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Avatar f tn A small study came out years ago showing an increased number of cleft lip/palate with zofran use specifically a high level iv amount. The study was already disproved last year with a larger study. I read both of the studies last year when I first got pregnant, I still chose to take zofran because nothing else was working and I didn't want to end up in the hospital being treated for dehydration (where they would just put zofran in me anyway) and risk the baby dying due to malnutrition.
Avatar f tn I am taking zofran and it's perfectly safe and a class b drug. The ads on tv are just lawyers trying to get money for a case they can't prove. The birth defects they state are the most common among all babies born no matter a family history or not. Don't be afraid to take it if you need it. If you are that afraid though, look up the study of 600,000 pregnant women in denmark in 2013 that proved it was safe.
Avatar n tn My first pregnancy I was on zofran for 6 months 24 hours a day. I was on IV bags at home with zofran in it and my daughter was healthy as can be. I'm also taking it this pregnancy still till this day 29 wks and the baby is healthy and right on track with my due date.
Avatar m tn Hi i have been taking tramadol for over 3 years but for 2 only once in a while last year i had a very huge family problem and threw my self on the pills, end up taking 7/8 pills (50mg) a day for about 4 months,I'm now on my second day of withdrawal and I'm not so bad yet, the worse is the energy levels, I'm taking tubercoulosis treatment so my Doctors have me Zofran for the side effects of the treatment and I'm taking the chance to use the zofran they have me to kick the habit as far as possible
14868695 tn?1443400376 Has anyone taken this for nausea? Its generic for zofran which has some medical lawsuits due to it causing clef pallet and heart defects in babies. I was given one at the hospital yesterday after my ob sent me bc of a pain in my side and really bad vomiting. And now I have a prescription for it. The side effects list is soo long. It says to talk to your doctor to see if the benefits out weigh the risks. Now I don't even want to take it. :( I'm not sure what to do.
Avatar f tn i been having moring sickness since i was 6 weeks i tryed not to any meds of it but then i couldn't handle it so i got some meds called promethazine i took it once and it made me feel high and it made me also throw up like an hour later. so then i heard that zofran is way better so i asked my doctor for it so he prescribe it but then i found out my insurance does not cover it and i would have to pay 100$for 30 pills.
Avatar n tn Hey ladies how many of you have used Zofran for your nausea during the first trimester? I used it twice and just read online that it can have very dangerous side effects for the baby.. what do you all think and what is your experience?
478429 tn?1265247987 My 2nd they had me on Vitamin B6 and Unisom at bedtime, was on it the entire pregnancy as I have severe hypermesis. With the last baby I was on Zofran and Reglan the entire pregnancy and I've been on Zofran with this one since I found out at 3 1/2 weeks.
392430 tn?1382908381 Due to the weight that I have been losing, my dr has catagorized me as high risk for the time being. He prescribed an anti nausea medication to try and bring back my appetite...Yeah all that did was make me so drowsy that I feared I was not able to be alone and care for my son properly. I am trying my best to eat high calorie/protein foods but there just is not alot that I want to eat. I forced down a milkshake last night made with whole milk and it made me so sick.
Avatar m tn This has been going on for 6 weeks with no relief except from Zofran, Reglan and Vicodin. A colonoscopy and endoscopy revealed some minor irritation in the intestine but all biopsies were normal. A cat scan of his abdomen, chest and neck reveal no obvious explanation. A stool sample tested for ova/parasite came back negative but a stool culture is being done now along with another stool sample for parasites.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had a hormone test done last cycle and my FSH came up as 10.
Avatar n tn But when they gave me the second number, he didn't leave a comment for me. I see that the numbers are high, which concerns me...but then again they are in the ranges of the charts....but those are large ranges. And I thought the numbers should double...but if they are very high...would they double???? I guess I'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow holds. I had a mc on Jan 24, 2005...so I'm a bit concerned about this second pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Oh and I forgot to mention, my liver enzymes are always high when this happens. I'm so frustrated. Has anyone experienced anything similar? If so, has anything helped?
Avatar m tn I then started itching all over my body and the itching was so intense I set an appointment with my dr. the next day. We did blood work and my liver levels were high and my bilirubin was at a 8.2 with normal levels being 0-1.0. My Dr. then had me get an ultra sound and thats where we found a lesion on my liver and my gallbladder walls were thickening.
Avatar f tn After 2 miscarriages I finally made it to 15 weeks pregnant but was recently advised that my lipase levels are high. Whaaat? They've gone from 75 last week to 98 this week. I was further advised to get a sonogram of my stomach as well as see a GI doctor. I have no pain - I've never been an alcoholic (only drinking occasionally before pregnancy). The first 3 months of pregnancy were awful. I was bed ridden (vomiting & nausea) and lost 15 lbs.
Avatar n tn My 3 1/2 yr old grandson has high blood pressure (180/120 when not on amlodipine), abdominal pain usually radiating from the umbilicus, extremity (usually leg) numbness to the point of occasional collapse, loss of appetite, weight loss, sometimes naussea and/or diarrhea. He has also had episodes of temporary blindness. This all began to manifest this summer (1 month after he turned 3 yrs. old). Prior to that he seemed to be a bright healthy happy child.
3211025 tn?1345737231 I saw my GI doctor and he said that high ejection fractions are rare but normal however with my long history of symptoms he referred me to a surgeon whom I saw today and he said that 90% was normal also. He said that they only consider gallbladder issues if it's below 35%. I am so frustrated! Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
Avatar f tn I have food aversion with no appetite in general. I have tried phenegran, zofran, and dramamine with no relief. Baby is growing per OB, we go to the OB almost every 2 weeks...I'm high risk due to first child being delivered at 34 weeks and scheduled to start progesterone shots last week, comments on side effects and effectiveness?
Avatar f tn Strawberries are awesome!
Avatar f tn Other times, as is the case with IV medicines, the intended effects are achieved, but only last for an extremely short amount of time. (I.e. Morphine or Dilaudid - lasting 30 mins; Benadryl, Phenergan, Zofran, etc.- lasting 1 hr.) This has been the case relatively recently with seemingly all medicines I have taken, no matter the form. This would also include ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antibiotics and steroids. They are no longer as effective as they once were - again: if at all.
1405669 tn?1347571548 Had to call in sick for work today. My poor DH has had to take care of DD and everything else. I hate to take Zofran, but I think I will start it tonight. I'm just too sick to function.
Avatar f tn I have really itchy skin but not rashes. I am bloated due to constipation but my fluids intake is high and I pee constantly. I'm constantly fatigued but no fungus or tongue coating.
974371 tn?1424656729 I take meds Alprazolam, low dose, Gabaoentin, Tigan and/or Zofran for nausea when needed. These orobkems started before these meds.
Avatar m tn that is how bad the headaches were. Pretty high drama for an antiemetic! ☞ Still, an ℞ for Zofran is your best bet since ti works for most people☚ While many antihistamines do have anti-nausea properties I have not had much luck with them alleviating nausea. I have been using travel sickness pills with the generic name of Meclizine. I have been taking the Rugby brand of the 25 mg chewables. There is a brand called Bonine but you do not get very many pills. It is this: http://www.amazon.
Avatar f tn Also, my nausea was worsened by my constipation. I'm on Colace and Zofran now and the combo is really helping me stay hydrated. Good luck in nursing school! I'm a nurse and it was the best decision I ever made!