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For the last two days I have woken up with a yellow, crumbly crust covering my lips. I have been applying Vaseline liberally, and while that helps keeps my lips nice and moist, I still have this crust developing and I often feel as though my lips are weeping or sweating. Is this an infection? If it is, will I need a prescription for an antibiotic cream or is there one I can get OTC? It started off as regular chapped lips, but I think the chap is largely gone now thanks to the Vaseline.
My son eczena started out on the cheek and later it gets on the head and on his back. Eczema on the head will exhibit yellow crust which what they call craddle cap? (i may be wrong on the name) and this yellow crust may appear in the ear lobe. my son has those and after few oppointments to the doctor, he confirmed he is allergic to the cow's protein in the formula so we switched his formula to Soy (Isomil) and eczema on the face disssapeared now followed by the one on the head.
1. Do you think the doctor was right about the eczema and folliculitis diagnoses? Can they cause the weeping of the red bumps in the skin? Can they cause the clear tiny water bumps that were mostly by themselves (1 on left side of pubic region, 2 clear at base/scrotum, 3 on center pubic region)? they were very tiny, and never ulcerated, but they did appear on the skin. Scared of herpes. 2. If it were herpes, would the medication have helped healed that fast (within 1-5 days)? 3.
Second, not only do they itch but they tend to ooze out fluids that ends up as yellow crust. Third, and the most unusual one, is that they end up parallel on my body. For example, if one of them pops up on my right arm or leg or foot or side of back etc., everywhere but my head and private areas thank goodness, then there will be another one pop up on the left arm or leg or foot etc.. I really need some help with this one and I'm really hoping that it's not Eczema!!!
When the sun hits my feet they become yellow and crusted, The crust comes off easily. Should I stay out of the sun or wear socks, or is this helping me shed the old useless skin.
5 cmm filled withe clear fluid on dorsal suface of the glans near to the uretheral meatus than to the coronal border , I put Acyclovir again but it ruptured leading to raw area and ulcer about 2cm size with edges are hyreamic, it was extremely painful, and covered with yellow crust and another ulcer around and surrounding the uretheral meatus 2-3 mm lead to burning +++ micturition with some pus before urine come , this burning not only due to meatal ulcer but also the distal third of the urethr
Hi, Yes. This is expected especially if you have scratched this severely. Was the itching severe enough? Were there any excoriations or wounds due to scratching in the area? I suggest you have this assessed by your dermatologist. You may need to have this assessed. This appears to be a case of dermatitis. Have you been applying some medications on the area? I suggest you take some medications for the itching to help prevent worsening of the skin condition.
I've had eczema in my ears for 15 yrs. It is very cyclical, starting w/intense uncontrollable itching, then clear fluid leaking from skin, followed by crusting over & flaking of skin in ears that is itchy in & of itself, leading to more scratching & picking at ears. The skin in my ears gets very damaged and ratty during outbreaks. I also have swelling of the ear canal after these itch/scratch episodes that are sometimes quite painful, & Motrin helps that. ENT Dr.
I have a history of eczema that has actually cleared up probably 98% now. But i have a new problem which I believe is eczema related. I've had this problem for several years now. It seems that my lips have gotten super sensitive. General description of the problem: tiny watery blisters that crust over and peel off along the edge of my lips, itching and redness along with some swelling.
The first time I got this was a several months ago during test period. It went away quickly. It forms around my middle finger near the web of the fingers and a bit below the knuckles. (I know it's not scabies, I looked it up & its closer to eczema) This time, it's on my right hand again but something weird happened.
Parasites can definitely cause this to happen, as can leaky gut...but leaky gut usually causes a rash without a yellow crust. Have you been checked to make sure it isn't something contagious?
My skin complaint was as if i had smeared shavin foam around my mouth, (except it would be a yellow crustyness) and therefore what i am describing, is an even layout of this yellow crust, no bumps or sores etc. I always seemed to get this crust only if i had been in contact with the sea, aka salt water. So my question to you is, do you think this may be anything other than Impetigo? And is it likely that i could contract it on the cruise ship without going into the sea water?
It all started with a dry spot of skin just under my bottom lip that progressed then to yellow crust and sometimes weeping. I now have a red line around my lips with yellow crusting on the corner of my top lip and bottom lip. Ive tried hydrocortisone creams but i beleive im now immune to them and i have also been on zovriax tablets that didnt help at all. Im not normally too bothered by my lips but theyre getting worse now.
it has spread on and off to areas of my whole body. when i have popped them they puss with a yellow crust and they also itch like crazy. more touched them they spread i went four months once with out any though. i have went to seven drs and they have all said different things, like impetigo that i was treated, eczema and staph. no one has ever did a swab or did a lab test. im looking for any ideas. they will go away and than come back.
It starts off with a deep red sore, than lifts to a even blister, pusses into a yellow crust. It is the most painful thing i have had to endure. To day i went out in the sun for 20 mins and i developed a red rash all over my face that is painfully itchy and swells. Than my usual lip condition started developing! This has happened many times. I have been to the doctors they mentioned school sores. I am 24 years old.
it has also been returning to normal in the centre...well almost normal, darkened scab. when I wash it it seems to break away an outer crust then a liquid start to leave the skin(yellow clear). I'm really worried that it will continue to spread and I'm going abroad in a 2 weeks time I wouldn't want it to interfere with my flight plans.
It didn't hurt only when I rubbed something against it (and only for a few seconds). A yellow crystallized crust formed on it and the bumps on my upper lip started getting a little worse. I went to my doctor and she diagnosed me with impetigo and gave me an antibiotic. After 3 days, I noticed a vast improvement and stopped taking the medication, as my doctor said, after 10 days when the antibiotic lasted 14 days.
Then on from that I started breaking out in blisters/lumps which had yellow crusts coming out, this covered my whole body so bad I was put in hospital for a week, they didn't find a reason for it, but I got treated with Antibiotics through the drip and cortisone creams, and towards the end I was put on Cortisone tablets which pretty much cleared my skin completely, when I started to cut down on the Cortisone tables it started to break out again, so I went back to another dermatologist and was p
Now, that I compare it to my other nipple it seems quite different, the glands seem larger,and the cleft is deeper and wider, and when the nipple is really erect there is a yellow ring around the nipple, almost like blanching. No spots of eczema on the areola. No definite sores, but general flakiness.I had a mammogram 3 years ago, that was fine, and my last manual (done by gyn) was a year ago, also fine. Recently, I did have 2 patches of impetigo, (thanks to kindergarten!
However, I woke up in the middle of the night about two nights ago gnawing on my lip, I guess it was itchy. When I got up the next morning part of my lips were covered in a yellow-ish crust, like they had been weeping pus. It still hasn't gone away, and I can feel my lips weeping a little. I've thought about what I might've done differently the last couple of days and have come up with two things. One is that I used a facial soap in the shower, which I don't usually do.
I've been to several dermatologists who don't seem to be able to diagnose it, although they have treated it for herpes, impetego, eczema, and rosacea. The yellowish liquid leaks out for the first day or two and keeps forming a huge yellow scab over the blister. Its very annoying. Please let me know if you figure out what it is!
(chancroid symptoms usually have only a few limited ulceration, with other few symptoms that i am not suffering from) 7 days or more has passed, i have also infected my right eye with these black-centered sores, i can see one sore is on the bottom of my eyelid, and seems like starting to grow a second one, my eyes are swollen and has clear pus coming out continuously and forms a yellow crust after time. and also finding out my right glands on my neck are swollen too..
5 cmm filled withe clear fluid on dorsal suface of the glans near to the uretheral meatus than to the coronal border , I put Acyclovir again but it ruptured leading to raw area and ulcer about 2cm size with edges are hypraemic, it was extremely painful, and covered with yellow crust and another ulcer around and surrounding the uretheral meatus 2-3 mm lead to burning +++ micturition with some pus before urine come , this burning not only due to meatal ulcer but also the distal third of the ureth
The lesions tend to grow from hair follicles and develop may develop a yellow crust. Clinically and pathologically, the condition has the features of both eczema and psoriasis.
These came and went twice over a 4 day period. they itch, and sometimes leak clear/yellow liquid. They do not crust, they are skin colored and cannot be noticed unless you look closely, no pain just minor swelling and itching and they come and go over a weeks period. Im thinking it is either Eczema or Impetigo. It is like i keep getting a food allergy on my upper lip over and over again, but im not allergic to any foods.
Some are white, but do not pop. When the small clusters break a sort of dark yellow crust appears. They also break open while I smile, and they burn. (I have been told by 4 diff. derms. it is NOT Rosacea) I just don't understand why this won't get in control after 2 years of trying. At the same time this facial rash showed up a rash on my groin and nipples started.
Stopping the Valtrex caused another staph infection, this time a red inflamed patch that looked like chemical burns, on my face. This then turned yellow and began to flake and ooze slightly. No dermatologist or infectious disease doctor knows what this is. They said I seem to have symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, but the onset was overnight. They are at a loss for what these lesions are, but insist it is not herpes. I am not convinced, as they began when the herpes did.
a persistent cough, producing yellow to green to brown phlem, depending on how heavy i'm smoking around the time, sinus infection, hoarseness that lasts about a week with no pain, general ill feeling, loss of appetite. The first outbreak was followed by numerous extremely painful ulcers in my right nostril(the right nostril of my partner also). This lasted a month or more. the ulcers seemed to form, swell, pulsate, ooze a clear fluid that smelled bad, crust over and heal.