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1069105 tn?1256704012 Given the patient's near-death bleed out, how safe is it to continue with her blood-thinning therapy? We, as her family, favor to use aspirin therapy for her AF to mitigate her risk of thromboembolism, as opposed to continuing with Warfarin. But given her near death brain-bleed while using Warfarin, is it wise to use ANY blood thinners now, even low dose aspirin? 2.
Avatar f tn continue warfarin therapy, withhold warfarin therapy for a period of time before and after the procedure, or temporarily withhold warfarin therapy and also provide a "heparin bridge" during the perioperative period. Which management option to follow is primarily determined by the characteristics of the patient and by the nature of the procedure.
1569985 tn?1328251082 They are using the Lovenox as a "bridge" drug so your blood is still thin while you are off the warfarin. They gave me Lovenox in the hospital, and I used it at home before my warfarin levels were up to where they wanted them after cardioversion. I did read of one post on here where the woman had a stroke after going off her blood thinning therapy before a colonoscopy. I have yet to have my colonscopy and that is one of the reasons.
1042487 tn?1275283499 There's a subject that unfortunately people are unaware or don't take it seriously that should be talked more often and a lifestyle change that should be done in correlation with traditional medicine approach and therapy. Let me talk to you about the epidemic malnutrition and how it can be the underlying cause of many diseases. ''No one is talking about this invisible epidemic even though it's the leading cause of disability, affecting 1.1 billion people worldwide.
Avatar n tn I am on life long anticoagulant therapy for MVR and Atrial Fib. Recently, I had a total knee replacement. Lovenox was used to bridge before and after surgery. I have used Lovenox many times in the last three years for various procedures etc. I have never had a problem. But, this time, Lovenox was started the day after surgery and coumadin on the day of surgery. Within two days I began to bleed into the knee...
Avatar n tn Sorry about your diagnosis. Sounds like you are doing OK other than the numbness? I had shooting pain in the general area for a while. I can still "feel it" if I am too active or get dehydrated. I had numbness in my feet for about a week afterwards on and off (especially at night). My doctor put me on neurontin, and it did help. It's actually an epilepsy drug, but there are tons of anecdotal evidence of it helping for other things (off-label). It helps rewire misfiring nerves.
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2109196 tn?1334186552 Said another way, I am able to maintain a reasonable heart rate, with some irregularity, with the help of beta blockers, and calcium channel blockers. I take warfarin to lower my associated risk of clot formation/stroke. That is I am on "rate control and anticoagulant" and I tolerate these medications well. So, no ablation.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering how paralysis recovery works? She has physio and Occupational therapy working her muscles but do people with paralysis get some motor function back and if so what type of time frame (3,6,12, months?)Is there any recent research or therapy to aid in the motor recovery process such as magnetic stimulation or emg that we should be considering or inquiring about? Any questions I should be asking the rehab or dr.'s to find out about my mother's prognosis for it....
Avatar n tn better sooner than later from the sounds of it! I am in therapy now, so I am hoping that I can overcome this through CBT... thank you for your comments!
Avatar f tn Before attempting any form of chelation therapy, it is imperative that one have ALL of their mercury fillings removed. Otherwise, you can cause more mercury to leech out of your mouth and into your body. The oral chelation I was using was a combination of DMSA, EDTA, ALA, chlorella, garlic, etc. I also was using a spray called "Metal Free." After about a week on the program, however, I felt so on edge and unlike myself that I had to stop the therapy.
Avatar f tn It has to do with the heart mucles and bridge and bones afterwards that get tight. I started physical therapy for mine and it really has helped. It felt just like chest pains but it wasn't. I'm 52 and was the look of health, bad genes and cholesterol was my problem. Right now I walk on a treadmill and quit smoking 2 months ago. doing great.
Avatar n tn We live in Montreal, Canada and my husband, at 27 years od has shingles with no rash. He has had Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy to treat Hodgkins Lymphoma this summer though as so no surprise to have shingles now. He has incredible pain on the top of his head and now starting to go down his neck. There are a few little 'pimple like' bumps on his head, but other than that, no rash yet. He is been taking VALTREX now for a week and now taking LYRICA for pain, but the Dr.
Avatar n tn The patients had their bodyfat done via Hydrostatic weighing pre and post therapy! Almost all had a very significant reduction in bodyfat %, but more importantly there was not a loss in Lean Body Mass (LBM). To be on 500-600 cals a day and to exercise 1-2 hrs a day and not lose muscle is amazing. Without the HCG the body would lose at least 1-2 lbs of muscle per weak! That is all the evidence I need to prove that medication works!