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Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 21 year old male that received surgery to repair my broken (well shattered for that matter) right Acetabulum and right Patella in October of 2009 stemming from a head on collision on the highway in Iowa. After surgery I was put on a Warfarin treatment when it was discovered that I had 3 Pulmonary Emoli in my lungs. I was laid up for a good 3 months or so and began to walk again towards the middle of January 2010.
1237757 tn?1323146719 Preferably though from the test it did show that I had normal CYP2C19 enzyme function and as such I am expected to benefit from standard doses of CYP2C19 dependant antidepresssants which include Zoloft, Lexapro and Cipramil. It also says that alternative antidepressants that are not dependant on either CYP2D^ or CYP2C19 enzymes may be considered such as Pristiq or Edronax.
Avatar n tn Products or foods containing tryptophan are not recommended in large amounts and may cause severe headache, nausea, sweating, and dizziness. Patients who currently take warfarin (Coumadin), cimetidine (Tagamet) or digoxin (Lanoxin) may need to have the dosages of these drugs adjusted by their physician after Paxil is added to the regimen. Over-the-counter drugs such as decongestants and antihistamines may increase the severity of certain side effects.
Avatar m tn alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, amphetamines, Amitriptyline, Celebrex, Cipramil, Lexapro, Codeine, Valium, Warfarin, Dilantin, Efexor, Feldene, Brufen, grapefruit, Luvox, Aropax, Prednisone, Prozac, Serzone, Risperdal, Tegretol, Voltaren, Zoloft and Zyprexa. As I understand it, there are some 50 genes, which determine a similar number of cytochromes, and so a persons genetic makeup will determine if and how such drugs are metabolised.
Avatar f tn I have recurring and persistent rashes on my body; very thirsty. I have had 2 PE's in past 10 years and am on Warfarin, Synthroid (under active Thyroid), Nexium for Hietal Hernia and Zoloft. I continue to get worse and although I am getting tests done, I am looking for further insights and knowledge, thus my email to you. Please provide me with your insights and a recommended game plan.
Avatar n tn Antidepressant medications -- Taking ginkgo along with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs) antidepressants -- including fluoxetin (Prozac), sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Paxil), and escitalopram (Lexapro) -- may cause serotonin syndrome. This condition is characterized by rigidity, tachycardia (fast heart rate), hyperthermia (high body temperature), restlessness, and diaphoresis (sweating).
1322157 tn?1279660281 warfarin Antiepileptic: carbamazepine Antifungal: itraconazole Anthelmintic: albendazole Antihistamine: fexofenadine Antineoplastics: cyclophosphamide, etoposide, ifosfamide, tamoxifen, vinblastine, vincristine Antitussive: dextromethorphan Antivirals: amprenavir, indinavir, nelfinavir, ritonavir, saquinavir Benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment: finasteride blockers: carvedilol Calcium channel blockers: diltiazem, felodipine, nicardipine, nifedipine, nimodipine, nisoldipine, verapam
469720 tn?1388149949 And unfortunately, the monitoring of these medications over times is sometimes inadequate Older adults are seven times more likely to be hospitalized for an adverse drug event than younger individuals. Warfarin, insulin, and digoxin together account for over one-third of emergency department visits for adverse drug events among older adults.—Budnitz DS, Pollock, DA, Weidenbach KN, et al. National Surveillance of Emergency Department Visits for Outpatient Adverse Drug Events. JAMA.
Avatar m tn So I stayed with amytriptylin,lorazedpam (for sleep)and VaLIUM DURING THE DAY But I started having more and more anxiety and panick attacks and shew put me on zoloft and remeron. I had already gain some weight with the amytriptylin thatr I blame on quiting smoking,but now iyt is pretty major. I have been putting on 1to4 pds a day. I started at 128 pds and i'am now 165! ]Can you let me know if there are alternatives for this drugs?
612551 tn?1450025775 Metoprolol is inhibited by the CYP 2D6 enzyme, which is inhibited by many other medications (among others most SSRIs, except Zoloft) The danger with grapefruit and especially grapefruit juice (as you can easily drink juice equal to 6-7 grapefruits) is the combination with antiarrhythmics causing a prolonged QT interval, which have very narrow therapeutical windows (low difference between dosage and overdosage) or other substances prolonging the QT interval (certain antibiotics, etc.
193245 tn?1189993322 Next time you walk into your doctors office look around. Paxil Clocks, Lexapro Pens, Xanax note pads, and he is probably wearing Zoloft underwear to match his gold Prozac watch. That is of course if you can get in to see him as he will be at all expense paid "Conference" at Lake Tahoe for GSK.
Avatar n tn He's taking Cozaar (losartan) to treat high blood pressure, metroprolol (beta blocker), aspririn and warfarin (blood thinner). He was never easy to live with but now he is suffering immense mood swings which he won't admit to, he blames everyone else, he gets very obtuse, angry and aggressive. He swings from one extreme to another. It's like living with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, one minute he's very loving, the next he's irrationally angry. Please help! How normal is this?
Avatar f tn i have been on zoloft for about 6 weeks and just recently noticed that i've been getting an internally tingly/jittery feeling in my hands and my jaw aches. it's almost like a nervous energy that i have all day long. i've been on zoloft before but have never had this problem so i don't know if my dose is too high or too low (i'm currently on 100 mg). i have chronic back and neck pain as well - as a result from an accident several years ago. 2 bulging disks in my neck.
Avatar m tn I know with all the testing i should be reassured but still...hard to deal with as im sure you understand.I was on zoloft for 8 years for panic disorder, but stopped takin it because it stopped working for my panic attacks.I almost took wellbutrin but it was too expensive.so i tried prozac for 3 months and it made me a psychopath(i dont know how else to describe it) and last i tried lexapro.
Avatar n tn One Pfizer Rep was telling my doctor that he was still in the running for 3 free nights at the Pfizer company cabin at Lake Tahoe, if he could get more people prescriptions to Zoloft. My Doctor then walks in to talk to me. He said he had been going over my chart, and was wondering if perhaps taking me off Lexapro, and putting me on..... (Surprise, Surprise).... Zoloft might be a good idea. I told him no. So who knows what motivates some of these doctors to do what they do.
Avatar n tn I also take zoloft and yasmin. Does anyone know if there is an increased risk for blood clots while on this, i tend to be a worrier and i just want to know from someone who knows whats up? thanks!
Avatar n tn They had put me on Warfarin as well as a heart rhythm ...the SR stuff. I had a cardioversion done a month later and right away I could tell the difference between in and out of sinus and the calmness when in as well as how much easier it was to breath. I was in for around a week and one night I could feel it coming, and I was out. I was switched to Taxtia XT 300mg per day and had another cardioversion done, and that lasted maybe 2 weeks, and then back out again.
Avatar n tn I am a 51 year old woman, I started getting these burst of air in the last couple months, I have been diagnosed before i noticed them, with post traumatic stress disorder, and chronic depression and was put on anti anxiety medication, doxepin and now zoloft has been added, I would think it was the medication but my grandson who is 13 and healthy has been experiencing the same thing, we share a home and have oil heat, we heated the upstairs with an electric heater in the beginning of winter to sa
Avatar f tn I can't see him going through the interferon with all he had already gone through. We have a prescription for Zoloft that he was going to fill if he was to go on the interferon and that was before we got the doc to write a script for the off label combo. However, have you ever gone on an antidepressant and then come off? The withdrawal from that stuff is horrific. Nan, I feel like we share somewhat similar situations, I again, know what you are going through.
Avatar n tn wrinkly 2/no other discomfort 3/ weather conditions do not seem to matter 4/ I have been on a very low dose of prozac for 5 years 5/ I also take coumadin/warfarin because I have a genetic mutation (facor Leiden V) which predisposes me to blood clots. I am 64 with no other medical issues than what I have mentioned. Other than my hands which look 100 years old, I am constantly complimented on my skin/complexion. Here is a theory I am proposing: How many of you use anti-bacterial soap?
Avatar f tn From being a very active, reliable, healthy woman, I now feel like I'm going down hill extremely quickly, with no brakes, taking far too many pills, including warfarin (for blood clot), ramipril, clopidogrel, lipitor, Imdur, atenolol, Somac. Thanks for reading. Good luck to all.
Avatar m tn salicylates (especially aspirin), SSRIs (especially Zoloft and Celexa), Lipitor (also called Atorvastatin), Zyrtec (also called Cetirizine), Nexium (also called Esomeprazole), Prilosec (Omeprazole), Gentamycin (an aminoglycoside antibiotic), any of the antimalarial drugs that contain quinine, caffeine (common in otc headache medicines), and barbituates (anxiolytics).
Avatar n tn I just read a research report where the findings consider antidepressants placibo. Zoloft paxil etc. Lets face it guys we are either weak or strong. No shrink in the world is going to make us feel better about ourselves. Unless they lie to us and just tell us what we want to hear. Me I am facing mid life crises. Turning 50. I realize my mind is weak and getting weaker. I know I have turned into a loser who would rather sit in front of the TV, then go out and try to have social fun.