take the mental route unless you feel depress. With the pain you should feel depress. Soory for typing, but I have trouble with the hands. Good luck and keep fighting to find some relief.
Avatar n tn My finger got bent sideways slightly and the main knuckle was sore and a little swollen. It healed without any problems. Over the past couple of months, the same knuckle has been very painful when tying shoes, pulling things, using hammer, making a fist or even typing. Any feedback on what might be going on would be appreciated.....can't really afford to run to a hand specialist for a sore finger, but at times the pain is getting close to the point when i will have no other choice.
Avatar m tn The soreness was only on the right side. Besides that i've felt slight pain under my armpit and groin area, but could not find any swollen lymph nodes. 4 days later the sore throat was almost over, but i started to feel feverish. I monitored my body temperature, but never came above 37.6. I had that during the evening, and an hour later is was less. The same was the evening after that, but i reached a temperature of 37.4. Now I don't know if those temperatures are considered as Fever.
Avatar m tn it was more like a joint pain and sometimes the pain would radiate through my palm and other fingers as well. well today i woke up and now the finger is kind of swollen and it kind of feels weird to type with it or use the mouse. it feels dry and it also hurts but not the point that its stopping me from using the keyboard or the mouse. what could this possibly be? maybe bad position while sleeping or something?
Avatar f tn I stopped taking the medicine after only 3 weeks and needless to say, I am still breaking out in hives and have joint pain. I have been tested for allergies and that was negative. I have had bloodwork done and it was negative. Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing same symptoms. I am going insane trying to deal with this!
Avatar n tn There was lots of pain and swelling intitially but now that is considerably reduced. However the joint is still swollen a bit and does not totally straighten or at least doesn't appear to because of the residual swelling. The joint bends well but I notice when I do a lot of manual labor with that hand, I get increased swelling and some pain. My question is whether anything can really be done at this point?
Avatar n tn i have a swollen little finger from an injury at pip joint on the dorsal side.