How long does it take for meloxicam to work

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Avatar m tn I am unable personally to take the drug as it is a NSAID and unfortunately for me I am allergic to all nsaids. I hope others reply to your post. I know with all drugs there are side effects. I always review a drug or cream before I used it. I know my Rhumatologist gave me some rx cream but after I read the very fine print i realized it was also an nsaid. It would have been dangerous for me to apply it!!
Avatar n tn My dr prescribed me 15 mg of Meloxicam per day but said I could just take it as needed for my knee. I took it once the first week and the next day when I woke up I noticed my legs were so weak and sore I could barely walk. Almost like I had an intense leg day at the gym. I figured I just needed to get up and get moving around but my legs felt like that all day. I didn't equate this episode with the Meloxicam. However, last night I took one to help my knee.
Avatar m tn He shows no sign of affection/emotion, etc and has been on it a week and a half. I see that it can take a few weeks for a dog to get used to the new side effects. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can keep him safe during this time? He is an indoor dog and bc of his bathroom issues right now we leave him in the kitchen all the time. But even then, if he pees on the floor he is stepping in it and falling (we have tile floors).
Avatar f tn My father in law is on Tramadol 50mg 3 times a day and it use to work for him and now it don't. I think his body is just use to it and it won't work anymore. I am trying to talk him into getting on a new pain med cause I really hate to see him in pain all the time (like me). I have alot of face pain due to some bad dentist working on me and didn't know what they was doing. So I get to live with the pain for the rest of my life.
685623 tn?1283485207 With a mentor like Tony Dungy, I think Michael has a better than average chance of staying true to his word and working to help resolve some of the damage he has done. For those of you who don't know Coach Dungy, he was here in Indianapolis for many seasons coaching the Colts. During that time, there were very few cases of any kind of criminal or deviant behavior by any Colts player. Compare that to the Pacers (our NBA team) who routinely have 3 or 4 players arrested each year!
1155483 tn?1262436247 Now, I have researched a bit about the drug, checking the insert and also several websites, such as, and all of them say not to take the medication for longer then 5 consecutive days and that it is not indicated for the treatment of chronic pain. I am worried of the side effects and the specific warning of the 5 day maximum.
522415 tn?1242941355 I do not know how it is for others, but for me I have never been able to get a Docter to give me more meds for my pain. I only take my cymbolta and busepar and balacet. And sometimes I feel as if im going mad. But my doc wont help me. So i go to the emergency room and they always help me.
Avatar f tn My question is; does anyone have suggestions for something EFFECTIVE that I can take for long term, chronic pain w/out the old monkey showing up? I'm too old and much too tired to entertain that nasty little creep again but I am going to have to take something for pain until forever. As little Acetominophen as possible bc of the Hep C.
1916673 tn?1420236870 The Free-T4 test is usually much more accurate, but it tends to take longer to get the results back. It is useful to mention that some medications (notably phenobarbital) can also reduce T4. Sight hounds normal T4 is always a third to a half lower than other breeds. Sight hound breeds include Greyhounds, Salukis, Afghan hounds, Whippets, Borzois, Irish Wolfhounds, Pharaoh hounds and Ibizan hounds.
Avatar f tn It's crazy how you've had so much come your way, and have had to fight through and overcome so much in your life, yet it is the pills and the addiction that finally takes you down. That just goes to show how serious, conniving, and over powering addiction is. IT can take the strongest people and break them down so far that they are willing to do almost anything to get out. It is sad, the way addiction tears threw people's lives and takes you down a path of darkness and despair.
Avatar n tn Which means the possibility does exist! I asked how I can be tested for it now. He said I need to confront my surgeon and ask him for a sample of the screws or pins inserted in my neck". He could then test me for the allergy. He also said that I would develop weakness, redness and warmth over the area that they were placed in. So, If any of you REALLY think that this allergy is a possibility then get a sample of the metal from your surgeon and take it to an allergist and get tested.
Avatar f tn Hello I have just recently ben diagnosed with kienbock disease in my left wrist and I am due to have the same operation as you go shorten the bone in my arm. Can I ask how long this helped you for?
982333 tn?1305792489 I ended up finding a wonderful doctor. She is a very intelligent Romanian woman. They must have wonderful medical schools in Romania, because she was able to determine the cause of my undiagnosed joint pains, with 1 VISIT. She was so sweet and really cared. She made a promise to me that she would never waste my time or money, with unnecessary tests and visits. I thought that was really cool.
1165896 tn?1263571386 I had that prescribed to me when I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and with TN it does nothing but make me pass out. Try some Tremidol (has to be prescribed) or Oxycodone. The burning sensation will not go away, but any other pain associated with it might be dissolved.
5082295 tn?1371254511 ), so he gave it to me as a trial and told me just to discontinue if it didn't work for me. That doctor thought I had arthritis and fibromyalgia because my joints in my hands and ankles were swollen and prescribed Mobic for it but at the end I went to a rheumatologist and after a lot of blood tests he told me I didn't have arthritis nor fibromyalgia. They still don't know what I have.
5792205 tn?1374360715 Your doctor should be able to set up a realistic taper schedule for you. When taking opiates long term, it is always a good idea to take a 'drug holiday' to re-evaluate your true pain levels. Whatever decision you make, we will be here for you. Withdrawls can be hard, but they are doable. This site is full of wonderful, supportive people who can help you through it. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and hope that you can find some comfort.
356518 tn?1322267242 Hi Jazmon, I really wish you would have began a new thread (question). You will obtain better responses and visibility. For those that don't know - Meloxicam (Mobic) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body. - Meloxicam is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis in adults. Maloxicam contains Naproxen sodium 220 mg (naproxen 200 mg) which is also a NSAID.
Avatar m tn I completely agree and he had changed it to 1 1/2 every 5 hours, but the pain was coming on strong within about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, so he told me to try to take them closer together but back to one at a time. It seems like work ok this way, but when I've tried to cut out the somas because of the drowsiness, I seem to over compensate with the vicodins even though they both help completely different problems.
Avatar f tn Ive taken it a few times but it never did anything for my pain but it might work for you so if he says to try it, it wont hurt....I hope your day is going well...Keep your head up your doing a wonderful job...Im thinking of you always....I havent been on hear much I have some health issues im dealing with going for a cardiac cath. tomorrow morning scared to death, they have to sedate me a little and I dont want anything in my body im gonna try and do it without.....
Avatar f tn Did I read you correctly that this reaction happened after you LOWERED the dose? If so, how long after lowering the dose did this began to happen? And how long has this been going on? Is the tightness in the throat only when eating? Does he have any stomach problems?
Avatar f tn Sorry your hubby is unsympathetic about it. It is hard to get used to that's for sure. Your doctor should do tests to make sure it's not lupus, rheumatoid, or any other autoimmune distinguishable through blood work. That's what mine did, complete exam, and some x- rays. We've managed it well for quite some time, even though I do flare. It'll never be perfect but you do the best you can. Start exercising now, if you don't already, and it'll help you more than you think it will. Best wishes.
975514 tn?1325001538 I sure do hope that it becomes FDA approved sooner than later. New medications for FM and CFS-ME take a long time to work their way through the system. It's very sad for those who suffer, and now with the recent discovery of the XMRV retrovirus, I hope new alternatives will become available to treat the infected people properly.
605877 tn?1301704246 Do you have any other symptoms accompanying this inflammation/pain? It really sounds like it may just be something viral, but it could take awhile to get over it. I hope you feel better soon! If you see your doctor anytime soon, ask him/her what NSAID would be best for relieving the pain you're in and reducing the inflammation you're experiencing in particular areas.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors! Welcome to Part 53. This thread is full of helpful and kind people who want to help you get off this terrible drug. Please snuggle in and make yourself comfy. I know you can do it!
10977101 tn?1414282594 but my period pain got so made i ended up missing work for a week and for the ER doctor to not do anything but give me crappy pain meds. it continued to be like this for another two years. i still had no health insurance. i try my best to not call out of work and just ignored the pain again. one day i noticed i was having really bad low back pain and there was a bump there. my boyfriend and i, went to a chiropractor close by our apartment.
Avatar f tn I am going to request to add you as a friend so it is easier to follow you. Keep up the good work!! The worst will be over soon and you can look forward to living the clean life.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! We're all so glad to see you here. This is the place to be if you are trying to recover from Tramadol ... Please make yourself at home!
168348 tn?1379360675 I have switched to Mobic (brand name for Meloxicam) NSAID. 15mg pill. Took first one last night. So far ok with Synthroid that I took an hour ago. Only thing is that not much pain relief ??? but I wonder if it "builds up" in my system .... I am hoping that it is going to work as taking it once a day is nice vs. 3X for the other one with side effects of dizziness/tired with the Synthroid. Being time-released is nice even dosing 24hrs long.