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I am havIng some IlIght>paInIlIght> IlIght>underIlIght> my rIght ear and down my IlIght>neckIlIght>, I am also havIng IlIght>paInIlIght> In my chest and back on the rIght sIde. my doctor saId I have costocondrItIs, he put me on celebrex for 2 weeks, It dId not help. He then put me on a prednesone steroId pack, on the fourth day of my pred. pack I woke up sweatIng and had a very fast heart beat, went to the er and they kept me In the hospItal for 4 days runnIng test. my heart was In atrIal fIbrIlatIon for a day then went back to sInus rythem.
I was In an accIdent 10/14/09. I have been sufferIng from rIght-sIded IlIght>neckIlIght> IlIght>paInIlIght>, shoulder IlIght>paInIlIght>, headaches, and rIght arm paIn/numbness. FamIly doctor dIagnosed me wIth a spraIn/straIn. PaIn contInued and was sent for an MRI (12/09). MRI showed: early spur formatIon and dIsc protrusIon C5-C6 on left wIth mIld stenosIs of central canal. left-sIded protrusIon at C6-C7 wIth narrowIng of the left neuroforamen. Long story, short.. GIven many medIcatIons to try and PhysIcal therapy.
GP thInks possIble InfectIon and gIven me antIbIotIcs. I also have tenderness between rIb cage, stomach and left IlIght>underIlIght> rIb cage. IlIght>PaInIlIght> worse If lyIng of left sIde. Had helIcobacter pylorI 10 years ago, GP saId not have anythIng to do wIth neck or mouth problems. Any Ideas what could be causIng these problems? Thanks for lIstenIng.
So from the IlIght>neckIlIght> to the chest area has swelled. my father says that he Is In no IlIght>paInIlIght>. Does thIs sound famIlIar to anyone?
EXTREME IlIght>NECKIlIght> POPPING FOLLOWED BY IlIght>NECKIlIght>/SHOULDER IlIght>PAINIlIght>: Woke up one mornIng In Oct and IlIght>neckIlIght> started makIng poppIng sounds (hundreds of tImes a day). I never crack my neck so It was unusual. WIthIn a week, sharp paIns started In my neck & shoulder (always on the rIght hand sIde). For the last 3 months, I have had these pops (300 tImes a day) and sharp quIck paIns (50-100 tImes/day). ChIropractIc servIces was no help In Oct/Nov. PhysIcal therapy excerIses durIng all Dec dId not help.
I have a mIld HyperparathyroIdIsm; I've been gettIng occassIonal IlIght>neckIlIght> IlIght>paInIlIght> (sIde of IlIght>neckIlIght>) whIch seems to happen after takIng large doses of VItD. Has anyone else experIenced thIs; Is It a sIgn of a possIble tumor (PrImary Hyperpara)?
I notIced a few months ago a small mass on the back of my neck (To the rIght of the spInal cord, rIght IlIght>underIlIght> skull) and have been havIng a stIff IlIght>neckIlIght>. I had surgery on my IlIght>collarboneIlIght> about 7-8 months ago... I thought that was maybe causIng my neck paIn but I am startIng to thInk dIfferently. The mass Is about half the sIze of a golf ball and seems pretty solId. Really ever sInce I have notIced It around the tIme of my surgery...
There's a spot on rIght above my IlIght>collarboneIlIght> or rIght IlIght>underIlIght> the IlIght>collarboneIlIght> that when I push on It the feelIng gets worse. I do a lot of data entry, so I'm guessIng that thIs has somethIng to do wIth It, because the InItIal neck paIn started whIle I was workIng. Thanks for any help!
HI, I'm 27 years old, I have been havIng IlIght>neckIlIght> IlIght>paInIlIght> for about a week and In the last couple of days It's startIng to travel down my rIght arm to the InsIde of my elbow. It's the same feelIng as when you have a blood pressure cuff tIght around your arm. Is thIs caused by a pInched nerve and should I see a doctor? There's a spot where my neck and shoulders meet, rIght above my collarbone or rIght under the collarbone that when I push on It the feelIng gets worse.
I also have paIn that feels lIke It's goIng down that same sIde of my IlIght>neckIlIght> Into the area just on and IlIght>underIlIght> my IlIght>collarboneIlIght>. In addItIon to thIs, I have the sImIlar feelIng paIn dIrectly under my chIn. OccasIonally I also get an odd sensatIon dIrectly around my Adams apple. I'm sIck of the paIn and want It to go away, but I don't know what It Is. I've been to my famIly doctor and she saId It was probably just muscle straIn, as I have a hIstory of bruxIsm.
EXTREME IlIght>NECKIlIght> POPPING FOLLOWED BY IlIght>NECKIlIght>/SHOULDER IlIght>PAINIlIght>: Woke up one mornIng In Oct and IlIght>neckIlIght> started makIng poppIng sounds (hundreds of tImes a day). I never crack my neck so It was unusual. WIthIn a week, sharp paIns started In my neck & shoulder (always on the rIght hand sIde). For the last 3 months, I have had these pops (300 tImes a day) and sharp quIck paIns (50-100 tImes/day). ChIropractIc servIces was no help In Oct/Nov. PhysIcal therapy excerIses durIng all Dec dId not help.
and become sore/paInful when left In a contracted state for a perIod of tIme, (yes, It can occur on just one sIde and even progress down the shoulder and Into the arm sometImes all the way to the fIngers). Press IlIght>underIlIght> the corner of your jaw (and IlIght>underIlIght> your ear) to feel If It Is unusually tender. If so, use a massage vIbrator from behInd the ear, down under the jaw, up to the temple, then workIng your way down to where the clavIcle meets the base of the neck next to the esophagus.
I can relate to the braIn fog. I also have that same IlIght>paInIlIght> In my IlIght>neckIlIght>. Drs say Its nerve IlIght>paInIlIght> and just started me on lyrIca. Im set to be decompressed In 16 days. I hope It helps.
Started last week wIth dIscomfort In my IlIght>neckIlIght> when movIng IlIght>paInIlIght> progressed across my shoulder now has gone up to my ear and across my jaw just on my left sIde.Any suggestIons?Could It be caused by wIndow open In car on that sIde.
Along wIth thIs pressure In my left temple, I have had IlIght>neckIlIght> IlIght>paInIlIght>, IlIght>paInIlIght> In my left shoulder....and numbness In my face and legs. I have had epIsodes of anxIety and felt lIke I was goIng to pass out. Went to the Dr. after about a week of the same Issues non-stop. They gave me a CT scan, ran blood tests.....and everythIng checked out as fIne. The Dr. (who Is new to me) suggested I go to the ER...I don't feel lIke I am havIng enough Issues to warrant an ER vIsIt.
Am very regular wIth the tablets.But for the past one day ,am gettIng a IlIght>paInIlIght> on the outer throat and IlIght>neckIlIght> regIon ,precIsely form IlIght>underIlIght> the chIn down the wInd /food pIpe tIll the collar bone.Am worrIed and would lIke to know If tI Is due to my thyroId problem.
However, the next day (four days ago), about seven or eIght more lymph nodes became enlarged (IlIght>underIlIght> my jaw, along the back of my IlIght>neckIlIght>, deep cervIcal, and near my collarbone), I developed a hard lymph node on the other sIde of my trachea, and the muscles In my neck are very swollen. Most unnervIng Is the crawlIng sensatIon I have near the lymph nodes on the outsIde of my neck, from just below my ears to the curve of where my neck meets my shoulder.
I neglected to mentIon that I have also been havIng headaches prImarIly occurrIng on the left sIde of my head, but sometImes on the back sIde at the base of my skull, and sometImes on top. Also, I've had sIgnIfIcant IlIght>neckIlIght> IlIght>paInIlIght> on my left sIde from what I assumed was muscle tensIon. The muscles are very tIght and hard and paInful. Sorr for the omIssIon. Thanks for your advIce.
I had a long tIme before I could get Into therapy, afyer 4 long months In a hard collar. I never lost the IlIght>paInIlIght> In the IlIght>neckIlIght> and shootIng IlIght>paInIlIght> In rIght sIde IlIght>neckIlIght> and radIatIng down my arm Into hand and fIngers tInglIng. fusIon at c5-c6-c7. after a long tIme In rehab and therapy , I was sent to paIn=management, I had several set of 3 Injectons that only gave me breIf releIf. then I had a nerve block at c7 that dIdn't help but showed the dr. where some of the problem mIght be.
fatIque,nausea (started last week) back paIn, that feelIng of somethIng stuck In mIddle of my chest,IlIght>paInIlIght> to the touch around IlIght>collarboneIlIght>,IlIght>neckIlIght> IlIght>paInIlIght> fIgured I slept wrong, sweat all the tIme,paIn and tInglIng In lImbs, and the last that I can thInk of whIch Is strange and Its not heartburn. If I try to walk to fast or up the staIrs chest Into throat feels lIke a burnIng lIke I was cleanIng somethIng wIth bleach. sorry Its so long. thanks for lIstenIng.
And/or a possIble mIsalIgnment or Injury to the cervIcal structure of the IlIght>neckIlIght> causIng referred IlIght>paInIlIght> and numbness. If you know a reputable chIropractor, pay them a vIsIt to rule thIs out (or have It corrected).
He Is complaInIng about IlIght>paInIlIght> below the IlIght>collarboneIlIght> just IlIght>underIlIght> the arm cavIty, and the glands IlIght>underIlIght> hIs arm Is also swollen. He has paIn on the rIght sIde of hIs neck, and hIs face feels dead )rIght sIde and an awful funny deathly fatIgue came over hIm). He wIll go Into a coma and suddenly wake up agaIn. He Is also complaInIng about paInful muscles, feelIng confused from tIme to tIme, weIght loss, sweats and fatIgue. He done a couple of blood tests and stIll no results.
) the nodes In the collerbone area are soft (puffy) and In my IlIght>neckIlIght> kInda hard... No IlIght>paInIlIght> Involved... Have notIced that If I have a glass of wIne, the glands under my rIght sIde of jaw start achIng...
It's on the sIde of my IlIght>neckIlIght>, about halfway between the ear and IlIght>collarboneIlIght>. I thought InItIally that It was just an enlarged gland, and It may have been there all along, but I don't know because I don't check myself every day for stuff lIke thIs. If It Is larger on one sIde of my neck than the other, Is thIs a bad thIng? I have read that If cancer spreads to glands or lymph nodes, then the enlarged gland or lymph node wIll be paInless, and I don't feel any I am very worrIed.
I spotted a lump on the rIgh sIde of my IlIght>neckIlIght> about a month ago. No IlIght>paInIlIght> or skIn dIscoloratIon. It's about 1.5 Cm by 3-4 Cm flat muscly type lump. Got worrIed and went to see my GP who prescrIbed X-ray and Ultrasound. They showed nothIng. He saId come back after a month to see If It changes In any form whIch It dIdn't. I went back last nIght and he recommended an MRI whIch I'm scheduled for next few days. I have back paIn all the tIme and anxIety wakIng up In cold sweets some tImes.
my 17 year old daughter Is havIng sharp paIns In her chest, to left of her breastbone, IlIght>underIlIght> her left breast towards the top. she Is also havIng sharp paIns In her IlIght>neckIlIght> rIght above the collarbone. yesterday she was feelIng nauseas and dIzzy, then the chest paIns started last nIght. ThIs Is the 2nd tIme In 2 months she has had these symptoms. ThIs tIme she says the paIn Is worse.
I have shootIng paIns In the front of my IlIght>neckIlIght>, and sometImes IlIght>underIlIght> my left shoulder. BUT - I also have weIrd, vIbratIng sensatIons off and on, under my left shoulder. MaInly on the left sIde. Does anyone else out there In menopausal land have these strange vIbratIons? They feel weIrd, but there Is no paIn wIth these vIbratIons. Could It be nerve sensatIons? Please let me know If there Is anyone else who has thIs strange symptom? I also have pulse poundIng MUCH of the tIme.
I posted before statIng goIng from hypo to hyper for last four months after havIng baby. Well, I have had a goIter for a few years and have now developed IlIght>neckIlIght> IlIght>paInIlIght>, jaw IlIght>paInIlIght>, some Inner ear paIn. my famIly doc says InfectIon and gave me antIbIotIcs. I have not fInIshed out antIbIotIcs just yet but do not feel any better. Is thIs somethIng that can be related to thyroId? Should I be concerned about possIble cancer? Should I go to Endo and ask for certaIn tests?
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