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Avatar_f_tn Starting this new anti-inflammation med and I read it could cause weight gain and swelling.....anyone have this as a symptom? How well does it work? Have a lot of pain from herniated discs in my neck and back.
Avatar_m_tn If you are concerned about the medication, talk to your doctor and see if there is another option, maybe something that is not as strong to try for starters and, if that does not work out, move up. Many of us have to weight the side effects against the benefits considering all of the ways our conditions effect our lives. Hope some more specific personal experience info will be posted here soon.
Avatar_n_tn Now after reading about Meloxicam side effects today, I am suspecting that perhaps the issue is the Meloxicam. My symptoms seem slightly different each day. Initially it was a few days of mostly lower leg weakness and overall lack of energy. That changed to a few days of lower leg tingling and numbness, and then the numbness and tingling moved to mostly my right side leg and arm and slightly in my left leg.
1252901_tn?1271135468 It reduces pain, swelling, and stiffness of the joints. Meloxicam is a NSAID. It is not a narcotic. How this medication will work for you will depend upon your pain source and of course how well your system personally responses to it. I have taken it and it did nothing for my pain. However my pain is beyond responding to an NSAID. Careful to not upset your stomach lining. Be sure you take it as directed and never on an empty stomach.
Avatar_f_tn My doctor suggests that I try Norspan/Transtec plasters, does anyone have experience using that for Fib/CFS? I would be very happy to hear from others :) Springtime greetings from Jayjay.
685623_tn?1283485207 turn adversaries into allies (I hate to admit that I agree with Humane Wayne...). How would a continued punishment of Michael Vick stop dog fighting? How would keeping Michael from doing a job that he is qualified for and (in some people's eyes) good at, stop the murder of other dogs? I firmly believe that education is the key to stopping so many of our cruel acts against our furry friends. It's really one of the top reasons that I am so excited to get out of bed each and every morning.
Avatar_m_tn Try to keep a log of what your dog does every day. Does he stop tripping one day? Does he manage to stand all through dinner one day? The progress is very slow. But if it's just drug side effects, it will get better. Be understanding if your dog begins to soil the house. Get some baby gates and put him some place safe (we blocked our dog in the kitchen). Laminated fabric is also handy to have. And hang in there! It will pass, and you'll get your friend back within a month.
522415_tn?1242941355 that understands me and my pain but it took me about 7 years to get to this point. I have found that oxy and oxycotin does work for me I am on a oxy ir for immediate pain and a long lasting oxycotin for long coverage. there are other pian meds that I have tried and they don't work. every person is different and need different care.
175688_tn?1297560247 Sorry for being so impatient but I posted a question awhile ago about taking Meloxicam or Elavil to help with withdrawals from vicodin....does anyone know if either one of these helps or what I can do in order to make this go smoother?? Please let me know.
1930941_tn?1400111122 Not sure if you all remember but i have complained about a lot of muscle aches and thought maybe it was PAWS. Well its not....had blood work done on Monday and its showed positive Arthritis and high sed rate. I have been clean and sober for 308 days and the pain recently has really been pushing my limits. Maybe I never noticed that last few years cause of the pain meds I took. But I am only 42, and now this crap.
Avatar_m_tn Now the doctors have sent me to see a specialist this Friday coming, I am sure it is sciatica in the worst degree, does anyone know how I can stop this pain for now anyway. Will I need an operation to cure this?
Business_man2 mineral tablet (“A to Z” brand), - 1 raspberry keytone (sold by Walgreens), - 2 fish oil soft gels 1200mg (Walgreens brand) , - 2 ibuprofen (200mg each) usually, OR 2 acetaminophen (500mg each), OR 2 naproxen sodium (220mg each), OR 1 Rx meloxicam 15mg. (Pain killer taken for residual pain from knee being “scoped” 1/20/12) What is the doctor’s opinion?
Avatar_m_tn It is an expensive drug, but so was our habit. I understand that it does not work for everybody, but I certainly think it is worth a shot for some of you. Let me know what you think. Do you think taking Lyrica is cheating? I do feel a little guilty, because when I took it my body went ahhhh. I thought it would work like a stronger aspirin, but it works much better.
Avatar_m_tn It turned out that I was allergic to the stuff. I wonder if it's worth reassessing how well Tramadol does or doesn't work for the FMS?
982333_tn?1305792489 Also, from taking 2-3 of them within a few hours, they made me extemely dizzy and out of it. I did not like that feeling, and it made it hard to drive or work. I am now taking Meloxicam. It is not helping, and gives me an extremely bad stomach ache. It feels like someone is cutting my stomach open with a knife. I told my doctor, and she indicated to give it " more time" and " eat crackers". I told her the Tylenol 3 and Norco KINDOF helped..
Avatar_f_tn Currently she is taking 12.5 mg Methotrexate, 12.5 mg injections of Enbrel twice weekly and 7.5 mg of Meloxicam. She has been having temps of 99-101 for the last year and a half and thigh pain for 3 years. All the doctors conclude that this all may be her arthritis. I don't believe that. I am worried they are missing something. They have done 2 bone marrow biopsys and both have come back neg. But they were done with all of the medication in her.
168348_tn?1379360675 My Ankle therapy shows 50% loss of range of motion .. how does a tinfoil head clucking chicken get around on one foot I ask ? I am managing ok taking breaks during the day and icing things down, etc., etc.
Avatar_n_tn I have been tested for RA, lupus and gout. All have been negative. My doctor has had me on a trial perscription of pms-meloxicam, having already tried celebrex and naproxin. The meloxicam has been excellent for my feet and elbow but over the past two weeks my knee has taken a turn for the worse. As a matter of fact I found this forum this morning because I am home from work after being up all night with a throbbing pain and my mobility this morning is terrible.
982333_tn?1305792489 I ended up finding a wonderful doctor. She is a very intelligent Romanian woman. They must have wonderful medical schools in Romania, because she was able to determine the cause of my undiagnosed joint pains, with 1 VISIT. She was so sweet and really cared. She made a promise to me that she would never waste my time or money, with unnecessary tests and visits. I thought that was really cool.
534785_tn?1329595808 This could be a result of one of the medications I'm on, though (Provigil, Meloxicam, ibuprofen, Rhinocort Aqua, Clarinex). My serum calcium was measured by two different labs (a week apart) as 9.6 then 9.3 (max normal value was 10.1 for both labs). I'm not sure if this is worrisome or not, but I'm going to guess that it isn't. Bottom line? Ultrasound wasn't very clear.
Avatar_f_tn I gave started on a medicine called meloxicam. It's almost like a really strong Tylenol and does wonders! Hope this helps, it should pass soon.
1165896_tn?1263571386 The pain medication to stop my pain is not working. The medication is Meloxicam 7.
5082295_tn?1371254511 I just started Mobic (meloxicam) a few days ago and they say I should work fast. Im taking one 7.5 tab a day for Piriformis syndrome which is a disorder that occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or otherwise irritated by the piriformis muscle. I really don't see any difference in my pain level at all, I had more help w ibphrofen, should I take that right now too? could I increase the dose till I talk to my doc on Monday or should I give it more time to work?
Avatar_m_tn They start at your feet and work up with an ultrasound machine. what it does is checks how well your blood is flowing to your feet. With the amount of alcohol you drink it may also just be a problem of not drink enough water that night and/or the next morning and so your body is retaining what water it has.
Avatar_f_tn Ibprofen and other things don't seem to help it. I do not know how to make if feel better. Some of it is in the muscles that are extremely tight and others seem like joint pain. Just wondering. My doctors won't prescribe anything else. I have tried Lyrica and a bunch of arthritis meds. Again I am undiagnosed so they are also trying to figure out what I have.
Avatar_f_tn so i call and ask for something different and they give me 15mg meloxicam which does the same thing. I'm so frustrated with my doctor. I to know where I can get prescribed something that actually works and a doctor who takes me seriously.
Avatar_f_tn I went back and he gave me cyclobenzaprine and more diclo to de-tense my muscles - the combo seemed to work great for 10 days and the pressure was less, the pain was less and the pinching went away. But as soon as I was off it went away. At this point OTCs didn't help except BC Powder. I went to a neuro and had an MRI no contrast and came back clear.
Avatar_f_tn Sounds like Gall bladder cholic ,go on a low fat diet no dairy no eggs, no cheese, dont eat late into the evening , if it gets worse you may want to get it checked out, beets and cucumber can help ease it, apple juice, its all to do with eating ,it really hurts doesnt it, and radiates into the Back, if you google Gall Bladder Attack you can print out foods to avoid and foods you can eat, they even tell you how to flush a gall stone out drinking Olive oil and Lemon juice.
Avatar_f_tn My question is; does anyone have suggestions for something EFFECTIVE that I can take for long term, chronic pain w/out the old monkey showing up? I'm too old and much too tired to entertain that nasty little creep again but I am going to have to take something for pain until forever. As little Acetominophen as possible bc of the Hep C.