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was different than my usual shampoo. my scalp was itchy due to ilight>hivesilight> and my ilight>eyesilight> were ilight>swollenilight> because they were irritated. Try to think if you have started using a new shampoo/conditioner?
i have been sick the past three days with excessive coughing, phelgm, headache, body ache, body chills but no fever, nausea i also had red patches (hives) on my neck, and now that i am feeling a little better i woke up this morning and my ilight>eyesilight> are now ilight>swollenilight> red and hurt! i have been taking Benadryl and Tylenol and a cold medication the past few days can you help?
i have ilight>swollenilight> eyelids that come and go, almost like ilight>hivesilight>, but rarely itch. Can be one or several. on omnicef for sinus infection, but doctor doesn't think this is causing it. Before omincef had a sulfer type med that caused swelling in joints, sick stomach, rash, fever. have been on Omicef 5 days. Started having strange raised bumps for three days that come and go. Will say that two weeks ago had actual hives around eyes and think it was caused from eye cream.
ilight>Hivesilight> may be associated with autoimmune thyroid disease. Would have thyroid retested including thyroid antibodies to see what is happening now. Hyperthyroidism may be recurring given the symptoms, so important to be tested.
For example, i used a face wash with benzoyl peroxide for 5 months with no problems and the one morning i woke up and my ilight>eyesilight> were ilight>swollenilight> with ilight>hivesilight>. Now anytime i use anything on my face with that ingredient i get hives around my eyes. A few days ago i washed my hair with head and shoulders ( a shampoo i randomly use all the time) and woke up the next morning once again with hives around my eyes.
i am now taking prednisone and reactine for the ilight>hivesilight> but they are only getting worse. my ilight>eyesilight> are beginning to swell shut and i am missing work due to my appearance and discomfort. Any suggestions?
my brain has turned into a sieve! And i always have puffy ilight>eyesilight> and i'm just drying up. AND i still have horrible itchy ilight>hivesilight>. H. Pylori tests and other parasite tests are negative. i recently found an article about fish oil on drugs.com. i had googled "fish oil and hives" looking for any connection with supplements i take. i started taking that about a year ago. it can cause hives! Those with thyroid disorders probably should not take fish oil.
i have been taking the medication but have noticed that everytime i feel a stressful situation coming on my eyes start to itch and pretty soon they are very ilight>swollenilight> both on the lids and under my ilight>eyesilight>. i really don't know whether to go to an allergist or dermatologist. i was prescribed medication to control my anxiety but it does not seem to be working. Anyone have any ideas of what may be wrong? Please help!
i immediately stopped the drug. By Sunday, my face was even more ilight>swollenilight>, ilight>eyesilight> very puffy, and weepy eczema on cheeks. i saw derm on Monday and he was worried. Start medrol pack late morning on Monday. Today is day 4 of the medrol pak but i am only marginally better. The swelling is 80% gone but my face is bright red and hot. ice packs give temporary relief. The skin is quite tight and sore, but no longer rashy. it's as though i am recovering from a bad burn.
i've been experiencing swelling and ilight>hivesilight> around my ilight>eyesilight> which is driving me crazy! i have a lot of contact allergies and have stopped using products etc. in an attempt to get rid of my "hound dog" look! Some of my other triggers include hot/cold temperature changes, mold and other typical allergens (dust, house mites, grass) but i can't figure out why i'm breaking out around my eyes. Has anyone ever had problems with sweat causing hives?
Well i have been battling ilight>hivesilight> for about three weeks now. i am assuming it is from my hypothyroid and hashimoto's thyroiditis but it keeps getting worse. Allegra two times a day does not seem to be doing a darn thing. The itching is driving me insane as i can focus on nothing else!
However, this last year things have been getting worse. i woke up last year with horrendous eye infections in both ilight>eyesilight>. The entire left side of my face was swollen... it looked like i had a volleyball crammed under my skin. The doc said it was pinkeye and gave me some drops (which didn't help at all). This went on for over three months. Every time i thought it was over, the infection would come back with a vengeance. After it finally cleared up, it had cause permanent damage.
few weeks ago i had a serious allergy attack & my eyes, lips were swollen & i had rush to emergency to get Piriton & Hydrocortizone shots to get relief. Now i'm having this allergy attacks almost every day with red patches in my arms, face, legs with itchy & swelling. i got medicine from a dirmotolegist ( Allegra 360mg,Loratadine,Zyncet 10mg with Vitamin A) & still continuing same. my problem is i'm getting these attacks while i'm taking these drugs!
i have the same issues as everyone else. itchy, ilight>swollenilight> lips with a rash often accompanied by ilight>swollenilight> ilight>eyesilight>. i visited the dermatologist twice this week. The first time, he thought it was a peanut allergy, so i was put on anithistimines; however, while on antihistimines i developed swollen eyes and lips! Upon visiting the doctor again, i was prescribed a topical ointment for the lip area. The doc said that this condition is tricky to diagnose.
it was the dye in the medication that was causing me ilight>hivesilight>, my ilight>eyesilight>, my lips ,throat, my whole body was engulfed in ilight>hivesilight>....this happened to me while i was on synthroid..now i take eltroxin...but i only take the white pills..
i have been diagnosed and suffering from Chronic ilight>Hivesilight> (Urticaria) of unknown origin for just over a year now. i have never had any allergies in the past i am even immune to poison ivy and sumac. i thought i was cured when i changed my diet and started a regular exercise routine. i was wrong, and yes i did not see any symptoms for quite a while but i soon found that they slowly crept back into my life.
i have had a recent bout with ilight>hivesilight>. This is my first reaction to ilight>hivesilight> lasting more than a few days. i was worried about it because i had a one night stand in Europe about 6 wks ago. The condom broke and afterward i developed a UTi. (The symptoms were very mild for the UTi so i didn't go to the dr. till about a week after my trip. That means i could have had the UTi for at least a few days before it got treated.) i also a yeast infection and took generic diflucan for this.
That time i had to call my friend to come and take me to the ER because my husband was already gone for work and my ilight>eyesilight> were ilight>swollenilight> shut-as well as airway swelling. Prior to this i had an occurence of "ideopathic hives" in 2004. At that time a cause was never determined. i just feel certain that it's all related to my thyroid problem.
(advil is bad for the stomach) Hives are very annoying but rarely serious (ie ilight>swollenilight> throat breathing problems) if you expeience another form of ilight>hivesilight> that does invlove swelling it can be bad... but that said my lips and eyes will swell and my Dr. did not seem worried she told me they were deep tissue hives called angiodema. good luck! stop itching (makes it worse, as do hot showers..
Small hives, giant hives, deep painful hives and itchy annoying ilight>hivesilight>. i've worken up in the morning with my ilight>eyesilight> ilight>swollenilight> shut or my lip bleeding because my lip was so stretched out it would blister and crack. my cheeks swollen and hard to my scalp and face itching so much i can't get any sleep. For 3 years. have been to an allegist and i'm not allergic to anything but apparently myself.
Hello, i have been suffering with ilight>hivesilight> since the beginning of July. Antihistamines even steroids will only make them go away briefly. i even quit my nuva ring because it was the only new thing that i had been exposed to, which seemed to work, they lessend until they were gone and bam i am broke out again today and the itching drives me crazy. i am scheduled to undergo allergy testing at the end of January. i really don't feel this is in response to an allergy. What else could be going on??
itch-hurt-itch-ilight>swollenilight>-red...horrible! The only thing worse than having ilight>hivesilight> is having ilight>hivesilight> on tight, already itchy, stretched out skin! i spoke to a few doctors the first ob in my practice that saw the hives said probably came in contact with something in the environment- Probably not from the Glucose test i took the day before. Spoke to another ob on the phone who said the yes, probably a reaction to the glucose drink itself- it is the only change in my diet that day.
After my flu shot my arm was ilight>swollenilight> and sore with small bumps and fever on the arm
When my family began using Tide Detergent ive been getting very large ilight>hivesilight> on my skin. They are usually between 4inches long to about 7 inches wide ( Yes , ive measured. ) Anyway as my mother began to use the Tide the problem of these hives got increasingly worse and worse. Now after about 4 months of using it it's now a daily occurance after i get out of the shower. Please tell me why this is happening. if so is there any kind of common allergen in there? P.
Suddenly i was having ilight>hivesilight>. it started with my face from around my ilight>eyesilight> then spread all over my body. ilight>Hivesilight> stayed and grew bigger over 24 hours then would go away slowly to appear somewhere else on my body. i saw so many dumb doctors that kept telling me i am allergic to some foods or make-up or other personal hygiene products. But i never had allergies before.
it started out with running only, but now i notice that i have a terrible problem if i go to the beach and swim or body surf. The ilight>hivesilight> attack my ilight>eyesilight> first and the swelling can last for days, though it usually diappears after just a couple hours when i work out. While i perfer natural remedies i won't say no to a pill. But for me it seems antihistamines make the hives worse--even the natural ones.
our dog hercules who is 4yrs old, woke up 1st with under his eye looking ilight>swollenilight> (as if he had bags under his ilight>eyesilight>, mostly on the right eye) later on we noticed that his snout is swollen, he could eat and his breathing seams normal..he is not acting out of character...we are going to monitor him throughout the night, if it gets worse we will take him to vet...........does anyone have any idea what could have caused this?
i woke up this morning with ilight>swollenilight> lips, that sometimes tend to be itchy. ive had this problem for a while before but it went away. my doctor gave me a cream saying that i have eczema on my lips, but the cream does not seem to be helping this time, is there something else i can do, or should i see another doctor?
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