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Avatar m tn I take Warfarin (rat Poison) not to use penis ring because it can cause a clot!!
Avatar m tn There are at least six reported cases of alterations in prothrombin time (a measurement of blood clotting ability) in patients taking both melatonin and warfarin. These cases have noted decreases in prothrombin time (PT), which would tend to decrease the effects of warfarin and increase the risk of blood clots. However, blood clots have not been noted in these patients.
Avatar n tn I am 62 years old and very active. I weight lift, jog, and ride a bike. Will I have to take warfarin all of my life or at some point can I discontinue it?
Avatar f tn a week and a half later neck had gone down but sheth was still huge he looked like an old dog. my vet took blood and said Rat bait and started a large dose of vit K its been 6 weeks now and he has lost alot of weight but he has the biggest stomache I have ever seen, he sometimes vomits and somtimes has diarrhoea, he drinks alot of water and is a very fussy eater but still looks hungry.
325086 tn?1217974780 I was an alcoholic for 30 years with HCV and I barely have any damage at all. Seems odd that rat poison would protect your organs. Stranger things have happened though.
Avatar n tn Hi I recently had heart valve replacement surgery and have been put on warfarin for the rest of my life. My question is this, how will warfarin afect my day to day life. I have a very keen interest in contact sports, such as soccer would I be able to continue to play these, and what are the risks in doing so? Is it possible to still have waxing done, i.e of the chest? And finally how long will it take for the INR to become stable, i have been on it for 5 weeks now, and my INR is at 3.
Avatar m tn my heart surgeon many docs are not supporters of the med and liken it to the term rat poison because the effects are pretty much the same (i know that is super extreme) however hopefully there will be something put out there in our near future that will have the benefits of heparin/coumadin without all of the backlash of the drugs. There is so much written on blood thinners now and i guess we have to weigh out the benefits vs. the possible side effects.
1796911 tn?1315608946 Gourmet for a few years now he lists the vitamin K on everything and has great vegan recipes. I also eat some fruits that thin the blood so I can take fewer doses of the rat poison (warfarin). I would rather thin my blood with food than drugs. If you would like a list of fruits that thin the blood just ask me. You have to be consistent with any food so as not to change your INR to much. Just make sure you speak to your doctor first.
Avatar n tn If you are worried about clots and want to avoid Sodium Warfarin (Coumadin) which is rat poison do some reading up on an enzyme called Nattokinese. I quit taking warfarin 2 years ago and started natto and was clot free last month. Natto is not for everyone, be sure and read about it. If you do take warfarin slowly start taking higher doses of vitamin E, fatty acids and green tea standardized extract and you can lower your dose..
Avatar f tn I've heard people in hospital tell the nurse that they refuse to take 'rat poison' and I think it's important to put this into perspective. Warfarin was first developed as a pesticide because it was noted how a small dose of anticoagulant would cause rats and mice to hemorrhage to death. So it was deliberately developed as an anticoagulant and it was found to have other uses, such as saving lives in humans suffering a thrombus.
Avatar n tn I dug into all the knowledge I could find on the situation and remedies and choices. I always knew that I did not want a mechanical -- coumadin is rat poison -- my life style, I eat veggies, have wine, and farm and ride a motorcycle. I didn't think I would be willing to make the lifestyle changes a mechanical would require , plus I knew people often had to have resurgeries even with mechanical valves. I opted for a homograft. I too was worried about the availability, had no problems.
1569985 tn?1328251082 P) and I'm sure they will tell you it is ok, and to resume your normal dosage after the procedure. Warfarin and Coumadin have really long half lives, so they take a while to be effected in the body. It will take a week or so to get back to your therapeutic range, but you should be ok as long as you are still following your diet and not taking any other medications that can interfere. Good for you having this procedure done. I like to see people keeping up with their screens. I am proud of you.
Avatar n tn But I do know that the effect of Rat poison (Warfarin, usually used) affects the blood's ability to clot, and causes hemorraging.
Avatar n tn whatever the substance is called in aspirin is used in rat poison-when the rat eats the poison,it thins out its blood.since rats will eat anything ,it would swallow hard substance like nails or small stones and it would slash its intestine lining,since the blood has be thinned,it wont clot easily and the rat dies of internal hemoraphage(sorry cant spell it right).
Avatar f tn I could make a few guesses but that is all they could be. My number one guess would be rat poison containing warfarin, which causes a bleed-out. Other causes would be other types of toxins.
738075 tn?1330579444 But Nooooo - You ready for this? Deep Venous Thrombosis!! Sheesh, so now I'm on rat poison (Warfarin) for the next 6 months on top of everything else! I really don't think this year can get much worse - thank goodness it's almost over!
Avatar m tn I had 5 clots in my lungs and then 2 in each leg two weeks after removal of a brain tumor! I now have a filter in me and am on Warfarin (rat poison) for life. I'm Lucky to be alive! I think when you go back to your doctor he will say everything but won't admit he waited to long to send you to the hospital. That's my opinion!!
Avatar n tn Response to Heather . I also would like to thank you for your storY, Dan. Heather.... I am also a 30 yr. old ( male ). 2 weeks ago I went in to the ER for all the same symptoms all the rest of you stroke survivors had. But my major complaint other than the Dizzieness, was I was experienceing right leg numbness. Well to make a long story a little shorter,I was experiencing a stroke ...
Avatar m tn Steve, that is a very interesting study on warfarin. Of course, viral titers, inflammation and fibrosis have been known not to correlate, but, like LDN, I wonder how many other drugs like warfarin are out there that, with off-label use, could help curb the pathologies of hep c. You might be correct that your use of warfarin has helped save your liver.
Avatar m tn Dont you find this strange 4 days of the dog being in the hospital all fine and healthy and happy all of a sudden he dies of rat poison? I had a dog in Canada that ate some rat poison in an office and within minutes was convallsing and shaking and throwing up. If it was not for my mothers fast thinking to take my dog to the vet and get some vitamin K into her she would have been dead.
Avatar f tn I was thrilled, until I spoke to the doctor, apparently Baby's blood was very thin and she was bleeding internally, they thought maybe she had ingested rat poison or had a blood disorder where her antibodies were attacking her blood cells. We took Baby home that day and and she looked good, although she only want to sleep and she had lost quite a bit of weight. She is now making daily progress and we are glad to have her home.
1763947 tn?1334058919 Coumadin (warfarin) is the active ingredient in rat poison. That being said, Coumadin is dosed, for humans, in a manner which prevents blood clotting (especially for those at risk), and does not act as a poison at the therapeutic dosage level. (However, when rats ingest the high concentrations of warfarin in rat poison, they bleed to death, internally.)" A longer, better and more precise answer is found on Wikipedia.
Avatar f tn then I had 4 clots in my legs. I'm on warfarin ( rat poison ) now for life. The doctors found that I have 2 genetic factors for having clots. Prothrombin With Lupus Anticoagulant.
Avatar m tn The dog being in the Animal for four days without showing any symptoms of Coumadin or warfarin intoxication, No Nausea, No Vomiting, No loss of appetite, no drowsiness or weakness? I had a dog in Canada that got into some rat poison and was convulsing in second and foam at the mouth and vommiting we had rushed our dog in Canada to the vet where the vet administered Vitamin K and my dog lived.
Avatar n tn Just recently I also get extremely slow rates, down to 38bpm, which is very exhausting. I take Flecainide,and Asprin,can't take the rat poison Warfrin as it kills my stomach. I can understand how your father feels as it is very disconcerting and there really isn't much doctors can do about it as AFIB is still a big mystery to most of the medical profession, and the treatments are all a bit hit and miss.
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Avatar f tn Another reason may be that I don't get help and I have seen that no help will be available in the hospitals. I must use rat poison, warfarin, and it (INR) must be measured two times per week. I cannot be free, eg. travel. I am very angry. Even very small things can bother me and cause personal changes - and then, after a moment I am very OK. I am an academic person, pensioned, writing a large book for students. The work goes well if I don't have the anger.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry for you and the tragic and traumatic ending to your dog's life. I don't think it was rat poison (warfarin) because it does the opposite: causes the blood to lose its ability to clot. You might consider posting this question to Med Help's veterinarian, Dr. Cheng. Look on the right side of this page down around the middle, and click on the Ask a Vet link. Again, I'm so very sorry for you both.