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Avatar f tn I have very severe foot cramps toes curl and twist around and the pain is terrible.I was told its a symptom of ms.But i would ask your doctor as i am going to also.I cant do any standing or walking for night when i relax its worse.or if i stand on my tip toes or bend them they go into cramp mode real fast.i cry every time.
Avatar f tn The cramps are either very strong or weak but repeated (I can have cramps on both legs at the same time). Foot cramps can get to 15 cramps on a row. L-carnitine had effect for one or two weeks but then came back to the same.Is this a muscle metabolic disorder? Should I look for other causes?
Avatar f tn Rest cramps often occur during the night. While not life-threatening, night cramps (commonly known as nocturnal cramps) can be painful, disruptive of sleep, and they can recur frequently (that is, many times a night, and/or many nights each week). The actual cause of night cramps is unknown. Sometimes, such cramps are initiated by making a movement that shortens the muscle. An example is pointing the toe down while lying in bed, which shortens the calf muscle, a common site of cramps.
Avatar n tn Usually one foot at a time, it wakes her up at night, and is relieved with hot foot soaks and motrin. Its gone on for 3yrs. now and the only diagnosis we have is growing pain. The pain is now taking place in her hands and the last couple of weeks, her thighs. I have no medical history except that she is Mian Indian (very small) and was 6 weeks premie. Can anyone help, I can't stand to watch her suffer anymore, not to mention, we could all use some sleep. Thanks.
Avatar n tn My 83 year old mother has recurring severe leg cramps during the night. She takes a fluid pill occasionally. Could this be low potassium? or something more serious that she needs to have checked? What can she do to relieve the pain?
Avatar f tn Hi, You may have LOW Potassium in your system. If you have frequent and severe leg cramps at night, talk to your doctor. Treatment results vary. But the most effective treatments based on current research are: ? Vitamin B-12 ? Gabapentin If you do get a leg cramp, you may be able to make it go away by: ? Walking on the affected leg ? Massaging the affected muscle ? Straightening your leg and flexing your foot toward your knee until you feel the calf muscles stretch ?
Avatar n tn My twin daughters (who are now 8) have had leg and/or foot cramps since they were a year old which occur mostly in the early evening or at night. We had x-rays and blood tests done which turned up nothing. Our pediatrician says they are called "growing pains" and I have since found many articles on the subject.
Avatar n tn Many years ago I suffered severe leg cramps. I would get up in the morning and get charlie horses in both legs at once! That was horrible. The leg cramps went away on their on eventually. Home this helps.
Avatar m tn So far today, no cramps, just some soreness from last night. I'll take meds if necessary but hoping it was a one night thing and will not repeat as I'm in the process of getting off the treatment drugs. I hope this finds you well. If I remember correctly, you're back on the treatment drugs or you're about to be soon? If so, any different in sides after being off for a few weeks?
Avatar f tn Just thought I would let you know- coincidentally last night I woke up to a severe muscle cramp (charlie horse) in the middle of the night. It happened in my left calf, which is my affected side and also the one that has the neuropathy in my foot. I take a multivitamin religiously and I also drink a lot of fluids. I am fairly sure my cramps are due to my nerve dysfunction from my lumbar spine. I hope this helps you. I had one heck of a night and probably will be sore for a few days. Yikes!
Avatar n tn I need an answer for severe night time inner thigh cramps. sometimes traveling up and down the leg to the groin area. and down to the foot. usually in the thigh. i have tried using a product called "leg cramps" and it is quinine but it really hasn't helped. it is the worse pain i have ever had .. I have read that others have the same pain and wonder if anyone has found an answer for it.
1969780 tn?1325781633 I have SEVERE muscle cramps in my inner thigh either or, calves, toes and inner bottom of my foot ... and usually on my right side of my abdomin. As with others i i scream cry and beg for the pain to stop while i try to stretch it out , when they are done I feel severly bruised and sore for days. I have been diagnosed with HB, RA, OA, scoliosis, neuropathy, degenerated bonde disease, I have drank mustard, pickle juice, hot baths, poultices, calcuim, potassium, lots of fluids, etc...
529159 tn?1224994626 Has anyone had any problems with SEVERE muscle cramps and is it from the Fibro? Mine always hit the inside thigh muscle and are as bad as labor pains. They actually build and release just like a contraction. They are severe enough to make my cry and all I can do is try to stretch them out and put Biofreeze on them. I can't take many more of these. Any ideas what this might be coming from?
Avatar f tn My first question is about foot cramps. I have read a little about pregnant women getting cramps in their legs, and I had one last week. But I have been struggling w/ really BAD foot cramps..I woke up the other night and I was almost in tears because I could not get the cramp out...Is foot cramping common as well? I think I read leg cramps could come from a lack of calcium, could that be the case w/ foot cramps as well? I am taking a horse of a prenatal vitamin, lol!
Avatar m tn Hi. I have also been diagnosed with HCv and currently m in third week of my tx. Before starting the treatment , me too used to have cramps especially in feet and near knee area. Sometime i feel that some has injected a pin in arm or thigh or a sometime when i stodd up after sitting a while, i feel a sudden pain in m anckle that i cant put weight on that foot.
Avatar n tn Hi ladies, is anyone suffering from leg/foot cramps. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and they've started coming on badly in the evenings and during the night in the last few weeks. I'm trying to drink lots of water and have a topical magnesium cream but nothing helps. So painful and causing really disturbed sleep. Any ideas?
5365989 tn?1394396390 I get severe cramps in my calves so I talked to my doctor about it and he said it sounds like a combination of a calcium,potassium, and magnesium deficiency. I would bring it up next time you see your doctor.
Avatar n tn Have the same feeling in my left foot. started last night. age 29 male Symptoms similar to many posts. "Puring cat" discribes it the best Have a bit of stress, reoccuring back pain (every 4 - 5 months), recently have the feeling of constipation without actually being constipated, had reoccuring UTI's about a year ago (3 occurances), to wich my doctor has but down to a re-occuring fisha?, recently had a fluctuation in blood pressure which has returned to normal now.
198154 tn?1337790865 I know it sounds nuts, but I used to get severe leg and foot cramps frequently, both day and night. I tried this method, figuring it was basically free, and couldn't do any harm, and I'm now a true believer. Cramps are gone -- unless I wear socks to bed, or the soap falls out or if I kick the covers off. Try it, it's a lot cheaper than seeing another doctor or buying meds. Any type of bar soap apparently works. The bigger the bar the better.
Avatar n tn For your leg cramps, please try putting a bar of soap in your bed! I know it sounds nuts, but I used to get severe leg and foot cramps frequently, both day and night. I tried this method, figuring it was basically free, and couldn't do any harm, and I'm now a true believer. Cramps are gone -- unless I wear socks to bed, or the soap falls out or if I kick the covers off. Try it, it's a lot cheaper than seeing another doctor or buying meds. Any type of bar soap apparently works.
Avatar n tn Agian this has been over the past 6 months. Then about 6 weeks ago it the drop foot became severe in the right foot and 7 - 10 days later moved to the left foot. Are these symptoms related or just coincidence? I am wondering how I would have the exact same conditon in both legs if this is a peroneal nerve problem. Is that common in this type of presentation? My other question would be in regards to cause.
Avatar n tn Can Hepatitis C cause severe leg cramps at night and if so what vitamin or over the counter medicine can help this? We are currently taking Milkthistle 2000 mgs a day.
1182479 tn?1273376014 05, just one hour to go before i would have gotten up anyway, I have been sitting here crying like a baby, not with the pain so much, though that is sure bad enough, but just through sheer frustration, of not being able to do anything about it, I have paced the floor most of the night trying to keep the spasms or cramps, out of my foot, The cramp or spasm whatever it is in my left hand, has not cleared for over an hour, and the finger seems to be stuck at the pulled down position and the pa
Avatar f tn I had a lot of leg cramps on treatment. They got pretty severe but I never found a good solution for them. Drinking a lot of water was always my doctor's answer, but I suppose, as cando says, you might end up short on potassium.
3211536 tn?1359389169 When I was cirrhotic I had horrible leg cramps in my calves at night. What worked best was to get up and walk around. It's hard at first, because of the pain but it works. Roll to the edge of the bed and hang your leg down. Then go ahead stand up and slowly walk. It really worked for me, I guess it's because it gets the circulation going. I got to where I could catch them before they cramped up too bad.
Avatar f tn When I do the 24mg a day I have severe hamstring cramps only at night. Also severe side pains all the time. My family Dr has ran test but cannot find anything wrong. My sub prescribing Dr says the meds won't cause this kind of reaction.
Avatar f tn Ever since I have had sometimes severe muscle twitches and cramps in my toes, calf, top of my foot, heel, etc. It keeps me up at night, and is very distracting and sometimes painful. I asked around (a few friends who probably don't know lol) and they said it could be the nerve either mis-firing, or trying to regrow. My neurosurgeon says that if I haven't gotten anything back within the first year after damage, I won't. He says it's the nerve randomly firing with no real purpose.
Avatar m tn 5 hrs after eating junk food my legs and feet start fasiculating, then i know im in trouble about 20 min after that i start with severe leg cramps. it will be calves, anterior and lateral and of course posterior aspects of lower legs and sometimes up the interior aspect up my mostly right thigh, you talk about pain full it is a 10 on the rictor scale. sometimes my toes will cramp so bad i have to step on my foot with my other foot to straighten it out.