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Avatar n tn What if they gave her antinausea meds like IV Zofran, IV Compazine, or IV Inapsine before the test? The only thing is, with Zofran I have read it increases motility which may alter the test. Others meds may not. As far as the professional disagreement, if there was any abnormal result on the first test it should be repeated. This illness (especially in the early stages) is so intermittent, and diagnosis can be delayed many years because of normal test results.
Avatar n tn Could she achieve the same survival odds with ovarian ablation? Also, she's allegergic to compazine, but has tried seemingly every other anti-nausea medication available. Any suggestions for the nausea? Is there hope that she'll do better when she swithed to the T? Thanks.
1438638 tn?1304950057 My doc got them to do the prior approval for the zofran. Cleveland Clinic had said for me to be taken off phenergan (promethazine) because it was messing with my dysautonomia (see my comments in Christydrake's thread about what to ask the allergist about why that would be).
Avatar f tn I know there is the rash, but it doesn't sound like many on this site have gotten the incevik rash vs the riba rash which is fairly common.
Avatar n tn For the nausea, I have been taking a combo of Zofran and Compazine. The knot in your throat is part of the nausea. When I can't drink water, I drink ginger ale. I have to drink it at room temp, not cold. Hope this helps. If you want to contact me directly, my email is ***@****.
Avatar n tn He was disappointed there isn't a patch with a lesser dose and suggested I cut it in half. I asked him for Zofran instead and said I'd work it out with Meclizine and Zofran as mentioned above. Its been 48 hrs. since I took the patch off and the Zofran helped the nausea but the vertigo seems to come and go. I'm praying I don't get another full blown case of it but I will not cut the patch nor use one again.