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Avatar n tn I believe i have eczema on my scrotum for several years now. It used to itch a lot and it was quite red. Right now the itching stopped, but my scrotum is slightly off colored and wrinkly and a bit dry. Is it possible to get rid the the wrinkles and to allow it return to the normal color?
Avatar m tn My parents wen out so I decided to try masturbating with some shower gel as lube and I got some on my balls and not got it off, left it there and it wasn't a good idea. That was on Sunday, Monday my balls skin went really close together and got a ton of wrinkles, Tuesday (today) there is a ton of cracks in my balls skin and so much dead skin there.
Avatar n tn I have my doubts about whether you have anything wrong with you at all, or whether for some reason you are just paying closer attention to your scrotum. The scrotum is supposed to be wrinkled and reddish, and may look more so depending on how warm you are, etc. Before you run around in circles trying different creams, I suggest you try doing nothing for a month or so and not look at your scrotum. If you're still concerned at that point, show the doctor again. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn Hi, i went on this website seeking answers for a scrotum fungus that i have had for 6 months or so. I just read the article above and i have the exact same condition. I have the green lint type particles on my testes and also have noticed small cracks almost like wrinkles and my penis. I was just wondering is anyone has figured out what this is and what i should do about it. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/244059'>scrotum fungus?</a>.
Avatar n tn well a couple of days ago i masterbated and now my penis has wrinkles on the head and dead skin sheads off my penis, and it iches alot and it hurts . can somebody tell me wats going on!!
Avatar n tn some times my Scrotum Turn into a tough leather like skin, like an old person full of wrinkles, like a snake skin. Then other times it is very soft and smooth very normal, Like the skin under your arms limbs smooth and soft. What the heck is this ? Please answer in full as I have paid you. Point me to things I could read to understand what, why, how.. Thank you.
Avatar m tn as well as to a touch which spreads the folds to allow inspection of how far reaching the redness is) and, strangely enough, the extreme wrinkles -- far worse than normal scrotum wrinkling. In short, the burning, the hideousness and persistence of this are my principle complaints.
Avatar n tn Also, the skin on the scrotum flakes from time to time. The scrotum tingles anytime I haven't slept enough or if I drink caffeine. These same conditions also produce small slits, or "paper cuts" along the inside of my groin, in the folds of the thigh. These cuts take up to a week to heal with a dried-up white looking appearance around the edges. I tried both Loprox & clotrimazole for jock itch first, but neither of these helped.
Avatar m tn I can see white color patches on scrotum which is really very burning. Skin had become red on inner thighs which was very itchy. I consumed ZOCON 150 mg ( Clotrimazole ) each per week. Red color has gone now but stil skin has developed some wrinkles. Inner thighs are itchy and scrotum is burning like anything. Itching happens all the time but it will be more during nights.
Avatar m tn So, i am still getting these sores every 2-3 weeks at the base of my penis on the scrotum, and on the bottom of my scrotum. They're very superficial mostly just effecting the top couple layers. Not really more itchy than my genitals usually are. The derms really think this is some kind of dermatitus or psorisis. (any other ideas? could it be linked to the prostititus?) They all tell me not to worry its not an STD.
Avatar m tn When I observed myself the next morning, I noticed that small bumps where on my scrotum, but it seemed as though these bumps were just red and enlarged from where the hair grows on the scrotum. So it didn't seem like new bumps developed, but it seemed as thought the wrinkles on the scrotum were red, itchy and enlarged. It's not all over the scrotum though. The itch started from the back side of the scrotum near the anus and the rash/redness is on the left side.
Avatar n tn The day after having sex, with someone who previously told me they had Eczema, I felt an itch on my inner thigh next to my scrotum. As time passed day by day I kept feeling this itch and since went to a dermatologist who told me that I just came in contact with something that didn't agree with my system and he gave me a cream and a lotion. He said take it for two weeks and you'll be fine. Well now it's a year later and my scrotum has definitely changed.
Avatar m tn A pimple formed on my scrotum that hurt. It was swabbed for herpes and came back negitive. I have been tested for all std's, swab and blood work and came back negitive. Every doctor I have talked to says it looks like a fungal infection. I went to a dermatologist and was precibed clotrimiderm with 1% hp. This didn't help. The wrinkles are still there and there are dark spots on there as well, almost blackened spots.
Avatar n tn ' 'Fordyce spots are small (1-5mm) bright red or purple papules that can appear on the glans, shaft or scrotum and usually affect younger men. They may occur as a solitary lesion, but frequently appear in crops of 50 to 100. They are painless and not itchy, but may cause embarrassment because of their appearance, or a fear that they might be sexually transmitted. ' Let us know if you need any further information. Post us about what your doctor advises. Regards.
Avatar m tn I also notice that they are for the most part located where i have creases or wrinkles on my penis. I believe they may actually be tissue or vessels but I'm of course here for your verdict. I will admit that in certain phases of time I've masturbated excessively, which led to the discovery of my condition.
Avatar m tn i have recently come back from a sexually active trip to europe, and have a slightly larger red bump on my scrotum and redness at the base of my penis. i wore a condom, but considering i shaved before i left and walking a lot,creating a lot of friction, i dont know if i'm paranoid about an STD or if this is simply the same stuff. help please?
Avatar m tn Red rashes are there on the penis. and the epidermis of the head is turned dry and tiny wrinkles are visible on the epidermis. Doc analysis says: No obvious vesceles/purtules (could not read better than that - handwriting interpretation issue). Sense of complete void - present. Now, he has suggested Metrogyl -P to apply. I am confused now. what is culture test? Let me know i will get that done too. Regards...
Avatar n tn It is present on most of my scrotum and much of the shaft of my penis. There is also a quarter-sized patch on my chin, a very small patch on the underside of my nose, and some small patches between my fingers. The rash itself is characterized by very small, pin-sized bumps. At least that is what I can see and feel on my lips, chin and finger. I cannot see bumps in my genital area, just some swelling, puffiness, and redness.
Avatar m tn This does not sound anything like an STD. It doesn't even sound like fungus at this point, only irritation or perhaps just extra pigment from prior irritation. It is time, I think, to stop interrogating your girlfriend about STD's and to get whatever reassurance will work for you to realize that you don't have one. With a rash like yours herpes is not, repeat not, a possibility. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn No OBVIOUS warts. Then i developed a rash on my inner thighs and on my forehead and cheeks. Pimple like rash, but without the white center. Then I felt like a bus hit me. Literally I could barely get out of bed I was so tired. Then started the lower back pain, I had to use a heating pad to help. I went to the Urgent Care and told them I felt like i had an STD. The doc ran the standard STD tests and a CBC w/ diff.
Avatar m tn But I've also been told all will return to as it was before. Striae if I've spelt it wrong is like wrinkles or grooves left on the skin but I'll have to recheck and no one really notices except yourself apparently.
Avatar f tn Never been tested, 5 women so far, 3 were long term and the last 2 is what is worrying me. Please check the pics , I noticed hardening of the skin on the scrotum and a lot more wrinkles throughout after 3 months. I received oral and anal stimulation with her saliva without protextion. The female before her had white stuff whrn I was about to go in, so I stuck to receiving oral.. itched a little but washed off. Recently a spot has been dried and flaking.
Avatar m tn As a general guideline, if the wrinkles of the scrotum can be seen and appreciated, then the swelling is within a reasonable level. You can provide support to the scrotum by wearing an athletic supporter, apply ice to the scrotum, take warm baths if there are signs of inflammation, while lying down, place a rolled towel under your scrotum or try over-the-counter pain relievers, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
Avatar m tn A pimple formed on my scrotum that hurt. It was swabbed for herpes and came back negitive. I have been tested for all std's, swab and blood work and came back negitive. Every doctor I have talked to says it looks like a fungal infection. I went to a dermatologist and was precibed clotrimiderm with 1% hp. This didn't help. The wrinkles are still there and there are dark spots on there as well, almost blackened spots.
Avatar m tn I appied gold bond for two weeks, only to have the yeast rash return on the scrotum. I then used clotimazole again on it for two weeks, which is where i stand today. The rash is now gone, however the wrinkles and irritation on my glands have been constant since their appearence, and the smaller spot has grown larger and seems to have patched outward. These spots and wrinkles are mildly unccumfortable, yet do not itch or hurt at all, and have shown no differnces through clotrimazole treatment.
Avatar m tn Is it possibly I may have warts on my leg in the future? I should note I have eczema so I do have weak skin and cuts on my leg where it hit. Another issue is towels. I was at somewhere around 30C and under, so cold water. Is it safe to use the same bath towel to wipe up down and wipe my face. (face first each time then down there), also underwear.
Avatar m tn However, tests for everything came back negative (Herpes, HIV). With that said, I have had a small bump on my scrotum for some time (which i am almost positive wasn't there before my unprotected sex encouter). I really cannot recall when it started or the size when it did (but its been at least a few months since it appeared). It is small (about the size of a pimple), isolated, and appears to be a skin colored mixed with a little white.
Avatar n tn o i forgot the rash on the head comes n goes but flares up after an erection and when i applyied the vinger to the 2 bumps there was a slight burning sensation intell i removed the paper towel with the vinger on it also when i stretch the skin on the scrotum hoping to get a better look at thangs this disapear compeatly and cant be seen but whe i let the skin go the bumps can b seen again,and it just the 3 of them that have now been there for about 2 1/2 no other red spots or bumps around or nea