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Avatar n tn Are any of you using something like Nasonex or Flonase? I do have a headache behind my eyes and feel tired a lot, but I had that before too. Common side effects of Nasonex are fatigue, headaches, a lowered immune system (not good) and others too. A few people I know who have used this for a year or more mentioned that they got palpitations, and one friend said his PVCs increased. But one can't be sure whether the PVCs increased because of the Nasonex.
Avatar n tn Using Nasonex nose spray,(should I use Flonase?)using saltwater nose spray, five days of Zithromax(again)after which he wants me to use Septra(which I used for years,and it does not work on me anymore,cause of built-up tolerance)and since I have not used the Septra for 2 or 3 years,he says the Septra will work on me;so does the pharmacist.
Avatar n tn the acceptable cut off for diffusion and Pulmonary function test is 80. That is normal number that is generally acceptable. As an asthmatic I have taken dose paks off and on for yrs. While I hate the side effects while I take them, it does make it easier to breathe and it seems to make my inhalers work better. Sometimes my doctor has advised me to use the inhaler more than 2 puffs at a time ask your doc about this.
Avatar n tn A few days later, I was feeling a lot better as far as the dizziness went, in that it was only really noticeable when I would stand up or lay down, or at night time in the dark, which the doctor said was because my eyes were working harder to try and help balance my body, since my ears were unable to do so. I was home from school for the entire week, and by the end of the week was feeling much better...and returned back to school on the following Sunday.
Avatar f tn The MRI showed a loop of the anterior inferior cerebellar artery, which the ENT said is very uncommon to be causing the problem. The other contrast scan showed nothing. So I'm left in misery 24/7 unless I am in a noisy room. I am having a hard time enjoying my new baby girl because I'm up with her and I can't get back to sleep, then I start getting irrational thoughts. Is there any treatment for this problem?
Avatar m tn although I'm told my ear blockage is getting better, I still feel head pressure and a tingling sensation in the back of my head mostly all the time. Is there anything more I should be doing? Has anybody else experienced this or something similar? Any advice or insight would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I don't know if coming from sinuse which is more likely or lungs since my asthma is not controlled well dealing with all that mucus everyday. Any thoughts on what is actually going on here? Bacterial? viral?
Avatar m tn I have seen numerous people reporting palpitations and other systemic effects across the internet after using Beconase and other brands (Nasonex, Flonase etc) of steroid nasal sprays. Has anyone had a similar experience?
Avatar dr m tn Whether or not your allergy testing is positive, you may be suffering from non-allergic rhinitis or chronic rhinitis, which is linked to sleep breathing problems or silent acid reflux (LPRD). With non-allergenic rhinitis, your nose becomes sensitive to temperature, pressure, humidity changes, chemicals, odors, and emotions. Non-allergic rhinitis responds somewhat to allergy medications, so you may think you have an allergy problem.
Avatar m tn See what works better. Have you tried either Nasonex or Rhinocort and what is the recommended dosage? The Nasonex web site says take as many squirts as your doctor recommends but I just had the doc's secretary call in the rx and I doubt if she knows.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and he gave me Amoxycillin for sinus infection which I am taking three times daily and have been for the past six days. Is there anything I can do to get better? Any home remedies? Other medications? I'm really surprised that I'm still sick with all of these symptoms after this long. Mostly it is a feeling of stopped up snotty nose, ears and a rattly hacking cough that just doesn't dislodge all the mucous. Help!
Avatar n tn I'm really fustrated and confused, he is on Flovent twice a day, flonase twice a day, albuterol as needed and steroids when his croup is bad which is likely 3-4 times a year. I've recently read an article on reflux and how it relates to croup I now am going to see a specialist in that field and hope I can have some anwsers!!! Hospital visits are too common in my home and I want to know WHY!!!! Good Luck and I will let you know how it goes!
Avatar f tn the sterimar has no chemicals and so i feel this is good and it hydrates my nose - sometimes in morning i feel heating in house dries nose up the patch has gone in my nose which is great - does that mean infection has gone or the nose is hydrated normally now? i have a slight cut at the end of my nostril and could this be from nasonex and nasal sprays and constant blowing? i have put a bit of germolene second skin on the end which stops any thing getting to it to get it to heal- can it heal?
Avatar n tn Primary Care Physician treated me for Asthma for two years before Asthma testing proved negative. Lung capcity is strong. Claratin and flonase prove ineffective. Shortness of breath wakes me occasionally at night and is bothersome during the day, causing frequent yawning. Can go weeks with no symptoms, and then suffer intense bouts days at a time. I experience post-nasal drip and seepage, and in the morning when inhaling, I can often feel a vibration in the chest (mucus)?
Avatar n tn He gave me a RX for Flonase and told me to use a saline rinse. Well, I'm already taking Nasonex and obviously that isn't helping anything, but oh well... He also said that my dizziness was NOT caused by my sinus issues, in spite of the fact that my BAEP and VNG results indicate non-CNS causes. He also blew off the Caloric test portion of the VNG which stated that I have a 77% weakness in my right ear.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone else suffers from non-allergic rhintis. I think I have this. I get about 2 weeks every month, when my nose gets all stuffy. I get post nasal drip, my ears feel plugged and sometimes I get dizzy. I have seen an ENT, but she said I was "all better". I think stress is agrevating it again. I had allergy tests done- and everything was negative, so I know it is not allergies. I think it might be hormone/stress related.
Avatar m tn I sometimes wake up or throughout the course of the day notice my right eye is smaller and that is exactly the way I feel, like my left side sits up higher than my right. Not sure what to think of this. Not sure if this is relevant but my homocysteine level came back at 45.4 when it should not have been higher than 11.8. I had to postpone a gallbladder surgery twice (they put me out) as my P02 levels were sky high. Would a CT scan have picked up on the white matter back in 2005'?
Avatar n tn I have had sinus infections before, and since xmas there have been 2 times that ive felt like i had a sinus infection, went to the dr and they give me flonase, which doesnt help anything. All the symptoms eventually stop in 10 days or more, to tell the truth, im really just fed up with people telling me theres nothing wrong, when i feel horrible! My head feels fogged, sinus pressure on and off, nausea, and fatigued, teeth hurt on and off...feel feverish on and off, diarrhea..
579469 tn?1311709150 maybe its the generic. I know Rhinocort which is a steriod nose inhaler works awesome, its similiar to flonase, nasonex, etc. You will get releif in a week or so. With my steriod shot and allegra d, flonase and putting a cu-tip way up my nose with a little afrin on it helped big time. I am a Big baby too and I got off it in less than a week. I just read about Rhinostat and its basicly afrin diluted with saline sloution. A longer wean.
Avatar n tn He said it was very hard to get approved for because you had to have tried all other meds with little to no success, have a blood test IGE reading that between 300-700 which is very high( underlinging cause of severe allergic reactions). Have skin test readings that say your severley allergic to everything and have a very low peak flow test, for asthma. All tests were performed but the blood test for IGE( antibody called Immunoglobing E).
Avatar n tn Apparently a combination of Astelin, Atrovent, and Rhinocort/Flonase/Nasonex used in a nebulizer can work wonders for this condition. It is my understanding that the mix of medications is turned into a fine mist that you breathe in through your nose for roughly ten minutes. I think that the theory is that this method delivers the medication to areas that nasal sprays miss.
519035 tn?1348279373 My ears are popping like crazy so I guess thats a good sign. Ill be on nasonex by next week. I was taking flonase and gave me a sore throat when I was using it. Anymore advice on how to relieve the chronic rhinitis would be helpful. I think Ill be okay now that I got most of the draining stopped. It has been a miserable 5 months tho!
Avatar n tn I think it is a good idea for you to take your daughter to a board certified allergist who can evaluate what is going on and also the cause. It may or may not be due to an allergic cause, but this is not difficult to tell. Another likely cause is a chronic sinus infection. This is fairly common in young children and can present exactly as you have described. You are doing a great job with all the areas you can control.
Avatar f tn Pred helped briefly, but after weens off, pressure builds up again. Tried sinus irrigations daily, allergy meds ( singulair, claritin, flonase, nasonex, allegra). He does not think this is allergy-related (he never gets congestion, sneezing, post-nasal drip, ect. Hx of exercised-induced asthma (no asthma problems otherwise). No sig. med hx. Alt. approaches tried(no help) He's left the state to deduct any environmental allergies/causes.
Avatar n tn In December 2006, I started to feel short of breath - like I could breath out all the way. I started to get dizzy off and on - which was more like an unbalance, or things were subtly moving around me (not vertigo). I was diagnosed with anxiety, which, knowing what I know now (that my sinuses are clogged - how could the docs have missed that?!), was not an accurate diagnosis.
299912 tn?1341626700 great to hear you're better. If your hayfever is so bad, it would be a good idea to use nasal steroids which will not affect your anxiety like the sudafed in the combination allergy products would.
114870 tn?1210301946 I started using the Rhinostat system and even that I only use 1-2 a day. The congestion is getting alot better and I find that my nose is clearing on its own.
Avatar m tn You may possibly find a 3 oz. bottle, which is fine, in the travel-size section of a drugstore or department store. They are becoming easier to find, because these bottles are what you have to put liquids in when you fly on an airplane. If you can’t find one anywhere, then you can just use any plastic bottle with a spout that squirts, like a Rubbermaid picnic bottle or a kitchen squeeze bottle. The best, once again, is a small travel squeeze bottle, which is listed as a 4 oz.
Avatar n tn Neurologist says behavioural related to too many sports, but he loves these and is under no pressure as to which sport or when - he chooses. He is now off all drugs - these brought on associated body spasms that have stopped. He repeatedly comes out of tests looking just fine - no bronchitis, asthma, epiglotitis. Main problems 11 am - 7 pm. Cough/inhaling typically 5 - 10 seconds every 3 - 4 minutes when bad, 30 - 40 minutes when doing better.
Avatar m tn I notice if I catch it early (which means I carry antibiotics with me all the time) it is not as nearly as bad. Doctors have diagnosed this as Asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma etc etc. All different specialists seem to have a different prognosis and the recommended pills over the years have not really done any good. None of them seem to relate to the closure of the windpipe and cant give me a straight answer when I ask them.