Do all contractions hurt

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Braxton hicks contractions. But they dnt hurt and are not constinant. There practice contractions for ur uterius. You will start getting them soon. They dnt hurt. You might just feel your tummy tighten up. Usually if u move to a different position or walk they go away. The further along u get the more youll get them. But they shouldnt hurt.
I'm 38 Weeks And 5 Day , My Due Date Is Dec.22 . Need 9 More Days To Goo ... & Is My 1st Baby (It's A Girl <3 ) . I Have Noo Clue How Would Contractions Feel !!!!!! How Do Contractions Feel ???
Because of the way mine felt my doctor told me to keep track of all contractions and just watch for regularity of time they last and the time between them.
Contractions hurt like a b****, but nah you dont need the epidural :) all depends on your pain tolerance
They are not consistant but they do hurt sometimes, I try to move around and that doesn't help but I am able to sleep and when I wake up a few hours later I am fine for about an hour. I am only 34 weeks so I am think they are bh I am just worried that when the real ones come I won't know right away.
Ok I'm not sure what is going on but my has started hurting on and off all day. Then I been having bowel movements as well. I just know that it kind of hurt sometime but not really. Then other times it aches. Could this be contractions I'm 35 weeks today.
Oh I see!
Good question because at my appt. this week my doctor asked how often I was getting contractions and I asked her... "Well, what do you consider contractions? Because I get Braxton Hicks and they aren't painful." Her response to me was "Ok, then you aren't having contractions because contractions will be painful." So... I guess my body is still practicing away because my "contractions" are not painful at all... uncomfortable, sure... but not painful.
I've looked up labor contractions all over the internet and it says; What Do True Labor Contractions Feel Like? The way a true labor contraction feels is different for each woman and may feel different from one pregnancy to the next. Labor contractions cause discomfort or a dull ache in your back and/or lower abdomen, along with pressure in the pelvis. Some women may also feel pain in their sides and thighs.
Ok so all yesterday I kept having menstrual like cramps on and off all day. Then around 1am when I was trying to fall a sleep I kept getting what I think were contractions. I'm not really sure if they were or not. I noticed my entire stomach would get really hard for about a minute and then it would slowly release. I tried to time them but some would seem to be back to back and then the wouldn't be another for at least 5 minutes.
I'm already full effaced (due date 5-12) and the baby is engaged, but I'm only 1cm dilated and when I get contractions, they don't hurt at all and they aren't patterned or anything... sorry...
What do contractions feel like ? Everyone keeps telling me period cramps. But I don't get the whole timing them. Lol do you get a random cramp in your belly for 30,seconds then 20 min later get another one on the other side ? Or is it all at once ? Or it is just the bottom of your stomach?
Okay this may have an obvious answer but what do contractions feel like? Last night I was in labor& delivery for four hours hooked up to the monitors and was having contractions but all I was feeling was a dull back pain I wasn't feeling any of the contractions so I'm not sure how I am supposed to know when I am having them or not my stomach its pretty tight already.
I've felt like im having contractions, some hurt more than others, my belly gets hard usually like half of it. But everyone keeps saying my entire belly will get extremely hard, and that since its not extremely hard its not a contraction. Any idea if this is true. Anything will help. Thank you ladies.
I don't want to drive all the way there and feel stupid if its just bh again..
That is not a stupid question at all! If you have never had contractions, it can be quite confusing. It feels like tightening and menstrual cramps at the same time. They get worse and worse, and they come and go in waves. I feel it from my belly all the way down, and kind of in my back, too. Doesn't really hurt on the sides, though.
What exactly do contractions feel like?? I keep having this weird pain that I've never had before but it's not constant they are pretty distant apart... Does it feel anything like gas??? PLEASE HELP!!
With this being my second I still dont know lol So what exactly do contractions feel like? Shes already in position but im having another scheduled csection just because Ive had one before! But I have a feeling shes gonna try and.come before :)!
I got an epidural for my daughter but this time I'm going all natural. They hurt but they really are not unbearable. I didn't take birthing classes but I heard they help with knowing how to breathe but woman have been doing it since before they had classes for it.
Braxton Hicks contractions are real contractions; they just aren't labor contractions. All contractions consist of the uterus hardening up for a period of time, from 20 sec to a minute. Labor contractions terminate with birth, BH contractions don't. Yes, it can go on for a long time. If you are only 35 weeks, let your doctor know if you are getting more than 6-7 in an hour. The problems of the birth of a near term infant, while not life threatening, are often avoidable.
I have been having some BH contractions for a while now, but obviously very sparatic... they don't hurt at all, just gets really tight and kinda hard to walk during them. Sometimes though, I can't tell if it is Asa stretching in there or a BH... it will last for like 30 sec. or more, but he just moves so much, that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference... and how will we know if they are "real" contractions? will they start to hurt or something?
With my 2nd, I didnt hurt at all, not till I had to push anyway. Best of luck to you and heres to a speedy delivery! Congratulations!
another sharp vagina pain just happened ( i think those hurt more than the contractions but are much quicker at like 10 seconds) please help...trying not to freak out DF isnt home and he's so much better at the contraction thing than me!
Labor is so short really compared with motherhood. Contractions do get intense and painful, and honestly, no other experience comes close to what you will experience during labor. But if contractions were so horrible that women absolutely couldn't give birth without pain relief, our species would never have survived. You are stronger than you know.
The epidural doesn't hurt i had one with my first child i had natural birth with my second and going to do natural with this baby as well.
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