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667078 tn?1316004535 ) I had to stop taking my new water pill today as it was working too good. In just the last 3 days I have lost 13 pounds. Granted I need to loose weight, but that is too much ion a short time and it was effecting how I felt ( dizziness, light headed, rapid pulse ) and think I was getting dehydrated from them despite drinking lots of fluids. The hot weather here might have also been playing a role in this as just standing outside for a half hour and I would be soaking wet.
Avatar n tn but i do have really bad anxiety like really bad. and my boyfriends been jizzing inside me for like a year now but lately he does it every time we have sex. and we dont use condoms. does that have anything to do with it? i also have a wicked bad diet. i blame the munchies. im so scared i cry like every day about it and its really driving me crazy. and alll the stuff online is just making me more scared. is there any way this is normal and NOT A medical thing???????? please help.
Avatar f tn My neurologist recently put me on a Detrol LA for a week, then had me add Flomax. I noticed a slight improvement with the Detrol, but when I added the Flomax things urinary got dramatically better. But, shortly after starting the Flomax, I discovered that I did not produce any ejaculate! Not that sex is a big thing with me (staying upright while standing takes precidence), but it is still an important part of life (if only rarely).
Avatar f tn The first urinologist recommended different medications, but nothiing helped. The second urriologist recommended Detrol LA which did not stop the frequent urinatation, and there was at least one or two times during the day where I felt extreme pressure duriing the need to urinate, but couldn't go for at least 1 to 1-1/2 hour later. He said it was possible I had a "sensitive bladder".
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with overactive bladder 4 years ago, and have been on Detrol-LA 4 mg SID ever since. I did take birth control pills for 1 year, but am not currently taking them. I do have elevated total cholesterol (224), but am not currently taking any medication for it. Otherwise, I am generally a very healthy individual. I have never been pregnant. My doctor wants to rule out biliary dyskinesia, and plans to send me for a nuclear scan (otherwise he is stumped).
1373769 tn?1278607210 Then I tried Vesicare and it worked better, but my insurance wouldn't approve it until I had failed both Detrol LA and Oxybutinin ER. The Detrol made me sooooooooooooo sick, that at one point I thought I might be having a heart attack (and I am not that kind of worrier). However, the Oxybutinin worked as well as the Vesicare and I have stayed on it. It only has about a 10 hour action in me, even though it is supposed to be a 24hr med, so I take it every 12 hours.
1038969 tn?1269499639 One of the drugs that you might want to ask your doctor about is Detrol LA. Vesicare is another one that can be used to treat this. For myself, Vesicare had terrible side effects. Nausea and dizzyness being some of the problems. Besides these two drugs are not the only two, there are several other forms of drug treatment. Buscopan is also used to eleviate bladder spasms. Pyridium (not sure if I spelled it right) might help to overcome some bladder discomfort.
Avatar f tn In my case pharmacare pays 70% when I hit $3000 deductible and 100% when i reach about $3800, on the drugs they cover. There are lots of drugs not covered by pharmacre, like Detrol la, tramacet, pantoloc, etc. Gabapenton is covered, and Rebif is covered by special authority, which is a good thing, as it costs almost $2000 a month. Your pharmacy will only charge you the amount not covered by fair pharmacare. Pharmacare will not pick up the 20% your husbands plan doesn't pay.
Avatar n tn The doctor explained that the receptors between her bladder and brain do not communicate and what she described was exactly the outcome. He prescribed Detrol LA once per day, and she had the "Urge" within 4-5 days and not one accident. Please, please don't belittle and embarrass your child (as some have suggested) as a way to bully them into doing something they really want to do, but medically they can't. Have the doctor suggest a better way. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I've been put on oxybutynin, which didn't work for me at all, then Detrol LA, which relieves the constant 'gotta go' symptoms somewhat. Urinary Tract Infection has been ruled out (several times I might add) and diabetes. I've had some blood tests done which all came back normal. Finally visited a gyno-urologist a couple weeks ago.
1140169 tn?1370188676 I'm to continue with the Gabapentin and Detrol LA to deal with some of the symptoms. I didn't like the way I felt on Modafinil, so he rx'd Amantidine for me to try for fatigue. He's scheduling an MRI for next summer and when I see him next the fall we'll decide what treatments to try.
572651 tn?1333939396 One tenth of patients with MS, which affects women twice as often as it does men, present with urinary retention as their first symptom. Dr. Mahajan presented results from a survey that was sent out to 16,585 patients as part of the North American Research Committee on Multiple Sclerosis (NARCOMS) Project in the fall of 2005. In total, 9702 individuals with MS (7312 females and 2390 males; 58%) responded.
147426 tn?1317269232 So she prescribed Vesicare - only to be told by my insurance that I must fail trials of Detrol LA and Oxybutinin ER first. Okay, now we are 6 weeks into the drug trials. Detrol LA - hmm... Big mistake. As if overtaken by a sneaker wave I was bowled over and tossed back and forth with the ill feeling that must have been side effects. Headache, chest pressure, wooziness - never before have I been seasick. No life is worth living feeling that way.
Avatar n tn Almost been tryin to look up any photos(as gross as it may or maynot be) of what all these different things people are posting about and cant find any of them that look like what i have... just a hole/tear. its a bit much that i have to wait even 3 days to go into the docs... i dunno what to do.
Avatar m tn They make you feel as if it's all in your head and you are making it all up. they make me feel like i'm a pill popper/pills seeker. I don't know what else to do if i take pain killers i can't function and if i don't the pain is unbearable.
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147426 tn?1317269232 I woke up at night to go to the restroom and half of my face felt as though someone lit it on fire. I did not know what was going on .It burned like hell so I got up and put a cold rag on it. The burning lasted for 14 hours and then went away all of a sudden. People thought I was crazy. I had to go to a party that day and I was telling them how much my face burned and they told me it didn't look like there was anything wrong.