Why dogs throw up yellow bile

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Avatar n tn My 8 month shih tzu has been throwing up bright yellow bile every other day. Sometimes he throws up in the middle of the night, but most of the time it is between 10 and 3 in the afternoon. We have recently switched his food from beneful (which his old owners had him on) to Innova Evo with chicken. I have read that this is caused by an empty stomach. He eats twice a day, and most times when he throws up he has food down, he just isnt eating it. But he seems to enjoy the food when he eats it.
12679876 tn?1426981493 I have an 8 year old male cat who started throwing up yellow bile on Saturday. I got him to drink a little tuna juice and he acted like he wanted to eat dry food but only ate one piece and that was after several times of picking it up and putting it back down. All test results from the vet came back normal. No bacteria. He did have blood in his stool. But no infection. No temp, and barely dehydrated. He's going in for a teeth cleaning tomorrow because he had severe tartar build up.
172023 tn?1334675884 Which helped a bit at first, then back to his usual puking. Last month, he started vomiting bile twice a day, like clockwork 1 hour prior to his meals. Back to the vet. Nothing on xray. Blood work fine. Suggestion was to feed him more frequently, as the vomiting seemed to be directly the result of having an empty stomach. This actually worked until last week. Saturday he started puking up small amounts of partially digested food.
1283791 tn?1276821914 Does anyone have any suggestions on why this could be happening. She didnt throw up this morning but I fed her arounf midnight last night for and extra treat to see if mayb that would help....
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***mb.rxlist.com/rxboard/ultram.pl?noframes;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar n tn It is almost not even like a throwup though as it doesn't seem like its a deep wrenching from the stomach. Rarely after the clear mucus, I will have yellow bile. I have a feeling this has to do my food allergies for me because it quit while I eliminated potential problem foods (wheat and gluten..) for a month.
Avatar f tn She is still eating but I can see she is having indigestion sometimes and she will occasionally throw up the yellow bile, but she keeps her food down and still enjoys eating. Of course she isn't eating the dry dog food she ate for most of her life. Now it's boiled chicken mostly and sometimes and egg. I think you are doing a wonderful thing with letting Buddy do all the things he loves. I'm doing the same with Cookie. She NEVER hears the word "NO" anymore.
Avatar m tn Raw hide anything is bad news. Too many dogs end up needing surgery to remove the raw hide from their guts or intestines. We feed our dogs a raw diet and they do well on it. No cooking and not much measuring needed. Simply remove from the refrigerator and toss in a bowl and feed.
1832268 tn?1326819610 My almost 15 year old Chihuahua Buddy was diagnosed with Kidney Disease today and I am exhausted and confused on what to do or not do. Some dogs are very brave and can put up with a lot. The trouble is my little man is a real coward and can't put up with hardly anything! I was faced today with putting him on IV fluids for 3 days at a cost of $3000 after doing an ultrasound, and I know this would break his spirit being thrown in a cage with needles (which he hates!).
Avatar f tn How courageous of you and your husband to make this difficult decision to help Cissy over the Rainbow Bridge with all her loved ones beside her. It is so hard. I am still tearing up to remember the beloved dogs we've said goodbye to in the past. I will say a prayer for Cissy and your family and keep you in my thoughts. I hope that you and your family can heal together during this very difficult time. Many hugs and good thoughts.
Avatar f tn The day before he left me, he vomited brown liquid (previously yellow) , wake up every two hours during daytime to whine and bark . We knew that his time is near but thought it would be better for him to die at home as he never like going to the vet. We regretted this decision that night as he whine and bark nonstop from 11pm to 5am. It was very clear then that he is very uncomfortable His poo has turned black by then.
Avatar n tn he didn't say anything about why she wasn't eating. she still isn't eating and she won't play with the other dogs. when we got her she was dehidrated but I think we took care of that. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to help her!!!!!!
2095142 tn?1333236800 Since the kidneys are not working, toxins and acids will start to build up in your dogs body. These will toxins will make your dog sick, and the acids will cause ulcers in the mouth, stomach, and intestines. There are several inexpensive antacid and ulcer medications that your Vet can prescribe that will make your dog more comfortable, ( if you can get her to eat them, and keep them down.
Avatar n tn I know when I have it draining into my stomach, I throw up when I wake up in the morning. Just a thought. I wouldn't think your breast milk would be doing it, actually I would think that it would help her. Hopefully she gets better.
Avatar n tn When I get this I usually wake up early in the morning and I feel nauscious and the feeling is quickly followed by a sulfur burp. I will be sick as a dog until I throw up everything in my stomach even bile....I have to get testing done for h.pylori...I just hope they find out what it is. My stomach is so bloated I look like I am 6 months pregnant. I cant stand this. Has anyone found out whether or not it is h.pylori?
Avatar n tn About 2 hours later, I was throwing up bile salts (Sickly yellow color). After that, the nausea and diarhea went away and I ate a whole 32 oz jar of applesause that night. Might go out for Chinese Food tonight. I normally don't eat that many vegetables and it make my stomach feel better when I am having problems. Maybe it is the fact we don't eat enough fiber in our diet. I have heard that vegetables are the scrub brush of the intestines.
Avatar n tn I often throw up slick yellow bile, and in November, during my last attack, blood came out, too! My upper belly swelled, of course, and I was in agonizing pain for about 18 hours. It passed, as usual, so I did not alert my doctor, even though the blood was NOT usual at all. That had never happened before. I did tell my doc about the incident in January of this year, while visiting him to go over the results of routine bloodwork I'd had done.
Avatar n tn I am trying small bits at a time, and it's hard because I usually have a huge appetite, but then eat two crackers and almost throw up! I am craving real food and it's tough because I can't have it! I think that is my biggest struggle lately. The huge appetite, and then not being able to eat it. I have a question for you though...I tried to get on disability a year ago because there's no chance I will ever be able to work enough to support myself.
429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar n tn If pain persists or quickly comes back, see your doctor. Call 911 or go an emergency room right away if you throw up blood or anything that looks like coffee grounds; if you feel faint, chilly, or sweaty; if you have black or bloody stools, or if you feel lightheadness, as if you would faint. See a doctor right away if you have sharp back pain with ulcer symptoms.
Avatar n tn The Dr increased his enulose and his spirolactone last week, but either that or somthing has just made him throw up all the time, all yesterday and all night last night. He tells me he wants to do things ( sometimes ) but says he just cant get up to do it. He does not want to talk like we used to or have any type of affection ( hand holding, a kiss ) he is very very grouchy ( which is totally out of character ) and just seems so sad and miserable.
Avatar n tn I am already in Menopause at 35 due to the first ovarian cancer surgery, so this probably explains why I was burning up, but had chills. If you have any other symptoms such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, stomach problems, back aches, unexplained cough, or distended stomach (makes you look like you are pregnant) than make an appointment to see your doctor.
Avatar n tn For the very first question here concerning gall bladder removal then pancreatitus... I had the same thing happen. They actually messed up my bile duct when they removed my gall bladder and i had to get an ercp done and had a 10% chance of getting pancreatitus and guess what I got it. That was back in August of 05 and a few months into 06. But I have been having the pain in my right side again for the past 1 1/2 mo. so I am wondering if my liver enzyme count i up.
Avatar n tn I almost did when I saw my girlfriend throwing up yellow bile and having the worst diaheraah ever. We didn't goto the ER, we stayed home and just now we are able to move! I was doubled over in pain!!! This was more than an upset stomach! This was hell. I never sweated so much in my life!!! Water poured off of us in buckets! We both had chronic runs with one bathroom so you can imagine the horror! PLEASE NEVER TAKE ANYTHING!!!
Avatar n tn I get yellow stools and burning bile that backs up into my system and causes complete HAVOC.... All I can say is good luck to you....in 20 years, I have seen about 15 MD's and ALL of them have different opinions....
Avatar f tn Helps restore normal bowel movements. (Don't consume it while you're on meds or you'll throw up.) The pain you feel is gas from indigestion. If you notice it after you've finished the above-recommended acidophilus routine, take some alka selzter when it hits, to get you through until your procedure. By the way, whatever tests your doc did, yes, you can call and ask point blank, "How did the H. pylori test come out?" Their answer will reveal everything.
Avatar n tn my eye doctor told me it was due to mild allergies and prescribed eye drops which didnt help in the least so i turned to over the counter allergy medicine which hasn't helped either (so i dont think it's allergies) and in the last 3 weeks not only are my eyelids itchy but when i wake up in the morning my upper eye lids are bright red and swelled up so bad that its embarassing!!!!
Avatar n tn People all over the world fall sick, throw up and are allergic to something or the other. Why do you want to take the blame on yourself? If you are maintaing proper hygeine, that is all you can do.
Avatar n tn The PBC itching is thought to be due to the retained bile salts deposited in the skin. The bile salts have an irritant effect on the skin which can be mild to severe. Almost all those diagnosed with PBC will eventually experience the PBC itching. The most common itching spots are the ears, palms of hands and soles of the feet. Some experience only occasional itching, while others the itching is so severe that it affects their daily life.
Avatar f tn Please feel free to be wound up... Ive been wound up over this for a few years. Yes, this doctor turned out to be about the slimiest person I have ever dealt with. (You know the old saying, someone had to graduate at the bottom of their medical school) I fell for his sales pitch in him telling me everything I wanted to hear.