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I just added the calorie counter to my phone so I can really see how many calories I'm eating per day. What I did notice, and since have changed, is that I was eating too much protein. My BG levels had crept up to 150 and I had started eating these low carb high protein bars as snacks. Once I stopped eating those my BG levels came down to the 130's. I have since reduce protein amounts and I'm seeing fasting numbers in the 120 and under range.
aren't specific to low-carb diet, as much as you'd love them to be. Low- carb, high-carb, medium-carb, no-carb. You can find lower-nutrient food in all levels of macronutrient intakes. Big deal. If you are telling me that people on high-carb diets always get adequate nutrients because it’s a “magical all-inclusive dietary solution,” you’ve got your head you-know-where. Try again.
I don't have to be totally carb-free (that's just insane and ridiculous as we NEED carbs for energy) but it should be low carb (beans, whole wheat, etc.). So hit me with your favorite low carb recipes!!! I NEED THEM! I hate seafood, though. And meat really grosses me out but I will eat it. Chicken and beef mostly. I love veggie soups and some cream soups, especially with the cold coming. I don't know about sandwiches and wraps (LOVE them) on a low-carb diet?!
Satin, those are really low carb veggies. You can keep eating those. If you stick to LEAN meats only, trim off the fat, use egg whites, etc., you can lose more quickly, but it really isn't necessary. So you lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks? That's terrific. Some of that will be water weight from using up your glycogen stores, but who cares? It's weight you no longer carry around. I don't think eating veggies is "messing up.
more cells are produced than were there before, in anticipation of more muscle being needed for prevention of future lifting injury (the body senses the need) and so hence muscles get bigger. Unfortunately this excess cell building causes much more protein waste byproducts, and protein waste products are toxic...urea, ammonia, etc etc...hence the liver is overloaded...and also becomes over-oxidized which in turn pushes up the risk of liver cancer as well.
we will definitely need to work with the Endo to set up or own Basal/Bolus program for our weekends with him as his normal routine is giving him too much insulin compared with the amount of activity he gets when he's with us. It's wonderful that the pump offers so much flexibility. I'm in love with it! Now, all we need is a cure. Again, thank you for all of your support. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with others one day too.
high protein/low fat/low fibre/low purine. Something like fish, rabbit, green tripe, might be useful if this were the case. Now, considering your dog has excess protein, this doesn't figure really.... So do try and post your question on the "Ask a Vet" forum. You will eventually get through, even if you have to keep trying. One of the vets there might be able to help you.
Hi, Thanks so much for your information. I read an article that eating too little rice cause major diseases such as cancer. I eat brown rice and all wheat bread. For the past two weeks I have lost 4 or 5 pounds so I am 110 pounds now and 5.3" for height. However, I feel dizzy most of the time. I am thinking I overdo myself. I eat little and walk half or one hour each day. I tested one time when I was dizzy and the reading was 91(I ate something at the grocery store before that.
(Check out The Edge Carb Advantage shakes for low carb high protein drinks if you REALLY don't want to refrigerate anything, but if they are warm they are yucky) Anyway, ideas. You asked.
Its got a high protein ,low carb and low fat content. Be mindful about taking too much of any protein powder as it is to complement a balanced diet. I agree with Nickyg19...add the eggs as a good way to increase protein and good fats. Omelette or scrambled egg are quick and easy to make and should fit in fine.
About 3 months ago, I tried to eat low carb. I found a great recipe for low carb peanut butter fudge which used whey protein powder vanilla flavored. The problem is that I started to experience extreme gas and bloating to the extent that I felt as if I had a lump in my stomach and still do. I also have been having terrible problems with having bowel movements. I actually need to use suppositories and I tried a women's laxative and got extremely ill, nauseaus and had terrible stomach pain.
Hi, I've been tracking my eating habits for several days now and I am heavy on the carbs. I am also seeing that I am very low on protein. Could this influence my being tired and low energy a lot? What are the healthy recommendations of percentages of proteins, carbs, and fats we take in per day? Would appreciate any help as I move towards a healthier lifestyle and eating habits.
If this is a continuous problem, a blood glucose test both before and after a meal is a good place to start. If the problem is due to too much insulin after a meal, you would expect low levels of glucose since the insulin is removing too much glucose from the blood.
As of yesterday I started again. Gluten Free and Low Carb. Overnight my weight dropped by 0.7 kg. Way too short a period to say this is anything but water/normal fluctuations, but I have to say it is a nice motivator. Todays fasting blood sugar was 76! Which is totally excellent and much better than my usual 90 - 110 range. My worst fasting over christmas period was 169! I am eating about 50 - 70 g of carbs/day. No gluten products, next to no grains, minimal to no fruit.
In the low-fat group, the average weight loss was 4 pounds. In the low-carb group, the average weight loss was much greater, at nearly 12 pounds. Regarding waist circumference, the low-fat group’s average loss was 5.0 centimeters (about 2 inches) whereas the loss in the low-carb group was greater, at 6.7 centimeters (over 2.5 inches). In addition, for people in the low-carb diet group, the amount of body weight from lean mass compared to fat mass improved.
His aproach is also inline with Aruvedic medicine, which acknowledges different body types and different suitable diets for those body types. I am actually a protein/meat type of person and do better on a low carb diet. Low carb means I can eat much fruit or starchy vegetables. So for me, I need to eat meat to get a balanced and nutritious diet. Definitely cut out all processed foods, eat whole and natural foods. listen to your body!
1 egg, scrambled and a slice of low cal, whole wheat toast. A half a whole wheat bagel and low fat cream cheese, a slice of cooked lean meat on a slice of whole wheat bread, or mixed with 1/2 cup brown rice or other whole grain, etc. You get the idea. Afterwards, resist the temptation to reward yourself with a stop by Baskin Robbins for an ice cream, thinking "I worked it off". Again...that's a dieter mentality.
Geography's a real curse. The perfect personal trainer lives an inter-continental flight away from me? Further proof there's no justice...!
m scared I'm going to keep binging. What should I do? Should I stay away from carbs for awhile because I ate too much? Please give me some advice.
Your friend's body chemistry is most likely similar to mine. I was on the low low carb diet for several months, eating nothing but eggs, cheese, and sugar free jell-o. I gained 20 pounds and I'm in my 20's! My mom on the other hand loses weight like crazy on low carb. I don't know the answer to this. I was also anorexic for three years. I have tried many diets, but the only one that ever worked for me was starving myself, which I do NOT recommend.
Here's the tricky thing with ultra high protein meals...protein is insulinogenic. When your body receives lots of protein, it promotes the secretion of insulin. It's odd how this has not become common knowledge. Everybody points the finger to sugar and carbs as insulinogenic foods, but protein flies under the radar. If you google "rank list of insulinogenic foods" you will see that protein rich foods are high on the list, next to the carbo and sugary stuff.
Do not misinterpret the dangers of a low carb diet. For t2's a low carb diet is highly recommended, but the danger lies with a too low carb diet, or a low carb and high protein diet, which can lead to ketosis. To say ketosis is not dangerous is dangerous to forum readers.
I take Benadryl only if I have to. The mucus after eating is a pain for sure. I did take a low dose of 7 day Medrol once. Doc said I had an allergy. The med is a tad harsh, being a steroid, but it DID the trick. So, 25 years later, maybe I need it again for 7 days. It's horrible drinking plain water, and having instant slime throat. The only thing that didn't make me get a reaction was parsley juice, and a clove of raw garlic in a blender, strained, and swallowed. Didn't even burn !
then, eat half a potato and find another half of something to eat an hour later that doesn't trigger your headaches when you eat it in a small portion. i know that for me, eating too much of the same type of food over and over again can begin increasing the trigger effect of that food. if i only eat chocolate, cheese, or drink tea (common migraine triggers) very rarely, they very rarely trigger migraines...
Orange juice is a good way to get your sugar up if your not hungry its going into your blood stream fast but watch how much you drink drink too much then you may have a high sugar for some time.Carbs do get your sugar up but they also make you gain wight. Try drinking powerade.
I have a wierd post viral thing, like ME, when it started I lost my appetite and lost too much weight, now I can't even wear a strappy top because my arms are so thin, my legs are also now too skinny.
I'm not a dietitian, so I'm just winging my answers here, but I would say that you need to more or less return to the diet you were eating, and slowly add low fat, low carb, low cholesterol foods, giving your body time to adjust after each addition. Add a small portion of chicken or fish, some beans, organic your way slowly back to a normal diet. And speaking of "normal diets," at 60 years of age, I have tried lots of fad diets in my time.
According to recent research, current dietary guidelines on protein intake may be too low for health, particularly if you’re over 50. American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism. “Current US recommendations for daily dietary protein intake are 0.8 grams/kilogram of body weight (roughly 62 g of protein per day for a 170-pound person). Previous research has shown that older adults need a protein intake of at least 0.
So here's the experiment - eat a big meal - you get mucus, maybe acid reflux or heart burn. Eat a high carb meal. same result. Eat a moderate sized meal with a protein and a fat, and keep you carb intake between 15 and 30 grams during the meal. If you don't get phlegm after that balanced meal with reduced carbs to lower insulin response.. Congrats, you have your cure.
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