What is the difference between niaspan and niacin

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Avatar n tn I would say that the best predictor of coronary artery disease is still your lipid readings, with HDL being the most important. Also as in Mr. Kile's case heredity is a large risk factor. My mother had CAD with three heart attacks leading up to bypass surgery at 57 and death from heart failure at 64. I had total cholesterol readings of between 220 and 240 with HDL readings around 30, but never paid much attention to them. Somehow I thought that the bullet would miss me.
119874 tn?1189759429 ) What we do know is that LDL (bad cholesterol) and the virus share the same receptors. We also know that a low pre-tx LDL is negatively associated with SVR, but obviously in your case it didn't make any difference since it looks like you are going to SVR. I had an elevated LDL going into treatment and it dramatically dropped after my first shot. Stayed low all througout treatment. Likewise, my triglicerides were elevated prior to tx and they also dropped during treatment.
Avatar n tn Once diabetic, always diabetic, and once you hit that point, damage (to the pancreas and the rest of the body) occurs inevitably, even with PERFECT glucose control (which you won't be able to maintain, as more and more beta cells die). Stop diabetes before it attacks. Exercise (with medical permission). Diabetes is worse than heart disease in my opinion. It kills you bit by agonizing bit. And it is relentless. I've seen it firsthand (thankfully I personally have avoided it).
Avatar m tn He also needs to relax and enjoy life and learn to give the entire world the finger and just decide that he is not a person who dies and tell everyone ot buzz off. That's what I did and I'm still living 10 years later with totally occluded arteries and doctors telling me that i would be dead in 5 years. I told them that I'm not a person that dies, so not too worry.
Avatar n tn Have you ever had palpitations either before or after begining the Niacin? My doctor gave me Niaspan 500mg and I am scared to take it because I get PVC's, PAC's and some A-Fib. I am afraid it will aggravate them. Any input on your Niacin experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I'm a 42 year old female who has been diagnosed with a high genetic LPa level of 1083 (NZ / UK reading - I guess you guys are in the US and they measure differently?) As the norm is between 0-300 I'm off the chart. I only checked the readings because my mother - a super fit 60 year old had a mild heart attack two years ago and advised me and my brother to get the test done. My brother's reading was 300, so he's in the clear - for now.
Avatar f tn Immediate release is the least harmless to the liver, next Extended-release also known as Niaspan-prescription, and most harmful to the Liver is Time release. slo release, etc.-IF YOU CAN BUY IT WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION AND BOTTLE HAS TIME OR SLOW OR ANYTHING ELSE ON IT ABOUT HOW THE NIACIN IS RELEASED, then you have the hardest one on your Liver like I AM TAKING RIGHT NOW.
Avatar n tn Once the FDA discovered red rice had natural statins in it, They forbide the manufactoring of it till the statin was removed. The statins were removed and now Red Rice is called a supplement and is legal to sell again. Cholest Factor with Red Yeast Rice is statin free and it still has enough natural ingrediens in it to lower cholestrol. You just have to take six capsules a day to do it.The FDA is both good and bad.CoQ10 needs to be studied. But. If they do. You may not like the results.
Avatar n tn It's a little unnerving to live like JDM describes - the fine line comment about the difference between angina and heart attack. Which am I? Should I be making sure my affairs are in order in case I'm the walking time bomb, or will my adherence to my routines of yoga, meditation, prayer, stress relief, better diet, exercise, etc. etc. pay off? I don't have anxiety attacks, but I do sometimes worry that my kids will walk in the door from the bus someday and find me on the floor.
Avatar n tn Is the mitral valve repair urgently necessary? Can I wait for sometime? What is the difference between repair and replacement and when is one or the other procedure recommeded? What is the recommendation for my case? I would appreciate a reply. Thank you!
Avatar n tn What is the difference between repair and replacement and when is one or the other procedure recommeded? What is the recommendation for my case? I would appreciate a reply. Thank you! _ Dear Purna, thank you for your follow-up questions. Prinivil and Zestril are equivalent medications. With the information you've provided, I can't determine a reason for your weight loss.
Avatar n tn Come to find out, I slow down on my selenium intake, the itch... not so bad and I KNOW that is what it is... The doc was testing me for the flu, in which I knew I didn't have! And then, he calls to tell me he's prescribing an antibiotic because he thinks I have a virus... I refused the antibiotic, searched for a new doctor for future reference and laughed at them.. they thought my selenium poisoning was insane, and they were prescribing a freakin zpac for a VIRUS???