When will namenda go generic

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Avatar n tn I am suppose to be going to a new neurologist this month but am scared to because they will probably just want me to go through everything I have already been through. I don't do drugs, I have never been addicted to prescription drugs, so I don't understand why I can't get a Dr. to prescribe me Nubain. I know it's a narcotic analgesic, however it's the best medication they have found to work for me. I do get aura' with some of my headaches but not all.
491030 tn?1242428366 So I went to go see my Dr. yesterday and she said it sounded like I have nerve damage so she has suggested I take Lyrica "I am afraid" I already take 2 meds norco and xanax they continue to want me to be on another med and I am afraid to take it ...has anyone taken this medication and how well did they do on it or if they had really bad side effects..
Avatar n tn It feels like head is going to split at the top of my head and the pain and pressure behind my right eye is very painful. When the released me from the hospital they put me on Percocet for pain and said to follow-up with the Neurologist that there may be nerve damage. I have a very stressful job and by the end of the day my headache worsens. My PCP is reluctant to refill my prescription for the pain medicine but I need something for the pain.
1635132 tn?1305067530 Her migraines are very debilitating but we can predict ahead of time when she will get one. By being able to predict them, we can at least get important medication before nausea sets in. If I were wealthy, I could also fly my wife between weather systems but alas I'm not monetarily wealthy. That would be the best medicine for her.
Avatar n tn Old people need to die with dignity. She basically asking when we think she will die? Sorry I am old fashioned in many ways this is one, and know no excuse when it comes to carrying with old parents.
Avatar f tn It costs about $150 a month. In Canada there is a generic that is much cheaper. When I first went on it I didn't have any headaches at all for about 3 months. That was after having some sort of headache every day for about a year and a half with migraines 2-3X a week. It is not as effective now, but that could be due to a number of reasons. I see a headache specialist. She is a neurologist who only treats headaches. They are up on all the latest treatments.
Avatar f tn Sart with the paxil and if you gain to much weight simply ask to be switched to the prozac. Don't start wonder what if what if what if....it will drive ya crazy. Give the med a try.
Avatar n tn Obviosly the more you are on, the longer time it will take and the more gradual the decrease should be). When you are down to taking 1 X 50mg tablet a day, this is when, as I am sure you know, it gets really hard. The following strategies have worked for me when you are donw to very low doses.