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Drink milk.
I'm 19 weeks and for the past few days have woken in the morning with very painful foot or lower leg cramps. I have to wake my husband to get him to stretch my leg. Anybody had the same problem? Any suggestions?
I am 70 years old and take calcium supplements for osteoporosis and awhile after I started, I began to have leg (actually foot) cramps at night. Then I found out that calcium needs to be balanced with magnesium, and if the magnesium is low, it can cause leg cramps. I added one magnesium tablet (about130 mg) per day to my 500mg calcium three times daily and the foot cramps went away. (Clear it with her doctor, though, as magnesium can interact with some medications.
The cramps are either very strong or weak but repeated (I can have cramps on both legs at the same time). Foot cramps can get to 15 cramps on a row. L-carnitine had effect for one or two weeks but then came back to the same.Is this a muscle metabolic disorder? Should I look for other causes?
It's pregnancy related. I get foot and leg cramps really bad when pregnant especially at night. Nothing really helps I tried everything.
I've been having cramps in my foot off and on for awhile. Last night I had a bad cramp in my calf. Usually this is at night, but not always. Like right now I have a cramp in my foot. Last night I had such a bad cramp in my leg I had to hop out of bed and hobble around for quite awhile before it finally went away. Could this be a sign of dehydration? What else could it be?
I get pretty bad cramping and spacticity in my rt leg and foot. It sometimes gets so bad that I can't lift my rt leg or push it forward to walk. Thankfully this hasn't ever lasted more than a day at a time for me. My rt calf constantly feels like it's going to Charlie horse cramp. Nothing helps it. I also have weird, random twitches and jerks in legs, feet, hands, arms, even torso and neck. Once in the ER, a few months ago, and twice by different pcps, I was noted to have rt side weakness.
I swear i have one-three a night now for that last couple weeks, and now my lower leg in the back hurts really bad, like out of the blue. I just took a warm bath, and now i have slight cramping.
I am 24 weeks pregnant and I wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain. I have right lower leg cramps. Someone told me to stand up against the wall barefoot on a cold floor which actually worked for me. Also, drink the juice of olives in the can or pickles. I haven't tried that but I heard it works fast.
I have been getting horrible leg cramps at night that go away but if I put my foot on a certain position or are standing it comes back just not as pain full. Any advice?
Hey guys! I'm 27 weeks and I have the worst leg pains at night! They keep me from getting rest!....how do I get rid of them?
Eat bananas! Lots and lots of bananas! That helped me ward off the ungodly painful leg cramps a little.
i never stretch and should but i have cramping that is in my ankle,back of leg,feet,shin ect and the muscle is tender. i dont smoke nor drink so when i sleep at night it seems gone but when i wake up the pain is there and more painful under my toes which leaves but then the chronic pain starts. my leg is not pale,cool or clammy,no fever,no discloration and i can walk fine,i could run up 5 flights of stairs if i needed but the cramping is there.
If I get them in my leg or foot I just stretch out my leg when I get them and it goes away but that crap hurts
Does anyone know anything that will help with leg cramps. I get them all night every night and they are so painful. Please help!
Hi, ladies, Do you experience leg cramps? I have bad cramps at night and I wake up in a terrible pain. I've been taking magnesium and B6 vitamins for a while now,it doesn't seem to work. How do you manage with these cramps? Thanks!
I have been experiencing leg cramps and foot cramps for several weeks. I feel my legs have a tingling sensation and are weak. I am on numerous medications but the fruggist says they are all compatable and should not do this. The cramping worsens at night.
I know it comes with pregnancy but last night it was so bad I woke up 5 dif times with cramps in one or the other leg and once it was my calf and my whole foot and I had to get up and waddle around to get it to stop then when I laid back down it started up again and the other leg was cramping up too at the same time.
For your leg cramps, please try putting a bar of soap in your bed! I know it sounds nuts, but I used to get severe leg and foot cramps frequently, both day and night. I tried this method, figuring it was basically free, and couldn't do any harm, and I'm now a true believer. Cramps are gone -- unless I wear socks to bed, or the soap falls out or if I kick the covers off. Try it, it's a lot cheaper than seeing another doctor or buying meds. Any type of bar soap apparently works.
I know it sounds nuts, but I used to get severe leg and foot cramps frequently, both day and night. I tried this method, figuring it was basically free, and couldn't do any harm, and I'm now a true believer. Cramps are gone -- unless I wear socks to bed, or the soap falls out or if I kick the covers off. Try it, it's a lot cheaper than seeing another doctor or buying meds. Any type of bar soap apparently works. The bigger the bar the better.
I was just diagnosed last week with hepC but have had leg cramps, usually at night, for years. I take 500mg of Magnesium at night before I go to bed and have no problems with cramps til sometime in the early am so I take another dose and I'm pretty much cramp free. Until I read these postings I had no idea there was a connection between cramping and the liver.
cold tile floors... i remember waking up in the middle of the night with the worst leg cramps and i would get out of bed and hobble to the bathroom to stand on the cold tile floor and they are outta there!
Are leg cramps because of the meds? Last night I kept getting cramps in my toes and the front of my right shin. Not because of dehydration for sure. Drinking plenty of water. Is 5-6 16.9oz bottles enough throughout the day, or should I be drinking more. I ate 3 large bananas yesterday also & still cramps. Started feeling a little quezzy now and then yesterday. Has any one else had the leg cramps. And has any one tried Restful Legs from Walmart? I'm buying some today for later on today.
I Am 26W And Wake Up During The Night From These Awful Leg Cramps. They've Mainly Been In My Calve Muscles And Sometimes My Foot Arch. Please Someone Tell Me What's Going On And How Can I Keep This From Happening. Especially While I Sleep And Try To Stretch Or Move Into A More Comfortable Position. I'm Afraid To Move At Night Or Stretch now.
Rest cramps often occur during the night. While not life-threatening, night cramps (commonly known as nocturnal cramps) can be painful, disruptive of sleep, and they can recur frequently (that is, many times a night, and/or many nights each week). The actual cause of night cramps is unknown. Sometimes, such cramps are initiated by making a movement that shortens the muscle. An example is pointing the toe down while lying in bed, which shortens the calf muscle, a common site of cramps.
but the nighly cramps followed by a very strange painful tingling in outside of my right foot when twisted a certain way or when weight is on it. lots of cramps and strange muscle movements.. calves just roll like there is something moving under the skin. Tried everything... nothing seems to work. I do know one thing that triggers mine.. milk... I drink milk and boom.. cramps.. crazy huh?
I seem to get this alot sometimes waking up in the middle of the night with a leg cram. You all know how it is before starting tx that any little thing you pannic thinking oh my god this is from the hep? Starting treatment soon but just would like to know if anyone had this problem.
Hey Sue, Foot and leg cramps are an indication of low potassium or lack of hydration. Drink a bunch o water and if that doesn't do it, try some bananas. I run low on potassium due to my kidneys and usually that will do the trick. Nothing worse than "bird feet" as I call them, in the middle of the night.
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