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Avatar f tn So I just got back from Walmart and have the whey protein that was suggested. I was shocked....I was expecting something that tasted about like vomit...but it's actually really good! (In milk anyway)Thing is...I'm unsure of how many times a day I should drink it? I'm hoping this is going to speed up my recovery. 18 days off methadone...3 days off percocets...such a huge accomplishment for me because in 8 years...not once did I go a day w/o my methadone. Never thought I could...but here I am...
Avatar f tn I do remember I used to do those whey protein shakes back pre kids when I was a workout fiend and remember it helping me feel good all around.. thanks, I didn't even think of that. Perhaps another GNC shopping trip is in order. I have kinda turned this detox into an all around health kick anyway. I do cook very healthy and from scratch so my diet is really good.
1829282 tn?1325595258 If your worried about protein this is what I do 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein powder 1/2 cup ice 2 drops banana extract Frozen fruit mix banana peach mango strawberry 1/2 cup milk It's about 40 gram protein and u need atleast 70gram a day also this helps too Buy fruit flavored chobani yogurt it has 14 gram protein and if you freeze it an hour before u rat it it tastes Like icecream Another tip when too tart use splenda its calorie free and melts quick
Avatar m tn HI I always say it not so much the withdrawal that makes methadone so hard to kick but the post withdrawal energy crash........
Avatar m tn try your best to keep a positve attitude going also you may want to try the amino acids listed on the right of the screen they have helped many...I drink whey protein shakes and recommend them to everyone there loaded with vitamins amino acids as well as protein all of witch the brain needs to heal...you can pick up a 2lb can up at walmart for 15 bucks the chocolate flavor is good you just mix it with milk...I drink 2 a day every little bit helps...
Avatar f tn there are a few things you can do that help the energy thing out a bit for 1 pick up some liquid B-complex if you take it in the morning it helps the afternoon energy crash...also I still drink whey protein shakes...you can pick both up at walmat the b/complex is 6 bucks and the whey protein is 15 bucks for a 2lb can..it is loaded with vitamins and amino acids as well as the protein all of witch the brain needs to heal...
Avatar f tn Let me know if you want a full list-I've been taking them since day one and they've really helped. Whey protein shakes are also good...Help the body and brain heal. I know it's frustrating and you just want to feel 'normal'...Just remember that it's been awhile and you need time to adjust. Most of all-be kind to yourself and be proud that you've come this far...Keep it going-you are doing awesome...
1292648 tn?1303161853 -Whey protein shakes in the morning/Frozen Berries, Lecithin granials, some fiber, and some Acai berry Juice, (this is how I like it, and you can add what ever you want to yours)-Whey protein is really important for your liver healing -I try to eat cleaner protein; adding beans, fish instead of meat, Hemp protein is awesome-the cleaner and healthier foods are the faster you will heal. It is totally true-“you are what you eat/drink”!!!-You eat fat and drink alcohol...you will suffer!
Avatar n tn Just making sure you are getting good protein is really important. I have a couple of whey protein shakes each day since I have no appetite for meat. I read somewhere that it is hard to see progress until you look back after being clean for a few months. Then you will be able to see the bigger picture. I keep that in mind when I feel "stuck". It makes endurance more bearable.
Avatar n tn for everyone doing this I recommend whey protein shakes there loaded with the amino acids as well as vitamins and protein all of witch the brain needs to heal you can pick up a 2lb can up at walmart for 15 bucks the chocolate flavor is good drink 2 a day till you start to feel better ...with methadone you got to be in it for the long haul it takes a wile to feel better for most .....
Avatar f tn I wish I new a cure fro the sleep thing but it is the biggest complaint about coming off this drug most sedatives wont work so dont wast your money the sleep thing followed by the energy crash is the 2 hardest parts of doing this both will go away with time but it can take a wile for me it was 90 days we have had members do it in 2 mo but again it takes a wile you just have to grind it out gradually you do get better its just painfully slow try a 3 in one vitamin calcium/magnesium/zinc you can g
Avatar f tn It hydrates, provides electrolytes, leucine, casein and whey protein and an optimal carb-to-protein ratio of 4:1. It tastes good and doesn't cost as much as commercial products. Try 16 ounces of chocolate milk post-exercise. A 16-oz serving of low-fat (2%) chocolate milk has 64 g carbs, 16 g protein and 360 calories. If you’re a vegan, flavored pea protein, brown rice protein, or soy protein can be a substitution for chocolate milk. I don't recommend soy.
Avatar f tn Make sure you use quite a bit of spirulina, a little banana, a little fish oil, bee pollen and some carrot juice and a good protein powder ex. designer whey. Don't worry you will not taste the fish oil if you just use a little. You can actually live on shakes made with the above ingredients. So if you just drank these shakes as well as staying hydrated you will begin to get your energy back big time. That's all you need to do so try to get out and get the ingredients and start shaky baby!
Avatar f tn Hi congrats on 3 days as for the energy crash it is fairly common the one thing that helped me was whey protein shake mix it is 16 bucks for a 2lb can at walmart you just mix a scoop with a glass of milk the chaclate flavor is good drink 2 a day it will give you the raw protein for energy and the amino's for your brain to heal this is not a quick fix there isent one but rather it give you the building blocks to work with my wife also made sure we got out and walked I know this may seem i
Avatar f tn I dont think I ever dreamed the whole time I was on methadone so it was like a new experience for me as for being 100% look at it this way your 100% better then you where on day 1 or 2 and Im sure your tired of hering this but it takes time to get well everybody is different dont compare yourself to others just know it goes this way for a lot of us I broke a 16 1/2 yr habit it took me 90 days to even start to feel well again....
Avatar f tn L-Tyrosine (1000mg in morning 1 hour before a meal), B-Complex (taken w/ L-Tyrosine), multivitamin (taken w/ 1st meal), whey protein powder shake (once a day), flaxseed (mixed in w/ the shake), calcium/magnesium at night (will help w/ the leg jitters). I'd go to the doctor and get some sort of xanax or ativan for anxiety as this will help during w/drawals and ambien to help sleep. Good luck. I hope I was of some help. I am 2 1/2 days clean and don't feel bad at all.
1319167 tn?1278217269 HI I was the one that recommended the whey protein shake mix its full of vitamins and amino acids as well as protein all of witch the brain needs to heal ...walmart carys it but they just uped the price to 15buck...its still worth it the chocolate flavor is good and all you got to do is mix it with milk with a spoon no blender or anything...I still drink 2 a day and it seamed like my recovery moved along a bit faster after I started on them... good luck and God bless......
Avatar f tn coming off methadone has its own set of rules its not like the pills it can be a 3 mo ride it was for me annd has been for a lot of people I have helped you just got to grind it out drink the whey protein shakes exersize even ehen you cant and slowly you will come around this is a marathon not a sprint patents and perseverance will be the lessons learned just know each day your not using your gaing ground you will eventually feel better I promise you that what I cant promise is when it is diffe
Avatar f tn I know what you're going through. Hydrate! Get Gator AID! Drink Protein Shakes if you can! I didn't have diahrea, but everyone takes Imodium. They say it also helps with withdrawal symptoms, but since I didn't need it, I don't know. Take vitamins! Multivitamin and B12 for sure! This was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life! But I did it and you can to! Don't stress over the loss of sleep. Put one foot in front of the other.
Avatar f tn HI your just going to have to hang in there you jumped off prity high for ever 10mg of methadone its like 10 percs so toy effectivly jumped from 25 percs the withdrawal will be ruff usually from that dose its a 2 week ordeal then the rest of the mothth you feel crappy keep using the vitamins they do help without them its worst as soon as you can get on the whey proten shakes again at walmart 15 buks for a 2lb can you just mix it with milk its got all the amino acids extra vitimins as well as ra
Avatar m tn your brain chemistry is take awhile to function properly again on its own. drinking protein shakes also helps. look on the bottom right of this page, under health pages, check the info on the amino acid protocol. there is other helpful info. there as well. take it day by day. it will take some time for your body,soul,mind,emotions and spirit to heal. one day at a time. why did start to take the methadone? keep moving forward.
Avatar f tn you may want to look up the amino acid protocall its on the lower right of the screen there are supplements you can take that will help you start to feel better but having these feeling being a month into it is not uncommon I recommend whey protiein shakes to eveyone that detoxes there loaded with vitamins ecental amino acids as wll as the protein all things that the brain needs to heal you can pick up a 2lb can at walmart for 15 bucks and the chocolate flavor is good I still drink 2 a day all y
Avatar f tn its not like pills you dont get better in a few days this stuff plays by its own rules and there cruel time to start on the whey protein shakes pick it up at walmart for 15 bucks for a 2 lb can there loaded with amino acids extra vitamins as well as raw protein all of witch your brain needs to heal I recamend it for everyone that detoxes the chocolate flavor good you just mix it with milk drink 2 a day till you come around for the leg cramps add some potassium to the vitamins your all ready taki
2116781 tn?1337040479 Start that stuff now. get lots of good protein...eggs, whey protein shakes - it has all the material your brain needs to start rebuilding the systems that the opiates put in hibernation. Your attitude is awesome...hang on to that! A good attitude will take you right through this.
Avatar f tn just wanted to lend my support....i also use B12 liquid and whey protein shakes...it helps with energy....try not to be scared....fear is the worst part....just let us help you with the symptoms.....it CAN be done..we are proof that you can get thru it...and I was taking alot of pills for many years. Just hang tough and we can help you! keep posting! this site is great!
1507968 tn?1327804170 Warm to hot baths really help with epsom salt and It sound wiered but I also use niite time baby bath stuff and then go straight to bed. Also protein shakes help too as long as you do slow stretches and a little bit of exercise even if it hurts but do it as tolerated. Your muscles are hurting cuz of the brain thing but the protein helps the build and repair the muscles. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Got into the car made, I mean made, myself go grocery shopping at Walmart- got a ton of fruit, easy fixings for the kids, Ensure, Valerian root, Whey protein for shakes, and special treats for the kids who don't deserve watching their parent go through this. Then headed to nieces to pick up kids. I helped her move some furniture around before leaving. Stopped to get gas and headed home to unpack the groceries.
Avatar f tn I began whey protein shakes and a green defense powder w/ it also. I also keep sublingual B12, but was high on the last lab panel so I dropped it unless I'm really dragging. I added the Omega 3's when tx started because flaxseed was creating tummy issues. I think it's totally cool that your Dr. is proactive in requesting you get ready. I run everything by my Dr. but he doesn't usually bring it up. I feel that the supplements really give me the boost my body needs to support the meds.
Avatar m tn are you drinking the whey protein shakes?? also liquid B-complex helps a little with the energy thing...are you sleeping yet??...there is stuff the doctor can give you to stop the runs try imodium till you see the doctor ...right now try not to get discouraged I know exactly how it feels and you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired but getting off this stuff is a grind just know with time it does get better it just takes a lot longer then we like...