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Avatar n tn , not the Warfarin. There is a newer (out for a few years for use in the USA) that is very different from Warfarin, but I can say I've seen class-action law suits advertized on TV concerning that drug. I don't recall the name, you doctor will know what else there is and if it might be "right " for you. This drug I refer to is much more expensive than Warfarin, which cost no more than a brand name aspirin. Why are you taking Warfarin? Do you suffer for atrial fibrillation?
325086 tn?1217974780 Mike H thought it would be a good idea for me to post this link to the Warfarin study. I've been on it since Aortic Valve replacement in 1993..........I did not know I had Hep C until 2002, so all those years, I drank like a Sailor, and even after I found out, I continued to imbibe, I just cut way back. As Mike said, this is a very interesting study. It could be that my Warfarin usage has protected me all these years.
Avatar f tn Amiodarone is being suggested for 2-3 months to help the modeling of the heart (For me, a drug that metabolizes in the kidney is contraindicated). I do take Warfarin so I am concerned about interactions with Amiodarone, but also, I have mild emphysema (I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago): 1. Am I more susceptible to lung toxicity using Amiodarone than a person with healthier lungs? 2.
Avatar f tn Amiodarone is being suggested for a few months to help the modeling of the heart (a drug that metabolizes in the kidney is contraindicated for me). I do take Warfarin so I am concerned about interactions with Amiodarone, but also, I have mild emphysema (I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago). 1. Am I more susceptible to lung toxicity with Amiodarone than a person with healthier lungs? 2. Is it important to use an antiarrythmic drug at this point, rather than wait for the heart to reconfigure itself?
Avatar n tn - why a clot should form in my heart when the muscles were damaged six years back and considering that I am on aspirin+clopidogrel which too have anti clotting function. - warfarin may be slightly better as compared to aspirin+ clopidogrel, but in my case with no AF, does it makes sense getting into this risky business of conatantly monitoring of INR and fear of bleeding. - I have seen on net some other drugs in market which are equally good as warfarin with lower risk of bleeding.
745331 tn?1232833826 You are on aspirin AND warfarin? That is usually a no-no. Warfarin is a dangerous medication with many risks.
Avatar f tn Strict diet and taking care of other causes like diabetes or hypertension can only prevent/delay the progression of kidney failure, it cannot normalize the kidney function. For this the underlying cause for the failure needs to be treated namely the polycystic kidneys. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Both cardiologists feel it is to soon to tell if the Arrhythmia's will return or not. My main concern is my mother is in end stages of renel failure and I need to give her a kidney. There isn't much time left. I would like to hear what someone else thinks on this. I know they just have my best interest in mind but I need to give her my kidney. Also what is right bundle branch block? Do I need to worry about it?
Avatar m tn I have recently sufferred 2 full strokes, after the 2nd one, they discovered the heart defect. At present am on Dabigatran, was on warfarin but was experiencing a lot of issues with my kidney function. Prior to the 2nd stroke i was on clopidogrel and aspirin, and still developed a clot. Have also experienced a small clot in my eye while i have been on warfarin. My question is should a resection be the best option now, as the diverticulum is proving a catalyst for embolic clots.
212161 tn?1476095111 There are many causes of blood in urine like kidney stones, infection of the urinary system, kidney disease, blood clotting disorders, medications like aspirin,warfarin,phenytoin,quinine,antibiotics ,chronic diseases like diabetes,hypertension,viral infections etc.Only blood in urine without the presence of leucocytes or pus cells may not always indicate urinary tract infection. Taking aspirin for such a long time can cause blood in urine. It is best that you discuss your case with a urologist.
Avatar f tn Nevermind. Doc found a 'bigger than a grape, smaller than a plum' kidney stone inside his kidney. He is still stumped why he bleeds only in the morning. Gee ya think maybe the kidney stone is causing it?
Avatar m tn Help! my husband (45) suffered the following: May 2010: Cramp in both legs intiated when walking. Unable to straighten right leg. (this may not have anything to do with the condition but we did go camping in May when it was below zero at night - he suffered cramps initially then and two weeks later he was unable to straighten his right leg). June 2010: Right leg odema. DVT (3 clots) detected in right leg. Given warfarin & heparin. Noted liver function abnormality.
3287038 tn?1398426027 ) Do you feel the new anti-coagulants are superior to warfarin?She is not able to control her INR with warfarin. Thank you for educating me and helping me understand this better.
Avatar f tn My vet has done two urine test a week and a half apart and he has more and more blood showing up, he now says he is in kidney failure and i should put him down. Do you think this could have been Rat Bait or something else?
Avatar n tn My husband has been diagnosed with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and his arotic valve doesn't close properly, and he had a defibulator put in about three months ago. He has been on hemodialysis for 9 years. He has just finished 6 weeks of IV antibiotics for an infection that attached to his arotic valve and also in the lining of his heart. Dr.
Avatar f tn Hi, Yellowish skin can be due to various reasons like hepatic failure, kidney failure, chemical poisoning, use of certain drugs like indomethacin, ketorolac, warfarin, mepiridine, phenobarbitol, anemia etc. I would recommend that you get a check of renal function with blood tests for urea and creatinine and consult your doctor for further evaluation on this. Best.
Avatar n tn I also suffered an M I in 1985 which affected the left posterier chamber of the heart and was put on medication but after a while I was considered well enough to stop taking all except the Warfarin. I continued to do well untill 1994 when my heart rate started to race at about 160 per min and was given a cardio version shock to slow the rate down. I also needed to start back on medication which included Digoxin, I remained well with only minor problems untill July 1999.
Avatar n tn My husband had mitral valve repair and then a stoke 10 months later followed by a smaller stroke 6 months after that. He is on warfarin and has been told he should have the procedure lithotripsy done because of a large stone near his kidney. He hasn't any symptoms when drinking water regularly. I'm very concerned that he could have risks due to taking blood thinner and having so many other health issues.
4822967 tn?1367660296 stop warfarin 5 days pre-op; restart warfarin post-op as soon as oral fluids are tolerated. High thromboembolic risk: stop warfarin 4 days pre-op and start low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) at therapeutic dose; stop the LMWH 12-18 pre-op; restart LMWH 6 hours post-op (assuming haemostasis achieved); restart warfarin when oral fluids are tolerated; stop LMWH when INR = 2.0.
Avatar f tn was put on carbidopa/levomy right arm was left at that time shacky.. i use a cain now.few months ago had a stent. was put on amiodarone/digtek/warfarin/ not to mentiom blood pressure&zocor&lasix &as a result of all this my kidney has been giveing my trouble/ my legs swell verry bad?i just turned 80 in dec.
Avatar n tn I have tried to research it and have found info about warfarin (another type of blood thinner) causing hairloss, and was wondering if anyone knew wether tinzaparin could be a cause for hairloss Thanks
Avatar f tn My57year old husband has .diabetes and kidney failure and is in hospital after a serious bleed from duodenites made worse by warfarin level being too high. We have now been told that he has fluid round his heart and in his stomach due to arteries narrowing and that an operation is not an option.What else can we or anyone do to improve his circulation.He doesn't smoke or drink and keeps his diabetes in control.
Avatar n tn sleep apnea and on machine. Sleep better upright at night cause, my one side on pacemaker shifts that makes it uncomfortable for me to sleep on theother side of pacemaker, constant breathing problems when on bed and heart beat is fast & when I sit upright my heart relaxes and dont get this funny feeling on my chest. Q.Have lately experienced the ringing in ears. It is of concern and does it has it any relation to heart problems that im not aware of or could be developing?
Avatar n tn The doctor said the condition must be hereditary because blood tests didn't show kidney or liver disease. I cannot find any medical information on this condition, whatsoever. I am worried about how this condition may progress and if there is a method of treatment that will sustain a patient with this condition. If this is a hereditary condition, is there a name for it?
260638 tn?1189759433 If negative, musculoskeletal issues can be evaluated by an orthopedist. Electrolytes and kidney dysfunction should be considered. I would obtain a blood test looking at the electrolyte levels and kidney function. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only.
Avatar n tn However, just because the heart arteries close or have problems it does not mean that the kidney arteries will close. Her greatest kidney risk relates to the diabetes and protein in the urine. You need to check into the antiphospholipid antibody status as she might need warfarin. In the meantime I would wonder if she should be on aspirin.
372726 tn?1236111994 Hello: My husband is only 47 yrs of age. At 39 had a massive heart attack, 4 bypass. Shortly after open heart surgery was dignosed with ventricular tachycardia & fibrillation, has a ICD Defibrillator for over 5 years. His heart is damaged due to massive heart attack. Just 3 weeks ago was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and EF 34%. His kidneys are stage 4 renal failure working at 19%, he is diabetic and getting ready to have a fistula placed for dialysis.
Avatar n tn Blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels have to be measured to rule out nephritic and nephrotic syndromes. A kidney biopsy may be indicated if bleeding is noted to be caused by kidney disease. A hemogram which shows characteristics of these blood vessels will be helpful. This may identify if the kidneys are a source of the bleeding.
Avatar f tn The first time, the doctor said she was in kidney failure. They took her off all of her blood thinner, Warfarin, and stated he would not give it to her for fear of her falling and causing internal bleeding. He also took her off of her lasix, because this contributed to kidney failure. He would only release her to a nursing home and would not write an order to resume the blood thinner or the lasix.