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Avatar f tn Hello, You should not take any birth control pill till you are clear about your pregnancy status and once you are given all clear and this bleeding being due to periods is confirmed then you can start with a new pack of birth control pills on first coming Sunday after your periods(Sunday start). See the birth control pills have to be started on the first day of the periods or on first Sunday after your periods.
Avatar n tn I took it and it did not do that to me. I had head aches and leg cramps, I also lot 10 pounds on it. I am now 120. I would not think this is normal. It is a low dose pill. You may need to be on something stronger to stop the bleeding. Yasmin is the only brand that has a different hormone in it so maybe you are reacting funny to it. I would ask to change asap.
Avatar n tn Other possibilities for such intermenstrual spotting are hormonal imbalance(can be due to PCOS),hypothyroidism, cigarette smoking or underlying Chlamydia infection while on birth control, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage after pregnancy and fibroids and polyps(rare in teenagers). It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn A friend of mine has been on yasmin for over a year now and the instructions state that you must take 7 of the yellow tablets before contraceptive protection is reliable, what if she took six tablets and had unprotected sex. Is she at risk of being pregnant and what signs must she look out for?
Avatar n tn So, try to relax and to enjoy and your partner must support you and he must understand your condition (I know it's not easy and simple being in that condition), so together you can find a way to improve your sex life and to enjoy and be passionate. I am telling you this because I had the same problem and it was very, very unpleasent, but I tried to solve it so it can be better for me and my partner. Hope you will find a way to feel more passionate. Just relax, that's the best start.
Avatar m tn How many yasmin 21 tablets ca you take in a row ? ive taken two packs and am waiting for my period how long should i wait ?
Avatar f tn I've barely been able to eat all week for feeling so sick. Every day it hits hard, and all I can do is take an anti-nausea pill and drink ginger and peppermint teas..
Avatar n tn I have never not had a period on the week of my break. I have done a few pregnancy tests and they are all negative - could I still be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I think my next fertile window begins tomorrow. What precautions should I take to reduce risk of pregnancy? Could there a chance of pregnancy now?
Avatar n tn Hi My daugher came off the BC pill yasmin over 7 months ago, and for the last 6 weeks has experienced a brown vaginal discharge. How normal is this, and will it stop, Also, how long before normal periods return, in order for her to conceive a pregnancy?
Avatar n tn I am currently taking Yasmin, and i am on day 19 of my 21 pack.. Although yesterday i missed a pill completely and took today's late, which meant I took both at the same time today. What i am concerned about is that my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex this morning, before i had taken the pills and I don't know if i should be worried and take a test?
Avatar f tn i had unprotected sex in the first week of december..now it is the 26th and no period..havet tested yet..have no symptoms of pregnancy but is it possible that i could be pregnant or is thisbecause of the pill..i thought u couldnt get pregnant a week after our period..what is oing on with me?
Avatar f tn Unprotected sex is not a good idea because that puts you at risk for STD's and pregnancy. You should be on the pill or using a condom everytime until you are married. During those 3 months you are more subseptable to get pregnant so be careful and use protection. If you miss your next cycle contact your doctor for advice.
Avatar f tn But, because my organism is disposed to endometriosis and I am a rare case in this illness (if I may call it that way), eventhough I was taking Yasmin the chocolate cysts on my left ovary started to grow rapidly and Yasmin was no longer usefull for me, so six months ago I had to do a punction and I started with Zoladex treatment (this injections make you go into the condition of early menopause). I took five injections till now and I have one more and my treatment will finish.
Avatar n tn I started using yasmin last month 3rd of September when i first started my period, i have been having intercourse with my partner using condoms. I however stopped taking yasmin, i continued spotting and bleeding for another 2 weeks, until it stopped. this month i have not gone on my periods, but i have pains in my stomach like period pains, but nothing comes out! what could be the problem. my cycle was normally 21days.
Avatar m tn But if the periods are delayed, then consult a gynecologist and get yourself thoroughly examined to diagnose the cause. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn - I'm 10 days late - My breasts are huge and painful - I have some cramping randomly (and not even everyday) - I have to eat every 3 hours or I feel extremely dizzy and faint (i dont black out though), i feel weak, like my body is exhausted - I have this weird mucus (sorry for the information but i really need help). Its like white and smelly and its kind of a lot..
681562 tn?1226597451 I started a Yasmin User Stories Forum because I wanted to have a place where other women who have suffered from yasmin side effects to gather and share stories. Are there any other people who have had mood swings, depression, spotting or anything else since starting to take Yasmin Birth Control Pill (YAZ) ? I have heard of some pretty bad stuff. Feel free to leave comments or share your story in the forum. I'll try to find some more information to put here soon.
Avatar f tn I took 'yasmin' for almost 20 days and i missed one pill and took it 3 hours before intercourse and took the next pill at its set time. is there a probability of pregnancy? in 2 days, i would have been taking 'yasmin' for 30 days, is this going to cause any problems?
Avatar m tn I have been on Yasmin for +/- 10 years now, I am 24 years old. I recently got married and my husband and I decided that we would start trying to have children in June, but we recently had unprotected sex - twice, thinking that the the pill was enough, is it possible that I could be pregnant?
706214 tn?1244526649 hi there ladies, jst a quick question really, well me n my partner have been trying for our 2nd baby for 6mnths now and still no luck. iv been using the ovulation calculators and ovulation tests but still nothing. i am not due on my nx period til the 24th jan 09. so would my best chances of conceving be about the 10th jan as its 2 wks b4 my nx period. cause iv been using the ovulation test kits and although they come bk posative i dont seem to b getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn Me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex and he has came in me on numerous occasions and I haven't gotten pregnant. I was wondering is something wrong with me? Is there somethin I need my doctor to check out? Im afraid that I can not get pregnant. Somethin that I should also include is that I have took a birth control by the name of Yasmin about no more than a year ago if that. I took it for a month. Is this why I cant get pregnant? Can this still be having a affect on me?
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and sexual active with my partner, I am currently taking the Yasmin Pill, and have been for the past 3 month. In the last couple of weeks, I have experienced pain/cramps in my lower left side, once after intercourse and then the second time it just come on. I have also noticed my breasts are tender. I have done a Pregnancy test as that was my first thought, but the results were negative. Is it possible I have an Ectopic Pregnancy?
613763 tn?1242477622 So should I worry, and I have to go to the restroom a lot too, could I be pregnant (there has never been a break, and I have missed taking the pill by a few hours, should I be okay or worry??
Avatar n tn i'm only 18 and so i still live with my parents so i don't really want to rush out and buy a pregnancy test with their money. if it would even give the correct results. does this sound like pregnancy?
Avatar f tn i have thought about just starting a brand new pack straight after this one and skipping my period altogether but i have already been spotting quite a bit the last couple of days and think it will be good for my body to have the 7 pill free days as its meant to, besides this is my first month on yasmin and want to do it by the book and have my normal period (just a couple days early!) i was just wondering i this is all feasable...
Avatar n tn Seasonale is where you only have a period 4 times a year. I think you should have one every month...so im not so sure about using this one. The difference in BCP's is the amounts of hormones in them.
116879 tn?1266519849 I have been on Yasmin Birth Control Pill for several months now and have been almost suicidal, have had hot flashes, nausea, etc. I finally attributed all of these symptoms to this pill... it helped with heavy periods but you pay a price for it! Is there anyone out there who knows of a better pill? I do need something to control my very heavy periods (I am postpartum 10 months) ---periods got worse after giving birth.
Avatar n tn I was recently hospitalised after developing blood clots in both lungs. I had been taking Yasmin for 4 months. I am 37 and very fit and healthy - I don't generally get sick. I have no known hereditary history but will be tested later.
Avatar f tn I live on an island and the local pharmacy ran out of pregnancy tests and don't know when the next shipment will arrive. I only had sex once in the past month!