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Avatar f tn Since October I have tried Lortab (3 strengths), gabapentin, Lyrica, Ultram, Relafen, Zonegran, and Trileptal. I am also on Cymbalta and Ambien. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hello, I very much need an answer because my doctor will not give me a straight answer. I'm currently on Lamictal (800mg a day) and Zonegran (200mg a day) and I'm a college student so I tend to drink. I've never had a seizure while consuming alcohol but I'm terrified when doing so. So heres my question... When I drink (beer) with my meds, will it bring on a seizure? or just enhance the side effects? Please I very much need to know asap! Maybe even stories would helpl too.
Avatar f tn t think of them at this time) I am now being treated with Zonegran, Depakote. The Zonegran was working for a little while but I have seemed to reach a plateau. I have not been migraine free at all since November, but there have been times where my migraines have been less painful. I work for a health insurance company and I am on the computer for 8 hours a day. I have been unalbe to work a full time scheule for the past 3 months due to my migraines.
1303966 tn?1296740010 Has anyone with Chiari had success with Diamox? I'm currently on Zonegran for L-temperal lobe seizures, but the constant pressure and full feeling in my ears and mouth is driving me crazy. Told possible Meniers by ENT, but my Neuro thinks it's the Chiari. She wants to try Diamox, but wants to clear it with my Chiari specialist because of the Zonegran and risk of kidney problems (dehydration).
1303966 tn?1296740010 Does anyone know of any medication for complex seizures (L-temporal lobe) that won't make you feel like a zombie? I take Zonegran 200mg and I have absolutely no energy. I'm typically very active and moving all the time. I don't even have the energy to grocery shop or cook anymore. This is ridiculous! I also take Diamox, not sure if this has any affect on my energy level. Recently had a CBC done, and it came back normal. I just started these meds 4 months ago.
1303966 tn?1296740010 I went off the Zonegran because my hair was falling out and my tachycardia spells stopped. At least I hope so. I also think my meds were causing a lot of my anxiety. I don't have this anxiety attacks since stopping seizure medication. I take butterbur for my headaches and this is suppose to increase the oxygenated blood to the brain. I feel so much better these days.
1221035 tn?1301000508 I am allergic to cipro, topamax, zonegran, lamictal, keppra, tysabri and gilenya................ I asked my Neuro if it makes sense that MS patients would have a higher rate of allergic reactions due to our over active immune systems.....His response was that in theory that was completely correct, it only stands to reason if our body attack our own myelin, it would really attack an outside substance, like a foreign medication. I wonder how many MS patients have allergic reactions to medicines?
Avatar f tn He is now able to start learning, and he came off of all medication except for 75 mg of zonegran. He was on 1400mg a day. It has made a huge difference. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I do not know who to go see about the aura, I had my eyes checked when the doctors were thought I had MS and I have 20-20 vision and no floaters. I presently see a neurologist who has me on zonegran 2oo mg and flexoril 3 times a day and Diflucan as needed and Maxalt. When the headaches get out of control she puts me on prednisone. I also see a physical therapist at her office weekly for the headaches. I have had trigger point injections ( did not help).
802234 tn?1237830136 ) My doc and I have to get Zonegran out of my regimen (cognitive confusion, dangerously and abnormally thin) any thoughts on the puffiness?
Avatar f tn I appreciate it. I have been on depakote, topamax, lamotrigine, zonegran, gabepentin, lamictal, and keppra. Most of them make me so dopey and forgetful that working is definately a challenge. medical care. What a nasty circle. I am allergic to the zonegran, blisters in my mouth etc. The others caused severe leg pain, eye pain, anorexia, hairloss, and I suppose i could go on. But you get the picture.
1303966 tn?1296740010 I felt like I was going to pass out and I shook like I was cold for about 10 minutes after. I do take zonegran because I started to have partial and complex seizures late 09 and I'm pretty sure I had some sort of epileptic activity in my brain prior to this happening. I'm wondering if this is the zonegran I just started in November, or could it be related to the Chiari?
Avatar f tn I am 31 year old healthy female. I work part time and have 2 small children. On Sept. 17 of 2012 around mid-morning when I began to have vision problems that included spots in my eyes and almost like a shadow fell over my left eye. I thought perhaps I was going to get a migraine since I had heard people describe them that way. The vision probs lasted about 45 minutes and when it went away a headache set in. It was what I would call a mild to moderate headache. Ever since I have a headache.
1820977 tn?1317665124 Well just came back from doctor appointment and he says I have remitting , relapsing MS. I run out of zonegran for my tremors and I have been out since last Tue. waiting for the Neuro Dr. to refill it pharmacist gave me enough for a few days til they refilled it. Well no response yet so i just had my Dr. fill it. Got the flue shot. So I told him I wanted to start Copaxone he wants me to get it from the neuro Dr. so now I have to wait. I called them to see what they say.
492869 tn?1285018933 myself- NCS Florinef, IV hydration, Klonopin, vitamins, Reglan, Topamax, Theophylline, Airway clearance therapy, Asmanex, pacemaker, Phenergan prn Im feeling really well most of the time wife- FD Atenolol, Clonodine, IV hydration, Mestinon, vitamins, Klonopin, Phenobarbital, Physical therapy, Paxil, Zonegran, EGCG, Methylcellulose, pacemaker, Diastat prn She is having problems with her eyes and high blood pressure but feeling well sister in law- FD Florinef, Bisoprolol, Mestinon, Clonidine, eg
1303966 tn?1296740010 I have a history of complex migraine, but I'm on zonegran so they are controlled. I also take the zonegran because of seizures. I personally think my seizures have something to do with my migraines (migralepsy). I just started having them at 40 after having steady headaches and migraine symptoms. Anyways, today it is rainy and typically this weather is bad for my migraines, but I don't have a headache, but I feel a little weird.
Avatar f tn I am 31 year old healthy female. I work part time and have 2 small children. On Sept. 17 of 2012 around mid-morning when I began to have vision problems that included spots in my eyes and almost like a shadow fell over my left eye. I thought perhaps I was going to get a migraine since I had heard people describe them that way. The vision probs lasted about 45 minutes and when it went away a headache set in. It was what I would call a mild to moderate headache. Ever since I have a headache.
Avatar n tn The thing is, i have been put on almost all of known anit seizure medications, none seem tobe as effective as it should be, i beleive at one time i was close to depression while on depakot, then i met a specialist who then put me on Zonegran, it worked for a couple years or so, then i moved to Las Vegas back in 03, it started again inspite the drugs, perhaps a combonation of stress, and lack of sleep could be the cause of it all?
Avatar f tn I looked it up, the stuff they refer to as topamax light is called zonegran. They said it was similar to topamax, but with less of the side effects as with topamax. No one has done the tilt table test on drs really haven't done much with me. I have a blood pressure/heart rate monitor and I did it myself though. Laying down, sitting up, then standing, right? My blood pressure, which is on the low end of normal, (average 100/60) varied normally i think, as did my heart rate.
Avatar n tn Yes, in addition to having a VNS, and being on the ketogenic diet she is taking Zonegran 300mg, Depakote 500mg and .25mg of klonopin 3X a day. What do the sharp waves actually mean- I get that they are the patterns recoded, but clinically what does it mean?
Avatar m tn They were not sure if it was meningitis or epilepsy but the doctors said it had to be considered and treated as epilepsy due to having multiple seizures. I was eventually placed on Zonegran(200mg) daily and only took the medicine for about 4 months. I stopped cold turkey after that and havent taken it since. Do you think i actually have epilepsy and can anything still happen after being off of it for 4 years now?
Avatar n tn she put him on medication ZONEGRAN THEN TOPAMAX THEN DEPAKOTE none of them helped. PLEASE tell me whatever you know about this. what should i do? I'm going crazy. THANK YOU!!
695000 tn?1316136048 I agree with something like gabapentin helping. Right now I am taking Zonegran which is the best so far for me, it has really knocked the pain out, and stabilized my moods. Acupuncture has also done wonders for me in helping with this skin pain and provides almost immediate relief after the treatment.
Avatar f tn seroquel, clonipin, lorazapam, lamitrogrine, wellbutrin, zonegran. Does this sound like a lot of different type of medications. You probably can't answer this.
Avatar f tn seizures still are not controlled and she goes through cyles of increased seizures and memory loss and headaches and seizures seem to be getting more frequent and the keppra is terrible...and now they want to try lamitra or zonegran...every mediceine is so disruptive to her and do not control the seizures..and each change of pattern of her seizures gets more violent and i just don't know anymore ...