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Avatar n tn The reason I know my body does not hold on to things long is the unusually quick amount of time THC leaves my system relative to anyone I know or what the testers expected to see. (2 weeks after daily use a negative lab result with 'funky' creatine lvls.) (not proud of this part but...) April... Wanting to believe the 90%+ success statistics the doctor quoted me the second time around I had unprotected sex with a girl for the first time around day 12 after the last day of treatment.
Avatar n tn I had 2 negative tests 5 weeks and 10 weeks afterwards. My regular partner took the same doseage as me. She used to take a lot of anti-biotics. We didn't have sexual contact for 4 weeks after taking Azithromax. We have been having contact again, and I am starting to feel small signs of symptoms. I have been milking my penis a few times a day, and usually nothing comes out....the odd time it's the size of 1/10th of a tear drop and milky in color...barely there.
5268376 tn?1406183312 My doctor Prescribed Zithromax i time dose at 2 500mg pills for an infection, and I have history of benign pvc's and pac's , while taking it i felt horrible . I felt worse than i have ever felt in life. It gave me unclear thoughts, I couldn't drive due to a foggy mind, it made my heart race and skip , i actually had to go to the ER because i thought I would die. Now it is 2 and a half weeks later and i am still nauseated and have the confusion on and off also my PVC's are worse than ever .
Avatar n tn very slim chances When one is infected and takes the meds they need to take the entire dose at one time not sparingly day by day, Yes being on zithro before testing would/could effect your results... In my opinion you used protection so your chances of having it are very slim to none, but if you are overly concerned just wait a bit and get tested in a few days/a week to wait and test.
Avatar f tn ) PVC man you are right about spending days trying to decide whether to take a drug or not. I was told to start the claritin on Monday and here it is Friday and haven't taken it yet.
Avatar n tn Funny though, out of this whole post, I didn't get the information I had hoped. Initially I was curious about the time it takes for zithromax and floxicillin to take effect. Is there a typical timeline that these meds take full effect?
Avatar m tn Yea BK, I would agree that the urologists just throw antibiotics at this and are pretty much clueless otherwise. I have fished around in some medical journals and there doesn't seem to be any better answers there. So my frustrations at this point, much like you I'm sure, are not so much that my doctors aren't doing enough to try to find a fix. Modern Medicine may simply not have one beyond antibiotics - other than maybe time and maybe surgery.
Avatar n tn Exactly 5 weeks and 2 days after i had high fever 102 with sore throat and swollen gland in the neck i took zithromax right away and the next day the fever was gone and felt way better i didnt notice any rash by the way but my swollen glad were still there for about 3 days after 9 and a half week from exposure i got the shingles but very light no burning skin or itching so i went to see my doctor and he gave me valtrex since i caught the shingles in the first 72 hours i had to take 2 pills ever
Avatar m tn and it's not so much trouble breathing, it's just that when I take a deep breath or a regular full breath I begin to cough and it seems to put pressure on temples. I suppose the other symptom would be this feeling of exhaustion...it also feels like there is a slight itch down in my thought and when I move around a lot my stomach gruels like as if i where hungry but I feel full. thanks Melissa for anything else you can suggest.
Avatar n tn I have reason to believe that I was possibly exposed to chlamydia and gonorrhea. I went to a doc (I am new in town and had not been to this doctor before) and he did a test and then prescribed Zithromax for both myself and my girlfriend. He gave us each 8 250mg pills and told us to take all 8 pills in one dose. Here are my questions: 1. Is that dose of antibiotic enough to kill both chlamydia and gonorrhea if my test does in fact come back positive?
Avatar f tn Azithromycin (Zithromax) is film-coated, but it is ok to dissolve the tablet in water. However, make sure you take the full dose. Also, next time, if you have problem swallowing, you can ask the pharmacist to dispense it as suspension for you. Please make sure you finish the full course of antibiotic, even if you feel better after a few days of treatment. Take care!
Avatar n tn treatment is done...that was easier than i thought....
645800 tn?1466864555 I am getting somewhat deperate to get some real care and treatment. It is like every day it is getting harder for me to take care of myself and I sure don't want to end up in some nursing home because of that.
Avatar f tn I think of herbs as Mother Nature's pharmacy, and over time have become more open to the whole concept. My LLMD was an all-antibiotics-all-the-time kind of doc, and it worked for to me -- to a point. I had babesia (like malaria) for which antibiotics seem to work well.
1541000 tn?1293039926 If you were infected, you have had more than enough azithromycin (Zithromax) to cure it and you definitely should not take any more. Stop having blood tests, which will remain positive your entire life. If you ever are exposed again or otherwise need chlamydia testing, you need a test on urine or urethral swab. I see no reason that your cholesterol would have any effect on the chlaymdia test, but maybe your doctor knows something I don't.
Avatar f tn Dr Schaller actually gave my friend with Babs Larium now. I take Dr Zhang's Babs herb still because my hematologist won't allow me to take anymore malaria meds and thinks it is mostly cured, as I do. All I have left is dry cough. Wishing you luck and a relatively short cure. By the way, are you still having Bart's symptoms?
4939681 tn?1361302899 They first gave me Levaquin for Bart's but it gave me tendonitis, a side effect so I switched to Zithromax and Rifampin. Then Zithromax had a warning about causing heart arrithmias so I am on minocycline and Rifampin since mino can also help Lyme. I also take a Chinese herbs that really help my outer lesions. Can you drink that nutritional drink, Lyme brain can't remember the name but it is OTC. You need to gain some weight back. I wrote you on the FB group too. Feel better!
1513010 tn?1291101538 it will take a while once u stop a med like a H2 blocker or a PPI to get the acids to calm down in fact u can have what is referred to as rebound effect from stopping to abruptly..... I like to drink apple cider in the AM...not vinegar...regular apple cider....an apple a day....u know the old saying...well I feel it has many reasons behind it ....it also gives u fiber, which helps keep the owl moving which helps the reflux...so if u have bowel issues look there to help ur reflux...
Avatar m tn Since you have taken Z-pack (azithromiacin) for so long without it helping, you probably have an infection that is resistant to that antibiotic. You may want to request Levaquin or Biaxin next time. Biaxin taken long term can be very beneficial for some astmatics. There are several threads about taking clarithromyacin (generic Biaxin) to "cure" asthma. You may want to read those for more information on the type of asthma that treatment is very effective for.
4939681 tn?1361302899 If azithromiacin is in the same family as Biaxin, shouldn't I be able to switch right back to it? Waiting for LLMD to call me back, but the office won't be open until Monday and I don't want to wait that long.
Avatar n tn Are you allergic to any specific substances? It is in fact a good idea to consult an allergy specialist and get a clinical evaluation. You should consult your symptoms if your symptoms still persist. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Hope this helps. Regards.
Avatar m tn Hi all , ok here is my concern , I had an unprotected encounter with a girl woke up the next day and took 1g gram of zithromax ,as for the fear of catching nsu or Chlamydia, 9 days later i booked my self in for a full screening , and all my tests came back negitive , my worry is would me taking zithromax 9 days before the test effect the gonorrhea result , so in short for your infomation I took 1g of zithromax the morning after the encounter 9 days later i went to the Drs to be tested would
Avatar n tn Your willingness to be treated (or to treat your GF) without knowing what your GF has is really not in your or her best interest). It sounds as though you are getting better since your treatment at the clinic. The approach I would suggest is as follows: 1. Your GF should go to the clinic where you received the shot. She should indicate that you have urethral discharge and that you were treated with a shot, azithromycin and metronidazole and that your test results are not back yet.
Avatar f tn I am not tested at all. But i am paranoid to much. And yesterday i did go to a pharmacy. The lady give me 1g zithromax and some other capsuls. I do not remember the name of the capsuls. But them supose to give me the same effect. Like i would get if i do a injection. LOL !! And i get Doxycyline 100mg capsuls that i supose to take 2 times a day. I am now 5 days in to my treatment. And i stil have some discharge. What do you guys think ?? How long time do it realy takes.
Avatar n tn Had total shut down in my breathing abilities. Had ProAir on hand and had to take it every three hours for four days to to feel I was able to breath at all. I started researching and I found that Symbicort can cause Adrenal failure and Immunosuppression. You wouldn't think possible using medications for 30 days. I began with having food intolerance to most everything. I found I could no longer tolerate preservatives, food colorings, the list goes on. I cough constantly.
Avatar m tn I would give the meds time to work.....although if your gon, chlamyd, and UTI were negative Im not sure if zithromax will help......It took a while for me to completley stop having symptoms....I mean, 2 months to completley stop spotting between periods.....it takes time for your body to heal......its day 4, I would give it about 3 more days then return to the doctor if you dont feel any better. Remember that zithromax keeps working for 5 days after the medication is gone......
Avatar n tn Around the same time I was put on antibiotics by my doctor for other illnesses. I was on zithromax for 5 days and levaquin after the zithromax. I was tested at 3 weeks and at 7 weeks, both negative. I have felt like I have had swollen glands since the day I hooked up with her. I know that 13 weeks is conclusive, but how promising are my prior results? Will being on those antibiotics effect my results?
Avatar f tn Ive never heard of antibiotics giving relief immediatly as need to be digested and often that takes around 6 hours if other food is present in the stomach and when works it way through the system and also take time to be effective. Maybe part of this is anxiety. At this point it might not be a bad idea to test for syphilis at 6 weeks post and herpes at 3 months post and trich now.
Avatar f tn Hi doctor I recently was diagnosed for chlamydia last week Thursday and was given Zithromax 4 pills to take at once my symtonps went away slowly it is 5 days after and I just masturbated today till I ejaculated my sperm came out watery with some white particles in it I am a male, have I affected the treatment in anyway if not what is this that I seen after ejaculation.
544292 tn?1268886268 I am also getting over having taken Zithromax to kill everything and prevent pneumonia. This is the first time I have prevented it from going onto pneumonia. So that makes me happy :) As happy as you can be when you are tired, ok .. exhausted. I think I might have had all the juice squeezed out of me? The vitamins my husband takes, I started taking, and they help a great deal. I know that, because I forgot to take them one day and BOOM! Super exhaustion versus exhaustion.