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Avatar n tn Not all the time, but about 75% of the time I defecate, when I wipe the toilet paper will have a yellow discharge on the toilet paper and sometimes I will see bubbly areas in the toliet water after. Is this just mucus? should I be alarmed?
9187090 tn?1406267821 So its not all the time but at least 4 times out the week that I get this yellowish discharge after I wipe on the toilet paper. (I have a habit of looking at the paper I wipe just to see what comes out on it) but I've heard that it isn't normal? But I'm still not sure if it is..& if its not what could it be?
Avatar m tn if u pee in a cup right now it will look like tea (diluted to dark yellow in toilet water). again, white discharge is normal. welcome to the worry stage of early pregnancy. get used to it, it doesnt die down until month 4, and never goes completely away!
Avatar m tn i'm a teenager (16) and im too embarressed to see a doctor or tell anyone. I went to the bathroom today and when i wiped i noticed blood on the toilet paper. i had a proper look later on and noticed a thin cut going from the bottom of my vagina to my anus. i also get greeny yellowy discharge in my underwear. i've never had sex with anyone before. the only thing i have ever done is masturbated. i don't know whats wrong with me and i'm afraid i might have a disease.
Avatar f tn but most of the time I'll find yellow discharge in my underwear or find some on the toilet paper when I wipe. There is no itching, burning, discomfort and no smell. Because of my anxiety disorder I'm trying to work up the courage to go see a gyno. But to prepare myself, I'd really like to get some suggestions as to what could be wrong or if it's ever normal to have yellow vaginal discharge (no smell, no itching, burning, etc).
Avatar f tn If you notice a thin white or gray discharge with a fishy smell after sex (when the discharge mixes with semen), you may have a different kind of vaginal infection called bacterial vaginosis. If your discharge is yellow or green and frothy with an unpleasant odor, you may have trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted infection. Other possible symptoms of trichomoniasis (or trich) include a red, irritated, or itchy vulva or vagina and discomfort while urinating or during intercourse.
Avatar f tn It will wet my underwear or if I wipe after going to the bathroom it will be like a large glob on the toilet paper. It's been like this for more than a few days now and I'm just curious if anyone has a thought...I do know you can lose your mucus plug even weeks before delivery, but this is like constant discharge! Any thoughts would be great!
Avatar m tn It builds in my vaginal walls. Sometimes it looks yellow. I've been constantly having a lot of vaginal discharge. When I have sex, it hurts and doesn't feel right. Right after I go pee and it burns like if I had a cut and putting rubbing alcohol on it. Don't know what it can be .. I'm also on the pill. Please help.
Avatar f tn Define yellow.. discharge can be white or off white which on white toilet paper may look yellow.
Avatar f tn I am currently 18 years old and I have had vaginalAnterior vaginal wall repair Causes of vaginal itching Culture - endocervix Hydrocele Hysterectomy Transvaginal ultrasound Vaginal bleeding between periods Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy Vaginal cysts Vaginal discharge dischargeAbnormal discharge from the nipple Ear discharge Eye burning - itching and discharge Nasal discharge Nipple discharge - abnormal Urethral discharge culture Vaginal discharge since forever,
1462661 tn?1286843385 I was supposed to start my period last week, but it came in a discharge form. When I wipe, nothing is on the toilet paper. I also got really dizzy the other day for about an hour. I have never experienced anything like this.I took 2 (dollar general brand) pregnancy tests and both came back negitive. I read on the internet, it could take up to 10 weeks to find out for sure. I'm really concerned. What do you think this might be? Could it mean I'm pregnet?
Avatar n tn the discharge looks white till you see it on toilet paper then you can tell its yellow. sometimes it more yellow then other times. any idea whats going on? i do have a doctors appointment on wednesday. I really hope its nothing serous. *crosses fingers* thank you.
Avatar n tn this morning in the bathroom, I noticed a very slight tint on the toilet paper. At first I just thought it was my very yellow urine (the vitamins seem to make it much deeper yellow) but now I think it's more slightly brown. It is both very light in color (tinted clear rather than really brown) and light in flow (only notice it when I wipe (and not every time, just sometimes), very small amounts). Could this be a miscarriage?
Avatar f tn So me being gross I pick it up to see what it was and it definitely spread like mucus.. so I put it on toilet paper and it was yellowish. So my question is, is it pieces of my mucus plug or is it just discharge. ?
Avatar n tn however when i pulled the toilet paper out of my nose i was suprised to find that it was an almost bright yellow fluid on the paper rather than blood. i too was sick about a week ago. its strange, first time its ever happened to me. mine was out of my right nostril although i doubt that it matters what side it come out of. glad i found this page. helped a lot.
Avatar f tn The discharge is white on my finger and kind of milky. When it gets on toilet paper it had almost a neon green/yellow color under light but still kinda clear. I thought maybe it was bacterial vaginosis and I heard that could be treated by inserting vitamin c into the vagina so when I do that the odor goes away completely, but I want my discharge to be permanently back to normal, I don't want to keep having to do the vitamin c.
Avatar f tn As your cervix begins to efface (thin out) and dilate (open up), it may expel this mucus, and you'll notice discharge that looks like egg white or mucus from a runny nose on a cold day. You may even expel the plug in one gelatinous glob. This discharge might be tinged with a bit of blood. When should I call my caregiver? If there's a lot of thin, clear discharge, it can be hard for you to tell if it's just mucus or if you're leaking amniotic fluid.
Avatar f tn I am still experiencing these symptoms a year later, the itchy, burning, slightly yellow discharge but sometimes white, as well as the pain durning sex . I also notice on some days of the month that I smell unclean (not a fishy or yeast odor) just unclean just a couple hours after a shower. Is this a bacterial infection? What's wrong with me? And did the last doctor do a bad job of testing me? Thanks a lot!
7721203 tn?1468446829 there was another decent amount of discharge, but it's still yellow/green'ish.. the usual. it's just more than usual? does the amount of discharge change the further you get? also, I've only been having a bowel movement every 3 or 4 days maybe.. well, I had one last night, and I've had 2 so far today. I almost have a constant feeling of needing to poop?! no diarrhea, not excessive, just unusual I guess.. BUT, does the fact that my baby boy is moving A LOT, growing, etc.
Avatar n tn And on days when I forget my pill and take it in the afternoon, I seem to have no discharge from that morning. However, recently I have been noticing blood on my toilet paper. So, curiosity today made me see if I was still on my period, which I shouldn't be as I resumed my cycle on the pill almost an entire week ago. I noticed that this blood is coming from the pink inner skins of my labias - what I think are called my labias, and this area is very sensitive.
Avatar n tn I'm 13 and I haven't had my period yet. I got yellow discharge so I put toilet paper on the inside of my panties because wet and gross ( I didn't think there was anything wrong with it). Now I decided to stop doing that, and It seems like I am getting a light green discharge (along with yellow but they seem to be separate...) very often. I'm scared to tell my mom because she's going to haul me off to the doctor right away and I don't want my family to spend to much money for me.
Avatar n tn I'm eighteen years old and I've been having a vaginal discharge that is almost like a cloudy white color. On my panty liner or underwear it dries to a yellow color. I've looked up issues about this and everyone has said they smell a foul odor. I don't know if I would really call mine a foul odor, just not a pleasent one. Sometimes it's almost like a sour smell and sometimes it's not. I've had intercourse before, but this discharge has been happening even when I was eleven.
Avatar n tn I have had some light pink discharge on my toilet paper and its another week and a half until my period is due. Does this sound like pregnancy? It seems too early to know and its way too early to take a test. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Then after have sex a few days ago I noticed a very slight blood discharge, which would not have been noticible without the use of toilet paper- it was only slightly tinged with blood and I had finished my period a week before, so I thought that was strange. Then my boyfriend looked inside my vagina to see what was wrong and did not see anything until he really pulled it open and noticed tiny almost impercievable bumps with a slight yellow color only on the inside folds of my vagina.
Avatar n tn I'm 16 and I'm not really sexually active (despite being fingered on occasion and only very rarely). Lately, when I go to the toilet, there are always a few small spots of a dark sticky brown discharge on the paper. They are only small but there are always one or two. I'm slightly worried about infection, but my period is due in about a week so I'm wondering if this could be relevant?
Avatar f tn Super heavy bleeding, clots that should have a birth certificate and about 3-5 days of light to moderate watery discharge after a 7-10 day period. The discharge is clear to slightly yellow, slightly sticky like maybe serous fluid, no odor. I don't have the constipation but check on the left side pelvic and back pain intermittently throughout the cycle, that gets much stronger during the flow. Add to this spotting between periods and very short 20 day cycle.
Avatar m tn The next times it was not there However yesterday the same thing happened to me..with blood on the toilet paper What can this be..i assume that the mediation I took cleared me of Gon or Chly even though my tests came clear... I`m getting nervous again!!!!
Avatar f tn Now the discharge isn't excessive or anything. Just shows yellow on toilet paper. Now I was paranoid of having those STDs again so I was given a prescription of DOXYCYCLINE just to put my mind at ease. No change. This was in January of earlier this year. Since I'm feeling fine and have no pain or discomfort, does that mean I should just be fine with it? Should I still be concerned?
Avatar f tn Everyday I have large amounts of discharge, white, thick and it comes out everytime I go to the toilet but usualy it will just do it randomly (It is white but on tissue paper it looks yellow..?) I have so much pain in my ovary area, my mum says it's me growing up but it's terrible, When I lay down and get up i'm in bad pain, I have been to the doctors, I've had a urine sample and they have given me pain killers and suguested physio but I don't understand...
Avatar m tn Now today (September 10th) i woke up this morning and noticed a yellow dried up discharge on the urethral opening of my penis. I'm also a type 1 diabetic and my blood sugar was high too. I think I might have caught an infection, but why would it take this long to show up? I had Chlamydia back in May of this year, and i had gonorrhea back in November of 2012.