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Avatar f tn From what you say I am surprised that you are on Warfarin, with what appears to be only one risk factor I wonder why you are not on just an apirin a day... maybe even a 1/2 aspirin. I personally don't think much of the low dose aspirin (81 mg). I have on many occassions stopped my warfarin for medical procedure reasons. I take only 5 mg a day. So, in my exlperience on can stop "cold turkey" without any problems other than an increased chance of blood clots and storke.
Avatar m tn I believe the correct (workable) way to take Warfarin is to find the dose level that keeps your INR in the desired range (usually 2 to 3) when you eat "normally".. just don't change your diet in any way that strongly affects you consumption of Vitamin K. Most foods do not contribute much "K", so keep it normal on those tht do, such a green leafy vegetables. I see no relationship between Warfarin and you leg problem.. are you on other medications?
Avatar n tn I have a very keen interest in contact sports, such as soccer would I be able to continue to play these, and what are the risks in doing so? Is it possible to still have waxing done, i.e of the chest? And finally how long will it take for the INR to become stable, i have been on it for 5 weeks now, and my INR is at 3.6, I have been told it needs to be at 2.5. I am currently taking 4/5 mg on alternate days. What are the risks of the INR being too high?
Avatar f tn If she's not willing to eat much, she might want to eat better. A healthy protein drink with lots of calories might help her gain some energy. Also, consider a B12 shot. An MD will have decide if this is appropriate. Add to this a good multivitamin. If she starts feeling better, then maybe a short trip if she would like a change might be another thing to try.
Avatar f tn (Course, that's an unknown right now) I have low liver damage and ended my Sovaldi Olysio treatment a little over two months ago, which lowered my platelets, they were normal before starting (That's not to say it's going to do that to everybody, some report their platelets actually were raised during treatment). Mine went all the way down on chemo to 10 (for leukemia chemo treatment) and they went back up to normal.
Avatar n tn SHe is not an overeater and always has been slender and now she is controlled with INR blood tests 2X a week -- she finally go tup to 2.2 this week but has proven difficult in getting to 2.0 and so has taken 10mg of the Warfarin lately...but the swelling has been going on prior to taking 10 mg. of the warfarin. Is it the combination of these drugs that create the side effect? Which of these drugs could be taken away since they seem to be doing some of the same things?
Avatar m tn If this treatment fails, there are no currently effective therapies to slow the progression of fibrosis. The new research looks at how warfarin affects the progression of fibrosis in mice with chronic liver injury. Warfarin is already used to prevent and treat blood clots in people with artificial heart valves, deep vein thrombosis, and a host of other conditions.
Avatar f tn From then on I feel like i'm going backwards. I feel dehydrated even though I am constantly drinking water and am continuing to eat my meals even though I feel no hunger. I still feel weaker every day. I sometimes wonder what did I do to deserve this!!!!
Avatar f tn Hi Im the real Goldyn I did not post that comment, I hope it was just a glich in the system, im the last person to tell someone to down veggies esp green ones!!!!! And I do not know a thing about vitamins esp to tell you to take a couple of vitamin K.....
Avatar f tn I have APS,SLE and Sarcoidosis. I have a long history of DVT and most recent a DVT while my INR was 7.0 A few days later a (R) arm swelling and a diagnostics done saying history of subclavian clot and stenosis. My sister also has SLE and is 56 with 2 stents. I cannot find anything on the internet about future outcome or treatment for these issues. My question is "what do and who do I go to to resolve this recurent subclavian stenosis?" Isn't this dangerous?
Avatar n tn No appetite to speak of, have to force myself to eat somedays. Costrochonritis too much, tired muscles. Can't rememeber right words to use or spaced out feeling{I take no medication as I tend to react to even the simplest}. Loss of balance, walking into walls usually to the left. Most of my symptoms tend to be left sided. I smell smoke or burning rubber when it's not there. It comes and goes sometimes staying with me for weeks at a time. I hate smoke!
Avatar m tn On day during the summer of 1997 a woke up early in the morning with palpitations very strong and fast out of control, but besides that i did not feel nothing else, so i went to my family Dr, who sent me to a cardiologist, they made a EKG and ECO, they told me that i had an episode of A-Fib, that it would rarely happen again since i was in good shape.
Avatar m tn Although our body makes most of the essential fatty acids, Omega 3 fatty acids are not amongst them, and have to be supplemented externally. They are mainly found in fish. Salmon, Tuna, Algae, Krill and Nut Oils are some of the rich sources of Omega 3. Also commonly known as Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids or PUFA's, they play a very important role in the functioning of the brain and the normal development and growth of our body. They are also known to ward off the risks of heart diseases.
Avatar m tn They sometimes have discounts available. You can also call different pharmacies to see what their price is to buy your medication without insurance. It's surprising how much prices vary. Check the Walmart and Costco pharmacies as well. There was a time I had no insurance and I found a wide range of prices from different pharmacies. You can also ask your doctor to switch you to a less expensive drug. There may be a different heart medication that would work at a lesser cost.
1545481 tn?1325163686 If you are experiencing rhythm issues then yep something has to be done for you to get it to calm down...with beta blockers like antenolol, toprol, etc. they are made to sort of correct the rhythm however with your pulse so low i would not think it would be safe to put you on a beta blocker because with that the effects are to lower your blood pressure and pulse rate both. I would definately question everything and research as much as you can before making a decision on either.
333672 tn?1273796389 Since I had no stents, I don’t have to go back to Stanford. I also don’t have to take the coumadin/warfarin (a blood thinner that has to be closely monitored and that apparently isn’t a whole lot of fun to be on) that people with stents have to take for two months post-procedure. Dr. Dake did give me two months worth of Plavix and baby aspirin (both are anticoagulants that prevent platelets in the blood from sticking together; their functional mechanism is different and additive).
645800 tn?1466864555 So they gave me a dinner that I could only eat about 1/2 of since it consisted of things I don't like to eat. This was at about 15 minutes before midnight which was the cut off for me being able to eat before they procedure. Late the next afternoon they dud the heart cath and informed me that it blockage was in a very small artery feeding the front of my heart which was not able to be repaired.
Avatar m tn I hope you can see the kinds of questions you need to ask your cardiologist. I think it would be very wise to establish what is wrong with your lifestyle though, something is hitting your health hard now. I am guessing stress but maybe it's something else.
Avatar n tn My biggest concern is not about myself but for my daughter - she is 16 and takes YAZ not for birth control but for extreme cramping, heavy periods etc. I do not have a clue what symptoms to look for - I called my pharmicist and she said that "all birth control can cause clots, not to be alarmed" but I am. And how do I know that another pill won't be the same or worse. My daughter has horrible periods and she has been so much better on this pill. I am just totally at a loss.
1770925 tn?1365622122 muscles, ie discomfort short of pain, If I eat a granola bar I will sleep 3 to 4 hours. If I walk around for several minutes I can go to sleep for 1 to 2 hours. My doctors have made all the tests that could find a cause. I do have AFIB, on coumadin, and nerve damage from pheripheal neurpathy.
Avatar n tn While others take that as a direct slam, it's not. It's simply true to some and not to others. That makes it a simple difference, not a distasteful comment but many do not have the intellect to find that understandable. To them I'm a ****. To others I am simply stating a simple preference. Difficult for many but for others a breeze. Can you understand? I hope so. it's a fleeting and amorphous concept unless you are well grounded. BTW what are you doing up as late as I?
1018470 tn?1251337123 What if, after starting on the 1/2 grain and then adding the 1/4 grain I feel good, does it mean to stop and stay on this amount and then have labs, or does one continue and say, the next 1/4 added makes one not feel good, meaning to go back down to what was better? Having labs done in 5 weeks vs. 6-8 weeks on T4, does this really give a good reading. I am assuming so, but want to make sure.
Avatar n tn But to say that is what is making this happen to you people is to guess. So ask yourself, Do my hands sweat while holding the mouse. And is the sweating from the plastic or just from holding the hand and fingers on a non absorbing surface, which would maybe make them sweat. And then ask yourself, "Do my hands sweat that much or at all when I hold other things which are non absorbent?
Avatar n tn I have tried to eat as healthy as possible, but had to cut a lot of greens out of my diet, as it affected my INR and would have lead to me having to increase my Warfarin dosage. Now I am not sure if this lead to the 'fatty liver'problem. I am now having to rethink my diet, but was lead to believe that the problem with the fatty liver was not reversible. I am a little worried as I was hoping that eating a low fat diet would help.
Avatar f tn As the body will not release unfit material to its system unless forced to. What good can be said about Milk Thistle? At least it is not controlled by the government and force fed to us. In conclusion, we are not saying to damage your liver since it can fix itself. We are saying that, wearing your clothes over your raincoat is just backwards. The liver is one tough organ and is made better than your car or washing machine.
Avatar n tn also i forgot to add im on 15mg of warfarin a day. due to a blood clot 7 years ago that went to my lung.Im not on hear asking for a miracle. can any more be done? so i can be semi normal agin? the weight gain? I would like to eat once inawile. the calcium? 18 pills a day make me sick to my tummy.the grandmal seizures? could it be becuse of calcium? im a 30 year old female who is sick of being sick. 2 endocrinologist later im still not better.what could we be missing? Any addvice?
Avatar n tn My experience is that you must do your own research, make your own decisions because health care professionals tend to have a very narrow outlook on things and if they do not know you will always be told not to do something. Warfarin destroys soft tissue, like your brain, liver etc as well as depriving you of an extremly important nutrient in Vitamin K. After close to 15 years of warfarin I was exhibiting much the same symptoms as a stroke patient.
Avatar m tn I was misdiagnosed in that hospital as having a tumor going from the appendix to the colon and they wanted to remove all of it but due to embolism were not able to do surgery (Thank God) because I ended up going to Scripps San Diego where they discovered my appendix was fine there was no tumor. My problem was a gall bladder not functioning at all so it was removed in May 09.